What to expect when Moving from Miami to NYC

What to expect when moving from Miami to NYC? If you are looking for a change in your life and thinking about moving, here is a short summary. There are plenty of differences between Miami and NYC so the move will be an experience of a lifetime! You will love the diversity New York brings, and it will open up a lot of new opportunities. Moving can be a hard process especially if you are moving from state to stateThe industry is filled with scammers, so don’t take any chances when your personal belongings are at stake. It’s always easier to find somebody you can trust to help you with the process. Finding a good moving company can be really difficult. You need to choose wisely for interstate moving companies Miami offers, to find the best match.

moving from Miami to NYC
Welcome to the Big Apple,concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do!


Relocating to The Big Apple from Miami- moving and costs

Relocating from The Magic City to The Big Apple can be really stressful because of the distance. This applies particularly to people who have a lot of stuff and furniture bringing with them. The moving costs can vary, but the average is usually 2,500$ but can go up to 9,000$ depending on the time of the move, route, and size.

Of course, if you are not feeling like taking all of your stuff with you, there are plenty of storage units Miami is offering, so you can feel safe with your goods and possessions.

Main differences between Miami and NYC

There are a lot of different characteristics between the two cities. We will try our best to point out the main ones but moving from Miami to NYC will be an amazing adventure! Here is a list of what you need to take into consideration when planning the move:

  • Public transportation and traffic
  • The cost of living and lifestyle
  • Weather change

 Public transportation and traffic

There are a lot of differences between Miami and NYC and one that stands out a lot is the public transportation. People in Miami are used to driving everywhere or using an uber, New York City has way more diversity when it comes to transportation. You will love the rail and bus systems because they operate 24/7, they are inexpensive, and also environment friendly! A lot of New Yorkers use taxis as well which is not that common for people in Miami.

Cost of living- Is The Big Apple more expensive than Miami?

When it comes to pricing and the costs of living, New York City is 28% more expensive than Miami. That includes housing, food, and groceries, utilities, transportation, health, etc…In Florida, there are no state income taxes. NYC has taxes so that is one more thing to add to the list. Since the cost of everything is higher, make sure you have good moving insurance for the relocation.

New York in Autumn
Autumn in New York is amazing

In Miami, you would be able to find a one-bedroom apartment for around 1,800$. New York that can go up to 3,000$ or more.  The lifestyle is also really different since New York is fast-paced but Miami is more relaxed.

Be ready for a major climate change!

When moving from Miami to NYC there’s one major thing people need to keep in mind and that’s that the weather will be totally different. People are mostly used to hot weather in Miami but in New York City they will experience all four seasons. Finally celebrate Christmas with the show being outside!

When thinking about the move, check all pros and cons of it. We are sure you will love the opportunities NYC will bring! Don’t wait, pack your bags, find the best moving companies Miami has to offer, and prepare for moving from Miami to NYC.