Enjoy August in Miami after the move

Moving to a new city is a true challenge. Not only do you have to fully prepare for the move, work with your Florida movers to ensure everything goes according to plan, but you don’t know anyone or anything in the city! That’s where we come to help you. Finding your way around Miami can be hectic and very chaotic. We’ll give you a few ideas on how you can spend the hot August in Miami with your family and friends. There’s no need to panic – there are plenty of fun activities in Miami all year long!

gourmet dish
From affordable gourmet dishes to rum cocktails and music – there are plenty of fun activities in Miami this summer.

August in Miami is as lively as it can be

Even though the circumstances are a bit different this year (Hello, Covid-19), Miami still has a few fun activities planned for everyone. When you move to Miami this summer, you still have a bunch of options to spend your afternoons and weekends. The most important things to remember are to have fun, and more importantly, stay safe! There are ways to enjoy summer in Miami even with some restrictions in place.

Miami Spice will bring out the gourmet in you

To begin with, some restaurants in Miami have started to open back up. Why not enjoy a nice dinner or brunch with your loved ones? Miami Spice begins on August 1st and continues until September 30th. It’s the part of the year where restaurants offer a lot of specials at a lower price. If you’ve always wanted to try a signature dish from a famous chef in the area, now’s the time to go! These meals will be affordable to all during these two months.

National Rum Day Fest is a good way to relax with a drink after a long day of unpacking

On August 16th, you’ll get the opportunity to try the best rum brands in Florida! On this day, some of the best mixologists will be making rum cocktails for all, and there will be music and fun games. However, you should keep up with the updates, as the organizers are yet to announce how they will hold the event in a safe manner for all. You don’t have to move long-distance to get to know this event – even some people just outside of Miami have never heard of it!

mixologist making cocktails
National Rum Day is a great opportunity to try fun new drinks!


August in Miami isn’t complete without Miami Spa month

We know that you always try to save money, even during your relocation. You’ll research many moving quotes Miami in order to find the right one that fits your budget just right. However, you can always treat yourself to a nice spa treatment after a long and exhausting moving day! During August and September, most salons and spas are offering special deals and packages for all who need to pamper themselves a little bit.