What are the perks of living in Coconut Grove

Miami is a city of many opportunities. In today’s text, we will visit one of the most popular and renowned neighborhoods in this great city – Coconut Grove. Pro Movers Miami has prepared a list of the perks of living in Coconut Grove. We did this so that you can have a better perspective of what life is really like here. Be sure to check out all the perks – there are so many for this wonderful place that you can easily get lost in them. Enjoy this virtual tour of Coconut Grove.

Before we consider the perks of living in Coconut Grove ask yourself – what am I looking for?

Since nowadays many people are relocating to Miami and especially Coconut Grove we feel that we need to put a short disclaimer before we dive into the perks of living in Coconut Grove. This place has basically everything for everyone – if you know what to look for. Our advice before every move is to first think about the perks that you are searching for and then get informed about a certain place. In this way, you will be able to find a perfect match if such a place exists. You will also define your priorities by stating your demands. Without further ado, let’s see what this charming place has to offer.

People riding bikes in Miami
You can walk virtually anywhere around Coconut Grove – and ride a bike in most places!

Coconut grove is considered the most walkable neighborhood in Miami

This place is perfect for you who enjoy wandering the streets of a city. There are many areas in which you walk around and just enjoy the scenery. Since the place is packed with small businesses and shopping areas you can basically do all the daily chores without using a car or a bus. If you still have a need for public transportation it is there – it’s ranged very high and it offers a good service. You can also get to places by using Metrorail and free Metromover. There is a direct shuttle line from Coconut Grove to Miami airport if you need it. Most residents however use bikes to get around this neighborhood – we suggest you do the same.

Business opportunities are not vast but there are some

Coconut Grove is mainly a residential area so you can’t really expect many high-end corporations to be located here. There are however many small businesses around this place. These are the most popular areas of business in Coconut Grove:

  • Hotel related jobs
  • All sorts of fancy restaurant-related work
  • Gigs in retail shops and boutiques
  • All sorts of professional service providers

The average sally is roughly around $75000 and the demand for the workforce is high at the moment. California residential movers are there if you need any professional assistance with your moving process, especially if you are in a rush due to work-related problems. This is very common and many people go with professionals since time is money – and your time is precious as well.

People in the office talking about perks of living in Coconut Grove
There are several industries that are thriving in Coconut Grove – service is one of them!

Natural beauty is admired by all in Coconut Grove

Fortunately, Coconut Grove is proud of its vast number of parks and open green areas. Don’t forget that Coconut Grove has a waterfront area. It is just perfect for families and young couples who seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of a big city. It’s a perfect place for that – you are basically in a big city but you have a feeling of living on a distant tropical island. What more is to say than that – if you want a tropical paradise in a metropolis, Coconut Grove is the perfect place for you. Nature lovers from all around the world come to Coconut Grove to admire its beauty.

One of the perks of living in Coconut Grove is the fact that you can really enjoy art

The Grove is famous for its artistic side. It is home to the oldest hotel in Miami, Peacock Inn which is located in Peacock park. Coconut Grove’s Coconut Grove Arts Festival is also the longest-running art fair in America. It seems that the residents also appreciate art – there are numerous art venues and events throughout the year. If you are an artist this is a place for you to be. However, be warned that moving with art materials and instruments can be challenging. You should consider hiring an art moving company if you have some fine art that needs to be moved. It’s much safer to do it that way because usually, mistakes in this are expensive.

Coconut trees on a beach
It’s amazing what you can find in this place – the scenery is out of this world

Coconut Grove is a historic hub spot with a bohemian charm

Miami’s Coconut Grove is a historical neighborhood has a rich history. The founding of this place traces back to 1825 when the first building was erected. It has been seen as a meeting place for sailors through the years and that’s why it has so much cultural and historical heritage nowadays. There are several museums and landmarks that we advise you to visit. If you are interested in moving here because of the rich history, Coconut Grove movers have more information that you might need. We could say that in this place, history meets nature by the sea. Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden is located in Coconut Grove and it’s highly popular among both, tourists and local residents.

Final thoughts on the perks of living in Coconut Grove

As you can see, there are many perks of living in Coconut Grove. As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, you should really make your own list of things that you are seeking for in your new place. We hope that list will match ours. If it does, then you know it – Coconut Grove is the place for you. Whatever your choice may be, we are sure that if you move to this location you won’t regret it one bit.