Top reasons to move to Golden Beach this summer

If you are planning a relocation of your entire home but are still unsure where – this is the perfect article for you. One of the most popular destinations in recent years has been Golden Beach. Many moving companies in Florida had their hands and trucks full due to Golden Beach’s desirability. Relocation to this gorgeous place in Florida would be a dream come true for many people. If you have the chance and the funds to do so, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. If we sparked your interest, you may want to find out more about some of the top reasons to move to Golden Beach this summer.

Some of the top reasons people are choosing to move to Golden Beach this summer

Golden Beach is located in Miami Dade County in Florida. It spreads across Collins Avenue and is surrounded on both east and west by the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean. Upon foundation, Golden Beach consisted mostly of single-family homes. Nowadays, this place rests in a calm atmosphere with a strong sense of community, and its real estate is one of the most expensive in the United States.

beautiful beaches are the reason many people decide to move to Golden Beach this summer
Captivating locations in Golden Beach draw many people here.

With its luxurious homes, wealthy lifestyle, and divine beaches, Golden Beach is well known worldwide. It’s no wonder so many people from all parts of the world choose movers Golden Beach to relocate to this fantastic place. Even people like Bill Gates and Eric Clapton couldn’t resist its beauty. Some of the main reasons people love this town so much are:

  • Culture & lifestyle – beautiful restaurants, shopping centers, and galleries are among the favorite reasons to move to Golden Beach this summer
  • Recreation – a variety of beautiful parks is perfect for nature and fitness lovers
  • Real estate – some of the most beautiful homes can be found right in Golden Beach

The lifestyle in Golden Beach is attractive to many people worldwide

The feeling of golden sand under your feet, calm and cool ocean breeze, and transparent turquoise water make the beach one of the main attractions. It is no wonder that the daily life of the residents of Golden Beach revolves mostly around the beach since they mostly spend their free time here. There is no better relaxation than just sunbathing, lying around, or doing some popular water activities.

The convenient location of Golden Beach offers many amazing opportunities for shopping and dining. Bal Harbour Shops is nearby, and they can offer you many shopping options since they carry a lot of luxury brands. Aside from boutiques, there is a variety of upscale restaurants you can choose from, all of which are settled in a beautiful landscape. If this is something that sounds appealing to you, there is nothing left to do but to hire moving companies Miami Dade and start packing for your relocation to Golden Beach as soon as possible.

Culture is one of the reasons people want to move to Golden Beach this summer

If you love quality art and cultural scenes, by living in Golden Beach you will have easy access to a lot of cultural content. You can visit North Miami and view some of the best contemporary art installations at MOCA. While you’re there, catch a live performance act at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. If you are interested in fashion, Miami Fashion Week is one of the most interesting events around.

beautiful park
Parks in Golden Beach are a work of art you can visit.

Enjoying beautiful parks and recreations in Golden Beach

The crown jewel of the town would definitely be Loggia Beach Park. This elegant and historical place with an ocean view is available for rent. Imagine hosting glamorous events and parties at such a location. Other green spaces, alongside many parks, exist all over Golden Beach. One of the most popular gathering locations is Tweedle Park since it offers many recreational possibilities. Most often spaces used here are the tennis court, dog park, and the playground.

Many other places like Heritage Park, South City Beach Park, and Golden Shores Park provide a space where you can simply get away for a bit from the burning sun, read a book, have a picnic or quietly sit on a bench. And if you are more into fitness, you can exercise in any of these places. You can go for a run, walk your dog, play basketball, volleyball, or even ride a horse.

Real Estate in Golden Beach will have you move to Golden Beach this summer

If your appetite for living in Golden Beach hasn’t awoken yet, wait until you hear about the homes in this town. You will be looking up that white glove moving service in no time. We can freely classify them into two categories – spectacular and outrageously spectacular. When looking for a home in Golden Beach you have a choice of a view of the Intercoastal waterway or the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean. The latter ones tend to come with a private beach so it’s no surprise that their prices are sky-high. The average price per square foot in Golden Beach is around $2,500. Prepare to have a budget somewhere between $10,000,000 and $25,000,000.

beach house
Beautiful beach houses are one of the main reasons people want to move to Golden Beach this summer.

Most homes will come with a private tennis court swimming pool, astonishingly arranged gardens, and much more. They are the main reason people are choosing to move to Golden Beach this summer. Despite the huge lots, there will be a lot of privacy thanks to the number of celebrities that reside here. As for the architecture, the homes in Golden Beach tend to be real modernistic masterpieces. They come either furnished or unfurnished depending on your preference. If you choose a home with furniture, you will get an interior design with impeccable taste. And if you choose an unfurnished home, it can become a blank canvas for your own creativity.