What is the proper packing order for your move to Hollywood

Whatever you do, taking the first step is always the most difficult. Things are the same when it comes to preparing for your relocation and starting packing. You have probably never before wondered what is the proper packing order for your move to Hollywood. And now the time of your moving day is getting near, but you don’t know where to start. There are some tasks you have to finish before you can start packing. One of those tasks includes hiring movers Hollywood FL on time. Packing order won’t mean much to you if you don’t have a moving company that can help you transport your belongings to Hollywood. You can prevent any unwanted situations by following the rules for the proper packing order. Make a plan and stick to it. You will be enjoying Hollywood in no time.

Tasks to finish before starting packing

Before you can start following the proper packing order for your move to Hollywood, there are some tasks that stand in your way. It is advisable to finish those tasks first, then move on to packing. The tasks you need to finish before packing include:

  • making a plan and a moving checklist,
  • writing down all the things you own,
  • getting rid of some items.
A girl making a list
Make a checklist for the proper packing order for your move to Hollywood

Make a plan and get a moving checklist

Before you get to the right packing order for your Hollywood move, make a plan. Sometimes it may seem to you like a waste of time. You may think that you should get to packing right away. However, if you don’t have a moving checklist, it will become chaotic very soon. Moving is a stressful process that requires a lot of concentration. Doing things on impulse isn’t going to be helpful there. You won’t remember everything you have already done, and you will most definitely forget to do some of the important things. Sparing a few hours on making a plan and a checklist will make your packing process easier later.

Make a list of all of your belongings

You won’t be able to decide what to pack first if you are not aware of the things you own. Make a detailed list and divide it into categories. It is especially important to do so with clothes and smaller items. Of course, making a list of your furniture is also a good idea. When you start packing, this list will help you determine where to start.

Get rid of some things

Having a list of your belongings will help you decide what you don’t need anymore. Old clothes, shabby furniture… It will just take more space when you call Pro Movers Miami to help you with your relocation. Donate, give away, or sell items that are in a good condition. Throw out those that are in a bad shape.

Starting with the storage is the proper packing order for your move to Hollywood

When you start packing for any kind of relocation, start from storage. Since they are already kept in storage, it means they are at least half, if not completely, packed. You probably already have them in boxes. Hopefully, those boxes are labeled too. If they are not stored properly, you still have to pack those storage items first. Having them in the storage means that you don’t use them often, so you won’t be needing them until the relocation is over. Also, they will most likely be the last items you will need in your new home.

Three sweatshirts
Pack the seasonal clothes at the beginning

Pack seasonal clothes next

Seasonal clothes should also be at the top of your right packing order when moving to Hollywood because it is probably packed and put together too. Also, the time for their usage won’t be coming soon, so you will have time to unpack them in peace when you get to your new home.

Move on to the kitchen

When it comes to packing the kitchen, many items are necessary until the last day. So, what you need to pack are bulky pans and pots, china and other nice dishes which you use only on special occasions. But, you have to pay special attention when it comes to packing these items. You need to buy ‘fragile’ labels and put them on each of the boxes where your dishes and other breakables are.

Ornaments and souvenirs

Pictures and frames are difficult when it comes to packing because they are bulky and take up a lot of space. You most certainly won’t need them in the last couple of days or weeks in your soon-to-be ex-home. The same thing is with other ornaments, as well as with souvenirs. You probably have a lot of them, and there is no way you won’t forget some of them if you leave packing souvenirs until the last minute. Same as with kitchen items, protect pictures, frames, ornaments, souvenirs, and other types of decorations. Then pack them carefully in the boxes. In the end, don’t forget to label these boxes too, before you send them to Hollywood.  We know it may be boring to pack these things and it takes a lot of time. So, hiring white glove packing services will make it easier for you.

Open books
Don’t forget to pack your books

Pack the books for your move to Hollywood

Before you pack all your clothes, the rest of your dishes, and furniture, pack your books. The boxes with the books inside will probably be some of the heaviest. Leave a book or two just in case. You can always put them in your bag later. However, during all that moving chaos, you probably won’t have much, if any, time to read. Also, return the books that don’t belong to you to the library or their owners. That way you will have fewer boxes, and moving quotes Miami will be lower.

The proper packing order for your move to Hollywood really exists. You just need to make a checklist first, make a list of the thing you own and get rid of some old stuff. Then, you should just follow our packing order tips and you will be ready on time.