Weekend activities to try after moving to Kendall

Relocating is probably one of the hardest things you will have to do. You have to make detailed preparations in order to move your complete household to a new city. As soon as you’re done, you deserve a little rest. You should plan your weekend activities to try after moving to Kendall. As soon as movers Kendall relocate you and you unpack your belongings. Because you want to just relax from packing and unpacking, sorting out your items, reorganizing furniture, etc. Your mind and body need some rest, enjoyment, and also to forget the stressful period behind you. There are a lot of interesting things to do in Kendall, and this article will guide you to some fun activities throughout the city. And you can enjoy them with your entire family. Alone or with your entire family, because you will find something for everyone in this lively city.

Things to do after relocation

After you transport your items to your new home, you will need some time to settle down. To unpack your belongings, sort them out, reorganize the rooms, furniture, get to know your neighborhood and city. And the best way for you to get new friends is to greet your new neighbors before white glove movers relocate you safely and unpack your belongings. It is an excellent opportunity for you to meet locals who can help you adjust to your new city. That will make you become familiar with all the important neighborhood events and spots. That you surely want to check out on your first weekend in Kendall.

People having a barbeque.
Organize a barbecue for your new neighbors.

You surely want to know the location of the nearest grocery shops, cafeterias, malls, and much more. That is why you should invite your first neighbors to your home. After that afternoon coffee and chat, you will be surprised how much information can you get from your neighbors. You will get the names of all the stores in your area, which have better quality, where to eat or where to take your kids and spend time with your family. In case you are looking for storage services for your seasonal items, your new neighbors can help you with that as well. They can also give recommendations regarding kindergarten or schools for your kids. That information you can also find on the National Center for Education Statistics website.

When it comes to Kendall, it is an area in Miami-Dade County, located about 10 miles southwest of Miami. With a population of 75,371, it is also home to the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, one of the Miami metro area’s general aviation airports.

Weekend activities to try after moving to Kendall

There are many activities for you to try on your first weekend in this interesting city. After your relocation from the best moving companies in Miami of course. Among the parks, dining shops, malls, it also offers multiple indoor activities on rainy days. Where you can bring your friends or kids and spend some quality time with them.


Kids learning how to ice skate
Check out the only ice arena in Kendall.

Here are some activities you can do on your weekends in Kendall:

  • Among the top weekend, activities to try after moving to Kendall is Metro zoo A world-renowned facility showcasing animals with the freedom to roam within its almost 300 acres of jungles, forests, and trails surrounded by moats. You will find the rare White Bengal Tigers and can also bring your whole family for this exciting trip.
  • Kendall Ice Arena – Take your kids to an amazing afternoon in the only ice arena in Miami. You can rent some skates and beat the Miami heat.
  • Check out natural attractions – Kendall Indian Hammocks, as well as the Deering Estate, a historic home, and nature reserve. Kendall is also a short drive from Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park away. Spend your first weekend in nature and organize a picnic with your friends, or just enjoy the stunning view.
  • Shopping – In case of shopping relaxes you, you will be able to check out dozens of shopping malls to spend some time and money. In the near area, you will find the Dadeland Mall and The Falls. They offer a huge variety of stores, built around cascading pools of water and gardens.

Other activities you can enjoy

Among the already mentioned activities you can do, Kendall offers even more fun things. To enjoy it with your new friends or family. Due to its tropical climate and many sunny days, you will find several golf courses within the city and a couple of miles outside the Kendall area.

Man playing golf.
You will find a couple of golf courses in Kendall within a 10 miles radius.

The golf courses are perfect for beginners and advanced golfers, while the course’s on-site bars are the perfect spot to grab a drink after a day in the sun. And to cool off from the heat that is normal in this area. Here are some of the courses you will find in Kendall and in within a radius of 10 miles. The first one is Miccosukee Golf & Country Club which is just 5.8 miles away. You should know that it features an Olympic-size swimming pool and banquet facilities that can host up to 500 guests for various events. The next one is Palmetto Golf Course, which is just 6.1 miles away and built on 121 acres. It offers a very spacious clubhouse and a fully-stocked golf shop, where you can also rent the whole equipment.

If you are a fan of art and museums, you will have no problem finding that as well in Kendall. The Bass Museum of Art features European, American, Asian, and contemporary art as well as traveling exhibitions from around the globe. Another of its kind is the Lowe Art Museum, which is opened in 1950 and is run by the University of Miami. There are many weekend activities to try after moving to Kendall, that will make you relax and take your mind off from daily stress. You can find an activity for anyone, whether for your kids, or the entire family to enjoy and prepare for the things that await.