Help your kids adjust to a new school after moving

For most adults, moving is a stressful time. There are countless obligations you have to do before moving day. During this time, people tend to keep their children on the sidelines, and this is a big mistake. If you think you’re stressed after a move, your child is even more so. Children can sense your anxiety and it can quickly make them feel the same way. Add to that the fact that they have to start over at a new school, with all new friends and teachers, and it’s no wonder that they experience anxiety. In order to help your kids adjust to a new school after moving, you have to do some research. Luckily, we’ve gathered some of the best advice for helping your kids transition after moving to Florida. Read on to find out more!

Talking it over will help your kids adjust to a new school after moving

When you move, your children will probably feel out of place during the first few weeks or months. Everything is new to them, so this is completely natural. The best way you can help them overcome this anxiety is to talk to them openly. Start the conversation even before you move and explain why and where you are moving to. Ask them whether they have any fears or doubts regarding the new school. Moreover, encourage them to ask questions of their own. The more they know about their new home and school, the better will they adapt.

A man and a girl sitting at a table.
If your kids are smaller, try playing a game with them while you talk. It can help them to relax.

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Your kids want to feel in control

As a kid, you don’t have many options once your family moves. Everything is decided for you and this can be a tough period. In order for your kids to feel like they have a say, you should provide them with some choices. For example, if there is more than one school to choose from in your area, let them weigh in on the decision. After all, they are the ones who will have to go there every day. Additionally, there are some smaller decisions they can make, such as which school supplies or outfits they want to buy. If you treat them as responsible, they will likely feel more comfortable in this strange new setting.

Visit the school before the first day

Knowing the environment beforehand will greatly increase the chances of your kids adapting to their new school. If you can, schedule a visit before they actually start to attend classes. Together with them, try to see where all the most important rooms are, such as the classrooms, the cafeteria, and, most importantly, the bathrooms. If your kids already know where everything is before they start school, they will feel much more relaxed.

Moreover, ask if you can introduce your kids to all the teachers at school. Many kids have reservations regarding new teachers, so this will do wonders for their stress levels. Explain to the teachers that your kids are new at the school and would appreciate all the help they can get.

Making friends will help your kids adjust to a new school after moving

One of the biggest reasons kids have a hard time transferring schools is that they leave all of their old friends behind. They have to start over at a place where everyone already knows each other. That is why you should encourage them to socialize. After you move, host a party or smaller get-together to meet your new neighbors. Chances are, there will be someone from your kids’ new school there. If you meet the parents of your kids’ new schoolmates, ask them to set up a play date. Having a friend or even an acquaintance during the first few days of school will help your kids feel like they belong.

Friends will greatly help your kids adjust to a new school after moving.
Encourage your kids to make new friends – let them have sleep-overs and playdates.

Sign them up for extracurricular activities

There’s no better way for your kids to meet new friends than through activities they enjoy. Encourage them to explore their interests and sign up for an extracurricular activity or two. This can be anything: sports, theatre, math club, etc. If they have a common interest with someone, it will be easier for them to connect and become friends. An additional perk is that they might find out they’re excellent at something they enjoy.

Be there on their first day to help your kids adjust to a new school after moving

With our daily jobs and obligations, sometimes it can be hard to find time for our loved ones, especially when you’ve moved as a single parent. However, taking your child to school is a very good idea, if you can manage it. Since this is such a hectic time in your kids’ lives, having you there will help them feel more secure. If your kids are older, dropping them off at the school might be enough. On the other hand, with smaller kids, it helps if you walk them in and meet their teachers. This is especially important if you haven’t been able to visit the school ahead of time. It will help both you and your child feel safer.

A girl coming off of a school bus.
If your kids insist on riding the bus, let them. They might make a new friend.

Enough sleep and healthy meals are imperative

While relocating, it’s easy to forget to eat healthy meals. However, your children will need at least three square meals a day. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein will provide your children with the strength necessary to deal with this stressful time. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of breakfast. Recent studies have shown that children who eat breakfast are more likely to succeed in school. Another crucial item when you help your kids adjust to a new school after moving is to make sure they get enough sleep. A solid eight hours of sleep will ensure that your children are well-rested and well-equipped to deal with the challenges ahead of them.