What is the cost of living in Miami?

People move all the time. Whether for business, education, or just in search of a better life it is a big step in life. If you are one of the many people moving to ever more popular Miami, this is the post for you. Here we’ll look a the cost of living in Miami and what are advantages and disadvantages. Pro Movers Miami is a company with a lot of experience and expertise and whether you decide to make the move to Miami we can help you organize the whole thing.

Why do people come to Miami?

Just at the mention of moving to Miami, we all immediately think about the sandy beaches, the vibrant nightlife, and the easy life. Although this is all very true, Miami is not just about the beach. Yes, the warm weather all year round is very nice. However, the growing job industry is what has brought a lot of people to Miami in recent years. Make sure you check out the local movers Miami to help you when you make the decision.

The beaches of Miami
The beaches are what attracts people, despite the high cost of living in Miami

Next to the huge tourist industry, Miami is becoming a rather significant Tech hub with many start-ups doing their business there. If you are one of the people looking to move your business to Florida, then hiring residential movers Miami can guide you through the whole process. All this has significantly raised the cost of living in Miami, but the opportunities are endless.

People enjoying the sun in Miami - cost of living in Miami
People enjoying the Miami sun

How high is the cost of living in Miami?

If we take a look at the bigger picture, Miami has by some most recent research become the second most expensive city to live in the USA. Just overtaking Los Angeles and falling slightly behind New York. But as with all these researches, it’s not all doom and gloom. Let’s dive into the numbers a little further to see the real picture.

  • Overall cost of living in Miami is 17% higher than the national average, according to Miami Herald you need to make $77,057 to live a comfortable life in Miami (this is well above the national average)
  • Housing is the biggest point driving the cost upwards. With 40% above the national average, it makes you wonder why so many people are rushing there. We’ll come to that.
  • Groceries and the cost of food are around 20% above the average, but this is driven by luxurious places. You can eat out for around $15 a plate without having to do too much searching around. Without eating out too much, you can go for around $400 a month.
  • And we come to the thing that balances things slightly, the cost of utilities is around the national average, even lower by some estimates. Around $150 a month should be enough for your bills.

If you hire interstate moving companies Miami they will help you with your calculations and of course with your move if you choose to do so.

 What is the cost of living in Miami?

All things considered, the cost of living in Miami is rather high. But if you are decently employed, you shouldn’t have too much trouble living there. The job opportunities are endless and beautiful weather makes things easier.