Guidelines for relocating a file room

If you are a successful businessman, moving your office is inevitable. As your business grows there will be a need for more space soon enough. And moving your office to a bigger office space is a great way to increase the profit of your company. You will have room for more means of production and also more office workers. However, there is something that is a bit tricky to move. That is your file room. So, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you when relocating a file room. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Purge your files so you have less to worry about

Relocating a file room

Relocating a file room will be a bit harder than the rest of the moving process. This is because there are a lot of file cabinets with a lot of documents inside. Even if only one drawer from your file cabinet drops to the floor, you will have to sort so many documents that a stressful occasion will become even more stressful. So, let’s see what moving companies Sunny Isles Beach recommend when moving a file room.

Organizing a file purge

This is vital when organizing an office relocation. Having fewer files to move will save you the effort and money during your local office move. Talk to your employees and see if any of the files are redundant and not needed. You, as the company owner, should be aware of all the files you have in your office, but getting feedback from your employees will mean a lot to your organization process. You should check your records and make an inventory. Then you can sort out the files that are needed and destroy the ones that are redundant.

Meeting with affected employees

Your employees may be affected by your decision to move their file cabinets. Your employees are the reason your company is thriving. Without them, most of your work would not be completed in a regular fashion. When you tend to their needs, you tend to the needs of the whole company, so keep that in mind. If you are organizing a full office move, then you should talk to your employees about the conditions they are willing to work under. They may have to talk about this with their families and see if the relocation fits their needs. If you are moving only the file cabinets, you should make sure how it will affect the efficiency of their work. Organizing a meeting with everyone that will be affected with relocating a file room will make you able to plan the best course of action.

relocate a file room filled with cabinets
There are a lot of cabinets for you to move, so get to it!

Ways to relocate a file room

There are a couple of ways to relocate a file room. We will talk about the best ones and how to complete them without any hassle.

Moving the whole cabinets

When moving whole cabinets you will need to be prepared with enough packing supplies and equipment. Interstate moving companies Miami have a great packing material and skills to relocate your file room correctly. A furniture dolly is an absolute must here. The first thing you should do after your file purge is labeling each cabinet with its contents. This will help you as well as your movers to organize the move perfectly.

After that, you should lock each drawer or secure them with tape if there are no locks. Bring up the furniture dolly now. Tilt the cabinet so you can put the dolly under it. After that, you should tape the cabinet around the dolly to secure it just in case. When you do that, lift the cabinet and put a wheeled pallet underneath it. This will make moving the cabinet a lot easier. When you do all of this, carefully start moving the dolly towards the exit. Have someone on the other side of the file cabinet in order to guide you through your office. If you have stairs in your office, remove the wheeled dolly placed underneath the file cabinet and slowly start descending one stair at a time. Do not rush anything and have someone on the other side to hold the dolly and secure it when going downhill. Your movers will then have a ramp leading up to their truck and deliver the cabinet inside. Put the cabinet inside, remove the dolly and repeat the same process with all of your file cabinets.

Organizing your files is half the work!

Moving the files without cabinets

Some moving companies prefer using their own shelves and cabinets to move your files. Pro Movers Miami will be glad to help you with this endeavor. Their years of expertise in commercial moving are certainly a great thing to have when moving your business. This is good if you want to leave the cabinets in the old office space in order to sell them or whatever other reason. Making an inventory and purging the unnecessary files is also a must here. That way you will be able to organize all the files on the shelves and have no difficulty reorganizing them in your new office space.

Remove all the files from the drawers of your old office cabinets and put them on the shelves accordingly. When you fill up all the shelves, tape everything with plastic wrap in order to avoid spilling the contents. After that, take a dolly and tilt the shelf on one side so you can put the dolly under it. Then bring the wheeled dolly and put it underneath the shelf. After that, the whole process is the same as moving the whole cabinets. Repeat the same process for each file cabinet you have.


Relocating a file room has never been easier if you employ these tips. However, there will be some physical labor but that is nothing compared to the mental labor that is needed when organizing and conducting an office move. With all that said, good luck with moving your file room!