Top suburbs to buy a house in Miami

If you decided to move and to buy a house in Miami – that can be the best thing you have done for yourself. Of course, before the purchase, you should do your homework. You should research what are top suburbs to buy a house in Miami. If you are investing your money into real estate you should be very well informed about the situation. We have gathered a small list of the best suburbs to buy a house in Miami, and in our opinion, they can be a good place for your new home.

How to determine what are top suburbs to buy a house in Miami?

Well, you can try to just google it but you need to take some factors into consideration. You need to check all the usual criteria before a decision to buy a house in Miami. You are probably changing everything and moving to Florida should be the best decision you made. So, these are some of the top criteria that we took into consideration when we were creating this list:

  • Population density
  • Education factor
  • Unemployment rate
  • Crime rate
  • Quality of life

So, those are some criteria that you need to take into consideration when you try to decide what are the top suburbs to buy a house in Miami. Now, let’s talk about the best suburbs!

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is always mentioned as one of the best suburbs in Miami. It has about 15.00 people living in it and to be honest – a lot of rich people live here. So, be prepared since the price of the houses is little higher than usual. But, when you look at the criteria then it is pretty clear why this is one of the best suburbs. A lot of notable people live there, so if you are looking for a prestigious location – then this is the place for you.

light house
This is one of the popular places in Key Biscayne

Country Club

This suburb is located in the northwest part of Miami, near the border with Broward County. This suburb is offering houses under $400.000 and it promises pretty nice surroundings to raise your family. Country Club has become a very attractive and affordable place and a lot of people are moving here. If you are moving to Miami and thinking about the best suburb to raise your family – this should be your choice. 

North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach offers newer construction and spot near the ocean. It has around 50.000 people living there at the moment, and the majority of the population are seniors. The main reason why North Miami Beach is one of the top suburbs to buy a house in Miami is beaches! There is a long line of popular ocean beaches and it attracts people all the time. Also, there are a lot of parks and that attracts senior population. It has all the amenities you might need once you move here, so if you like to hang out at the beach – this is the place for you! There is something that you should know before you decide to buy a house by the beach, but you will surely enjoy your new home!


So, if you are thinking about changing your place of residence and buying a home in a little more urban suburb – this is the place for you! Wynwood is an urban and culturally rich place. It has more than 70 galleries, museums, antique shops, and open-air street art installations. It used to be completely different, but it changed during the years. And it becomes a really important part of the art and fashion scene. And this more interesting when you know that there are only about 10.000 people here.

a grafiiti in one of the top suburbs to buy a house in Miami
Art is very important in Wynwood

Little Gables

When we are talking about the top suburbs to buy a house in Miami we must mention and talk about Little Gables. This is the home of the University if Miami. Little Gables is always referred to as one of Miami’s most desirable neighborhoods. But, we must mention that desirability comes with a price. So, be prepared to give a little extra money. Keep in mind that crime rates are low and that all the amenities are often rated as A+. If you have been living in Miami, and you saved enough to move here – our advice is to hire some reliable local movers. They can make the stress go away!

Olympia Heights

What makes Olympia Heights so popular are Lake Catalina, Bluebird Lake, Blue Lake, and Tropical Park. Those just some of the main things that make this suburb the way it is. You can enjoy also in a lot of sports activities here. Olympia Heights has about 15.00 people living in it and here you will mostly find married couples with children. So, if you are thinking about buying a house here to raise a family- it would be a very wise choice!

Things you need to know before you decide to buy a house in Miami

So, we have presented you with some of the most popular suburbs to buy a house in Miami. There are a lot of others, but those that we discussed are among the best. All of them have a very low crime rate, they have a high educational rate as well. Those are some of the basic criteria when buying a house. But, what you need to add to your budget is also a moving expense.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally or long distance you need a reliable and fast-moving company. You should also check their additional services – are they offering to pack up all your things, or they can provide you with good moving boxes.

question marks
You might feel confused or overwhelmed, but don’t worry – you will make a good choice!

Decision time

So, after reading this and realizing that there are different criteria for buying a house in Miami, you need to make a decision. You are maybe feeling confused, and you are not sure how to know that you made the right decision. But, just think about your plans for the future and based on that – choose the right suburb for you. We are sure that you will enjoy your new home!