Ways to deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie

If you plan to leave Surfside and move to Davie, you must be worrying about the emotional aspect of your move. Besides the excitement, you will probably face nostalgia and sadness. Feeling nostalgia is something many people are familiar with. Whether it is for certain people, times that have long passed, or some places, it’s often difficult to overcome. It doesn’t matter how many times you have moved your home, you might feel nostalgia over and over again. This is normal since most people get attached to their home layout, neighbors, and the place they live in. However, if you are nostalgic for too long, it could lead to depression. So, it’s vital to find a way to deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie. Fortunately, our professional movers Miami offers you excellent moving services and advice on coping with nostalgia. Let’s prepare for days to come!

Simple ways to deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie

Even if you move to the dream apartment or to the place that suits your need better, it doesn’t mean you will get away from being nostalgic. Many people feel nostalgia after relocation, regardless of the reasons and the purpose of their transition. After all, we are emotional beings. For this reason, we use to create plenty of habits and strong feelings about the life we live.

A sad girl who needs to deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie.
Focusing on exploring the city helps you deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie.

The transition from Surfside to Davie is about moving to a larger city. If you live in Surfside, our reliable movers Surfside FL do understand the reasons why you will be sad about your leave. With 5,572 residents, this town with a charming beachfront is ideal for those who want to enjoy an urban feel without a hustle and bustle of a metropolis. Luckily, Davie is only 22 miles away by car, which means Surfside and Davie are 32 minutes far apart. But even close proximity between these two cities means you will need to leave your Surfside home.

Useful tips that help when you need to deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie

Before we remind you of some useful information about these two cities, let’s get focused on ways to cope with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie. Keep the following things in mind and you will be ready for this transition:

  • Do some prior research regarding Davie as a place you are about to move into. Start with the things in Davie you appreciate about cities generally, and research parks, restaurants, and entertainment options. This way you will create some positive feelings;
  • Remember to keep in touch with your friends and family to overcome nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie;
  • Be open to making some new friendships and you will feel less nostalgic about the people you are missing;
  • Devote to yourself during and after the relocation;
  • Don’t waste time comparing the old to the new. It might remind you constantly of nostalgia for your old home or neighborhood.

Get to know Davie and embrace your new opportunities

Whether you are moving to Davie for work or education, take enough time to meet the city. With over 106,621 residents, this vibrant city in Broward County is an incredible place to live. With the perfect mix of lush green spaces and its many cultural attractions, this city is suitable for young professionals, families, and retirees. This city is home to many outstanding restaurants that serve delicious food you will want to enjoy often. The unemployment rates are below the national average and the city offers different job opportunities. Many families come here for Davie’s schools, universities and colleges. Also, there are a few playgrounds and parks in Davie, one of them is Vista View Park. The city has plenty of options for childcare, too.

A girl sitting on the chair near the window
Instead of spending too much time at the new home, go out and get to know your new environment.

Since you will need just half an hour to get from Surfside to Davie, or long distance movers Miami recommends you visit your future city a few times before you move. During your visits, you will find something you love about Davie, for sure. It will contribute to your positive impression of the move. In case you were too busy to discover Davie in advance, now when your relocation is completed, it’s your time now. Use every minute to go outside and take a walk. Don’t be afraid to say hello to your new neighbors. Be open-minded, and grateful for an amazing chance to move to a larger city and this will help you deal with longing for your old Surfside home. Most changes could transform your life in all aspects. Start to believe the move from Surfside to Davie is a crucial life change and wait for miracles.

Friends will help you cope with nostalgia after the move from Surfside to Davie

Once you leave your familiar Suferside home, you will need to strive hard to adjust to your new Davie home. This is especially difficult if you are not a fan of larger cities. But despite your new occupation, always find time for your closets ones. When you feel nostalgic, you need their support and understanding. This will give strength to start fresh and deal with the transition behind you. Also, this way you will show your friends and relatives that you care about them no matter the distance between you. Although you might not see them as often as you did, they should know they are important in your life. Don’t let them feel the same nostalgia for your leave. 

A young man has a phone call
Keep in touch with the people you care about.

Give yourself time

Once you decide to move your home, hire some of the best moving companies Davie FL has. It will leave you plenty of time to devote to yourself and your friends. Remember to stay kind and polite and try to make new connections at your place of work, while going for a walk in the park, or when shopping. There is no one that helps you better deal with nostalgia after moving from Surfside to Davie than people who already live there for a while. Their experience and advice could be precious. But more importantly, they will help you overcome the frightening experience of loneliness and fill your life with new, positive experiences. All in all, give yourself time to adapt.


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