What are the upsides of moving to Coral Gables

Making a decision on where to relocate can be challenging. Especially if you have a family. This is because the entire family has to agree and then adjust to the new location. However, if you are thinking of Coral Gables and you are wondering what are the upsides of moving to Coral Gables, you are in the right place. There are lots of things that make Coral Gables a special place. Miami movers have prepared an article on the upsides of moving to Coral Gables so keep reading to find out more.

There are lots of upsides to moving to Coral Gables

The upsides of moving to a new place can depend from person to person. However, there are a couple of general upsides of moving to Coral Gables anyone can enjoy. The biggest upside of moving to Coral Gables might be its close proximity to the University of Miami. If you are a student or a parent of a student this is going to be very good for you. In addition to this, other upsides include safety, lots of great attractions, easy access to the beach, and free transportation.

coral gables neighborhood street
Coral Gables offers lots of great upsides.

Coral Gables is safe

The most important thing you need to consider when choosing a place to move to is safety. And Coral Gables is a very safe city. In comparison to all other cities in the country, Coral Gables is 21% safer. Although the crime rate is one of the main things when it comes to how safe a community is. And Coral Gables has seen a huge decline in crime in all fields in the last couple of years.

There are lots of attractions and outdoor activities

Coral Gables is a perfect place for people who love the outdoors. Because there are lots of trees and plants around Coral Gables, outdoor activities are very welcome. In order to have a good outdoor experience, there needs to be a lot of fresh air. And the lush tropical vegetation of Coral Gables offers that. Additionally, there are countless golf courses and parks throughout the city. Also, there are lots of outdoor attractions kids and families will love.

Some of the notable ones include Venetian Pool, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Coral Gables Museum, and Cape Florida. Add a wide selection of sports such as boating, tennis, biking, etc. and you will never run out of things to do in Coral Gables. So what are you waiting for? Hire moving companies Coral Gables to help you move to this amazing city. What are you waiting for? hire Best Movers Florida to connect you with the best local movers in Coral Gables for you.

Free transportation

Yes, you’ve read it right, there is free transportation in Coral Gables. It was done by the authorities to help people have a better drive to downtown and work. Lots of people are using this transportation every day. It’s not perfect because it doesn’t go through the entire city, however, it will get you through the Metrorail which is not too bad. 

Trolley on the street
Free transportation is a great upside of moving to Coral Gables.

It’s a peaceful city with a great history

Not every city offers peace and quiet, however, Coral Gables certainly does. This is because the neighborhood doesn’t have lively nightlife. Even though there are hangouts and pubs, they don’t close at the same time in comparison to the other parts of Miami, like South Beach for example. This is why lots of families decide to move to Coral Gables as they don’t want to live in a noisy environment. To have a good night of sleep, you will need brings peace and quiet, and Coral Gables has it. So if you are moving with a family, you will need residential movers Miami. They can help you pack and move to Coral Gables stress-free in no time.  If you enjoy historic buildings and history, Coral Gables will be a great place for you. Visiting these buildings will be great for families as they will have knowledge about the past of the city they live in.

Coral Gables has the Miami spirit

Even though Coral Gables isn’t exactly Miami, it still has the Miami spirit. So when you move to Coral Gables, you will get the best from Miami while the worst will stay there, in Miami. By worst, we mean annoying traffic. This means you will not have to leave for work 1.5h before just to get there on time. Coral Gables is much calmer compared to Miami and you will get anywhere with a car in less than 30 minutes. Also, when it comes to work, there are lots of diverse companies in Coral Gables. Some of the biggest employers in Coral Gables are Del Monte Fresh, MasTec, C&W Business, and The Retail Outsource. So, before you move to Coral Gables and look for white glove moving service, make sure to add this to your moving checklist and see what these companies have to offer.

couple sitting on the bench on a beach
Matheson Hammock Park is the closest beach to Coral Gables and it’s only 15 minutes away.

Coral Gables offers easy access to the beach

You can’t really imagine Florida without imagining an ocean. Well, at least most people can’t. When people get asked about Florida, they think about relaxation, beaches, as well as other nice things. And there’s a reason for that. It is because there are countless beaches in Florida. And Coral Gables is close to Matheson Hammock Park where you can go for a swim and get a nice tan. And it will only take you around 15 minutes with a car to get there! So this is just another of lots of upsides of moving to Coral Gables.

By now it’s clear that there are lots of upsides to moving to Coral Gables. To make your moving process smooth, make sure to follow your moving checklist and hire a reliable moving company.