What are the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami to move to

Miami is one of the most popular places in the world. The city is known for its top-notch beaches, warm weather, and overall interesting lifestyle. Therefore, the dream for many people is to move to Miami with movers Miami and enjoy all benefits of Miami’s life. However, Miami is a pretty big city with very diverse real estate offerings. There are housing options for anyone’s budget and needs. But, real estate agents especially like wealthy clients that are willing to spend a lot of money. Luckily, Miami has no shortage of expensive houses and apartments. Additionally, there are neighborhoods where the most luxurious homes are located. For this reason, if you want also to buy one of these luxurious homes, there are a few Miami neighborhoods where you should focus your search on. Therefore, here are some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami to move to.

What are the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami to move to?

Miami is one of the best vacation spots in the country. Also, it’s the county seat of Miami-Dade County and a leader in many trades such as finance, culture, art, etc. The city is still growing and developing. Miami’s population is not overly large as it’s around 500 000. However, Miami is the heart of the Miami metropolitan area which is the ninth largest area in the U.S. with a population of over 6 million. Additionally, more than 24 million tourists visit Miami each year and some of them decide to move here after their vacation. It’s not hard to imagine why you would also decide to relocate to Miami after visiting it. If you want to move to the wealthiest parts of Miami with luxury movers, the neighborhoods that fit this description are the following:

  • Indian Creek Island
  • Coconut Grove
  • Bal Harbour
  • Star Island
  • Journey’s End
body of water near of city
Miami doesn’t have a shortage of the exclusive neighborhoods

Indian Creek Island

If you are looking for the most exclusive part of Miami, then Indian Creek is a place for you. This is actually an island located on the waters of Biscayne Bay and it’s one of the most secure and private neighborhoods in Miami. Indian Creek is a small community with only about 30 homes and around 50 residents. The neighborhood is also known as the “Billionaire Bunker” because many famous people own homes here. For this reason, the island is heavily guarded by marine patrols and the police force 24/7. As Indian Creek is a very exclusive neighborhood, you can expect a high real estate price. The median home value is around $24 million which is a lot but understandable in this case. Some of your neighborhoods after your relocation with movers Indian Creek Island will be Andriana Lima and Tom Brady.

Bal Harbour

One of the best places to live in Miami is certainly Bal Harbour. This neighborhood has a few more residents than Indian Creek with a population of around 3000. The living styles are similar as Bal Harbour is also very safe and luxurious. The main attraction in Bal Harbour is the Bal Harbour Shops which is a collection of upscale shops. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy white-sand beaches without constant crowds and noise. While the beaches are open to the public, they still offer some sort of privacy for local residents. Additionally, there are paths along the beach for walking, jogging, or riding a bike. Police forces are doing an amazing job of keeping everyone safe during the day and night. So, you should definitely move here with movers Bal Harbour and head straight to the beach after your relocation.

Bal Harbour is one of the the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami to move to
Bal Harbour certainly fits the description of an exclusive neighborhood

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is the oldest neighborhood where people continually lived since 1925. This neighborhood is the largest so far on this list with a population of around 18 000. As befits the oldest neighborhood in Miami, Coconut Grove is an upscale place with a tropical vibe. The residents often praise Coconut Grove to be the greenest area in Miami. Now, there are many things to do and see in Coconut Grove after your relocation with White Glove movers Coconut Grove. The neighborhood is made for enjoyment and leisure. The best place for shopping is the famous CocoWalk. Aside from the shopping options, CocoWalk also offers some of the best restaurants and business opportunities. Now, if you want to call Coconut Grove your home, you must be prepared to pay well. The median home value for a two-bedroom home is around 1.05 million and prices are bigger for larger homes.

Star Island

Star Island is a man-made exclusive neighborhood in Miami that offers an upscale lifestyle. Now, while Star Island is a private island with security, it’s still open for the public to explore. However, you will have the privacy that you need. Also, many celebrities have their homes here, so privacy and safety are guaranteed. As Star Island is a popular neighborhood among celebrities and rich people, real estate prices are going to be very high. The home prices range from $8 to $60 million, but these are not just ordinary homes. Instead, you can find luxurious modern homes or classical estates with private pools, a home cinema, etc. A good way to get to know Star Island is to book vacation rentals first and see if you will like living here. It’s too much money to spend on buying a home here just to end up not liking Star Island.

yacht parked near city
Star Island is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami to move to

Where should you live?

These are not only the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami to move to. There are many more that could be your next home. It’s pretty easy to find a good home when the budget is not the problem. For this reason, start searching for your perfect home right now as these types of homes usually don’t stay long on the market. While you are home hunting, you should also start thinking about your future relocation. Preparing for relocation won’t be a problem with a good and reliable moving company.