Useful tricks for decluttering before moving abroad

Some people never have to leave Florida, but you do, be it of your own volition or for other reasons. It’s going to be a big change and a long process before you finally settle into your new home abroad. However, there’s one thing that may be bothering you: the huge amount of clutter in your home. From small décor, books, and things you never use, to clothes and other things. How can you move all this clutter abroad? The answer is that you don’t move everything: you declutter instead. Pro Movers Miami, one of the many reputable Miami movers, presents a set of useful tips for decluttering before moving abroad. Decluttering isn’t always as simple as it first seems, but it is far from a nightmare, too. These tips should help you declutter like a pro, which will in return help you out with your interstate move.

There are different ways to declutter, but these are some general tips

You must’ve decluttered at least once in your life: throwing out old things you no longer use or discarding damaged items. At some point, you must’ve cleared out and decluttered your wardrobe because you were running low on storage space. What we’re trying to say is that decluttering is nothing new: everyone does it and has different ways of doing it. However, for your upcoming move, here’s a general rundown of things you want to do when decluttering.

cluttered workspace
If your workspace looks something like this, it’s time to declutter.
  • Start decluttering rooms and areas you don’t use as much. If you have rooms like this, you very likely don’t use the items inside them often.
  • Making a list while decluttering or downsizing can help you out a notch. What are some of the items you simply must move abroad? What are some items you won’t use and want to get rid of?
  • Sometimes, it may be easier to declutter smaller things. As we mentioned before, clothes can start piling up, unused cutlery, and fine china as well. These things are replaceable, and if you can give them away, sell them on websites like eBay, or donate them, it’ll help you declutter.
  • If it’s hard to let go, you might not have to let go at all. Many interstate moving companies Miami locals trust also happen to have storage services. If you have a collection that you don’t want to move but also don’t want to get rid of, store it in a safe and secure storage unit.
  • When decluttering, friends and family can be a great help. More often than not, people have things they don’t want to dispose of when decluttering. However, said things can be given to friends and family as gifts, mementos, or heirlooms.

How does decluttering before moving abroad help you?

People usually declutter before any move, but when moving abroad, this process has many benefits. For starters, decluttering can help reduce moving costs and net you some more money for your moving budget. For example, imagine how many moving boxes Miami moving companies offer you’d need to pack all of your things. Now, calculate how much money you’d spend just on getting moving boxes to pack everything. That’s what decluttering can help with.

man trying to declutter before moving abroad
Decluttering comes with many benefits!

On top of that, decluttering can help you organize and find items that were once lost. Maybe you’ve lost that one vital document and finally found it at the very bottom of a cluttered drawer. Maybe you’ve lost your favorite pair of earrings and found it tucked away in a box while decluttering. Sometimes, you might even reorganize your belongings in a way that makes them easier to find. Overall, decluttering can help both before and during relocation.

One last way decluttering can help is that it can be combined with packing. A very common problem people face is having one book to many on their selves, so they pack them away in boxes and store them in a safe place. This is basically helping you by making you pack things beforehand. So, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, declutter the space around you and make sure to use boxes while you’re at it!

What are some other decluttering tips to keep in mind?

If you’re moving with professionals, believe us that your relocation will be a breeze, even though you’re moving abroad. However, people can’t help but be stressed out because of what awaits them. That’s where decluttering can help by giving you something to distract yourself with. If you chose your company’s packing services Miami trusts, you might be waiting for the packers anxiously. That’s why you should start decluttering and sorting things out! Don’t do everything at once- declutter one room by one, take it slowly, but do it regularly. It’s impossible to declutter in just one day, so don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a while. Unless you’re a professional at decluttering, if such a thing even exists, this will be a lengthy and emotional process.

girl in messy room looking at laptop
Decluttering before moving abroad can positively affect your mental state.

Tips can help you, but you won’t know how to declutter unless you do it yourself. As we said, everyone approaches this process differently, s0 while our useful tricks for decluttering before moving abroad can help you, it’s best to try it out yourself and see how it goes. However, remember that decluttering is good for you in more than one way, and can greatly help your movers, too. That being said, if you’re still thinking of choosing a company, why not hire Pro Movers Miami? We’ve got experience, we’re a reliable moving company with plenty of interstate moves in our past. All it takes is a call and a moving quote to ensure your move, with or without decluttering, is a safe and efficient one.