Christmas events in Florida to explore after the relocation

So, you are looking for the most interesting Christmas events in Florida that you should explore after moving here? You are right to be doing so, of course. Moving is a stressful time for the majority of people. Moving can cause a lot of stress on average. In fact, according to psychologists, moving is actually one of the most stressful events for an average individual. From hiring a reliable moving company and choosing the perfect moving date, to having to pack all of your belongings in time for the move, it is not easy having to deal with all that. Add then some emotional weight caused by the fact that you are moving from your old home, and it is understandable why moving can be so stressful. Focusing on nice things that Florida offers such as many Christmas events is one of the best ways to deal with such situations.

shallow focus photography of red bauble on christmas tree
Though Florida is not the first association on Christmas, there are countless magnificent things to see there

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Ah, the Disney world… The Magical Kingdom and the land of dreams. When Christmas time arrives a lot of us like to feel young and innocent again. To go back to our youth and relive the feelings of comfort and peace. Is there a better place to do just this than to go Walt Disney World? Not many, that is for sure. One of the greatest annual events you can see is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It is a special type of holiday event in the Magic Kingdom that has it all. From fireworks and castles to magnificent lighting, parade and an infinite number of Christmas shows. You are surrounded by a host of all the Disney characters greeting you and talking with you. Everywhere you look, there are countless live entertainment shows. They come in many different types such as dance parties, stage shows and meets and greets.

Night of Lights is definitely one of the Christmas events in Florida to see

Night of Lights is an event in St. Augustine, one of the nicest cities in the whole of the USA. The city is not a huge one, but has a special vibe to it and offers a lot. You would be amiss if you did not take this city into consideration when thinking about moving to Florida. It is a wonderful place to live in or at least visit. The Night of Lights is one of the best examples of how and why this city is special. This 26 years old annual celebration has won numerous awards for its holiday display. It has even won a place among the 10 Best Holiday Lighting Displays in the World, a list that the famous National Geographic created. The annual Christmas parade goes down the almost 5 centuries old streets made of bricks. You can even take a picture with Santa.

If in or around Tampa, then visit the Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Busch Garden Christmas Town in Tampa is a truly unique place. By visiting this place you will witness a true representation of what human creativity when channeled into a nice thing and one direction can create. Tampa’s Busch Garden Christmas Town is a remarkable mixture of an entire host of live entertainment shows, with very interesting and varied holiday shopping options. There is a truly impressive number of treats and sweets to pick from in the streets and stores. There are over two million shining lights that create a truly Christmasy ambiance. Santa Claus’s House is the main attraction here. There you can meet the Elves, and Mrs. Clause. You can take photos with them and there is, of course, the option to party with them. This is a perfect example of a place that gives joy to an entire family, so if you are near Tampa, visit here!

If you are looking for the best Christmas events in Florida, then go to Tampa!
Tampa has a lot to offer to an entire family for Christmas

Some of the best Christmas events in Florida are in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the nicest places in Florida to live in or visit. It has a lot to offer to you no matter what is your financial or social status. People are warm and forthcoming and everyone feels like at home here. Besides these, two more things are certain when it comes to Fort Lauderdale. Firstly, if you are moving here, you should hire the best moving company Fort Lauderdale offers. And secondly, you will enjoy yourself during Christmas in Fort Lauderdale. The traditional Santa Claus’s candy giveaway has been the staple of this place’s Christmas program. On December 20th, you can meet Santa and the elves and joke and laugh with them in Fort Lauderdale Beach Park. It is located at 1100 Seabreeze Boulevard and it begins at 12:45 p.m. You should not miss this, so you better start planning!

Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami

When people think of Miami, their first association is usually not Christmas. The first things that come to mind are beaches, hotels, palms, people swimming in the ocean. The nightlife of Miami is a tale of its own that has grown to legendary proportions. However, Miami has to offer even more than just these. Every time of year has its own special traits, and Christmas in Miami is a really special experience. Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the top holiday event in Miami’s area. There are over 100 rides, adventures to partake, a whole list of interactive games to participate in and the best thing is that for every member of the family, there is something there.

man raising his arms on sea under black clouds
Miami is actually a great place to spend Christmas!

You can sing holiday karaoke, dance to live music, admire the light shows and take photos with Santa and his friends. There are numerous other things such as roller-coasters and balloon darts competitions. You can get your face painted on at almost every corner. Miami’s Santa’s Enchanted Forest is by far one of the most spectacular Christmas events in Florida to see and experience. We bet that planning your Christmas in Miami, though probably not your first original choice, now sounds like a far more alluring option?