Fun things to do on Thanksgiving weekend in Miami

You have decided to move to Miami! That is great news. So, you are finally tired of the cold climate in your old home town and want to live an easier, warmer life on the south beach. Warm weather all year long, miles and miles of sandy beaches, amazing nightlife, and all of that Cuban charm we all like. We can tell you right now, this is probably the best decision you have made in your entire life! Furthermore, Thanksgiving is just beyond the corner! You are probably thinking that the Thanksgiving craze is not so popular on the warm beaches of Miami. Well, we can tell you that it is certainly not the case! Miami is as festive during this time of the year as any other place in the great United States of America! In this article, we will talk about all the fun things to do on Thanksgiving weekend in Miami. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Miami Thanksgiving ideas
Miami is a great place to spend Thanksgiving in

Things you can do on Thanksgiving weekend in Miami

On Miami’s sandy beaches and great events, there are a plethora of things you can do on Thanksgiving weekend. So, after you wave your Miami Beach movers goodbye, make sure to visit one of them.

Buy a Go Miami pass

If you have just moved to Miami or you are visiting, it is vital to try to think of a way to do everything a bit cheaper. Well, Go Miami has got your back! You will not have to worry about paying tickets to every event and landmark if you get this Go Miami pass. You will get 55% off all the attractions that are included in the Go Miami pass. This is an extremely cheaper than everything you would pay at the gate of each event. So, if you pay attention to your budget, this will be a Godsend. All events for 55% off? Count us in!

Take a tour of Miami on the Big Bus

Tour buses are one of the best things that happened to the world of tourism. You just hop on a bus with an open roof and go around the town slowly checking out every landmark. Who would not like that? Well, the Big Bus in Miami has got you covered! If you want to visit every single landmark for the duration of a couple of hours, you are in luck. If only every single city in the world had a tour bus. It is also one of the best things you can get if you want to get to other Thanksgiving events. Squeezing time has never been easier with the Big Bus!

The Gardens and the Vizcaya Museum

When you get off the tour bus, one of the first stops should be the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. It is one of the most beautiful places in Miami with plentiful European architecture to fulfill all of your sightseeing needs. Within this beautiful 20th century European architecture you will be able to marvel at the amazing historical artifacts. There is everything from furniture, sculptures, paintings, and all other types of art readily set in this beautiful museum just for you to see.

things to do on Thanksgiving weekend in Miami with your family
Maybe spending time with your family is the best thing you can do

When you check everything out and the impression starts to fade, make sure to head outside and visit the gardens. When you catch a first glimpse of the gardens, you will know what it is all about. Be ready to be completely engulfed in the magnificence that is European garden building. And when you finish marveling the breathtaking gardens, head on to the Orchidarium for a botanical garden experience. All in all, something you should not miss if you are searching for things you can do on Thanksgiving weekend in Miami. However, the tickets for the Vizcaya Museum are not included in the Go Miami pass, so make sure to get the tickets when you get there, or even before if this is a destination you are certain to visit.

Art Deco architecture tours

If you are an architecture lover, you are going to love this. When you exit the Vizcaya museum and gardens, your next stop should be the neighborhoods filled with Art Deco architecture. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the best times you can visit these places because you need to take a walk through the neighborhood in order to see everything. Autumn activities in Miami at its finest! And we all know that staying outside during the massive heat waves is not good for us. Therefore, make sure to visit these Art Deco neighborhoods and relive what Miami was like in the 70s! When you check everything out, you can also proceed to see the Mediterranean architecture and vibes all across the city. Certain neighborhoods in Miami surely remind us of various towns and villages on the Mediterranean!

Take a cruise on the Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Miami. It is where nature shines brightest. The place where every thought and dream happens for people that live outside of Miami when they think of it. So, it is an 80-minute cruise that will take you to see all the water-bound places in Miami. This is one of the best ways to de-stress after moving to Miami! This includes the Miami Children’s Museum, the Miami Herald, and much more! Make sure to take the cruise to experience the full glory of Biscayne Bay!

beach bench couple
The sandy beaches are filled with activities!


When it comes to doing things on Thanksgiving weekend in Miami, we have only scratched the surface. If you want to feel the full experience, you need to visit everything and make the trip yourself. Our words are empty until you fill them up with all the vibes and feels you get from actually visiting the aforementioned places. So, with all that said, good luck with exploring Miami!