What to expect when leaving Florida as a student

Florida is trying for quite some time to become a popular place for young people. However, despite all efforts, the young adult population is still declining while the senior one is on the rise. The biggest problem is happening in Miami and the surrounding area. While Florida and Miami have good higher education, there are other factors that play a role in young people leaving. The main ones are high renting prices and not many possibilities to become independent. However, not all young people are moving for good. Many of them are moving with Miami moving and storage to a college in different states. The best age for traveling and moving around is the early twenties. Therefore, leaving Florida as a student doesn’t necessarily mean leaving Florida for good. Additionally, there are popular places where young people and students from Florida are moving to.

What are the main reasons for leaving Florida as a student?

Living in Florida sound like a dream for many people. Hot weather and beaches are the main reason why so many people want to move here. Many of them manage to fulfill their dream with careful planning and a moving company chosen based on moving quotes Miami. However, the reality is a bit different in Florida. Weather is not perfect as it seems as humidity is a huge problem. The rental prices are really high and students can’t afford to pay them. The median income is still not on the same level as in some other states while real estate prices are always increasing. For this reason, students and young people, in general, have problems becoming independent and moving away from their parents. Therefore, young people are mostly moving to the following cities and states:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Seattle, WA
man looking out of window
Florida is seeing a decrease in the young adult population

What should a student pay attention to when choosing a place to relocate?

Moving to another state is a big relocation to prepare for, not just physically but emotionally too. Most students are moving from their parents for the first time in life. So, moving far away can be a little bit scary and accompanied by anxiety. Therefore, before you hire long distance movers Florida, you should carefully choose your new state and city for living. The most important factors for young people are education, cost of living, safety, job opportunities, and entertainment. The biggest problem of living in Florida is the cost of living. While the state doesn’t have an income tax, living costs are generally very high, especially real estate ones because of wealthy overseas investors. Additionally, while it is easy to find a job in Florida, salaries are low compared to other states. Also, locals can’t really enjoy Florida’s attractions because of the many tourists.

Why is Austin popular among students?

Austin took first place among 415 cities as the best city for students based on many factors such as affordability, social scene, safety, etc. For this reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise that students from Florida are moving to Austin as well with interstate moving companies Miami. Austin is known as a college city and it really lives up to its name. There are students from all over the world in Austin and you can only hear high praises from them. Austin is a very open and accepting place for everyone no matter age, social status, culture, etc. Additionally, it’s also more affordable than Miami. For example, a student in Austin needs around $18 000 to cover all expenses for the first year. However, a student in Miami needs more than $20 000 to cover the same expenses for one year.

leaving Florida as a student for Austin
Austin is a very popular city for students

Why is Seattle good for students?

Seattle is a good place for students as the city values education. Additionally, while Austin is ranked as the best city for students, Seattle is ranked as the best city for college students post-graduation. Seattle is often called the city with the best job opportunities thanks to its strong economy and the biggest tech industry in the USA. One of the first things you need to do after college is to find a job. Therefore, it’s much better to live in a city that has a strong economy and plenty of well-paid job opportunities. Now, the cost of living in Seattle is not the best, and it is pretty expensive. However, students usually manage to cover expenses either living in a dorm or with roommates. The city is safe and has excellent public transportation. You don’t even need to have a car to travel easily around the city.

Students absolutely love Denver

Denver has many advantages that make it a good place for everyone, including students as well. While education is excellent, it is not the only factor that makes Denver attractive to students. The biggest difference between Denver and Miami is the weather. While the weather in Miami is too hot and humid, Denver has pleasant warm weather almost the whole year. It rarely snows in Denver and the weather is not unpredictable as in Florida. Additionally, Denver has beautiful nature where you can do various activities such as hiking, walking, jogging, having a picnic, etc. The population is not so big in Denver and it’s not as crowded as in Miami. Additionally, the average age of Denver’s population is around 30 old while in Miami is around 40. For this reason, young people have more options for socialization, and the dating scene is quite good and diverse.

Denver street artwork
Many people are leaving Florida as a student and moving to Denver

How to make a decision?

Well, for some leaving Florida as a student is a good decision. However, there are also many young people who choose to stay in Florida and study there. Florida also has cities that ranked high among the best college cities in the USA. For example, Orlando took second place while Tampa ranked fourth place in the top 50 best college towns and cities. Therefore, staying in Florida is also a good option.