Top 5 cities in South Florida for young adults

So winter is coming and you would like to move somewhere warmer in winter. Especially in 2022 when the prices of fossil fuels are skyrocketing and inflation is at 40 years high. These are all great reasons to move to South Florida. So we as one of the best movers and packers Miami would like to help you find the best city for you. That’s why today we’re presenting to you you top 5 cities in South Florida for young adults. They can also be populated by other ages (younger and older), but we’ll focus on things that’ll mostly interest young adults. So let’s take off our winter gloves and wear our bikinis and trunks once again this winter. Let’s dive in!

The top city in South Florida for young adults is Miami Beach

First of all young adults are probably looking for the time of their lives in nightclubs and at beaches. That’s why they’re moving there, these are just some of the reasons why young people are moving to Miami beach.

Miami beach;
This is the undisputed champion of all top 5 cities in South Florida for young adults’ articles on the internet.

On the other hand, this city’s got everything, from luxurious art galleries, the most prestigious hotels, three-star Michelin restaurants, fancy designer clothes stores, and the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just tell us when can you expect movers Miami Beach to pick up your things.

The second place as the best city for young adults goes to Pompano Beach

You’ve probably heard of the expression, you can’t have a great city in Florida without a beach in its name. So this is another example of tropical heaven so welcome to Pompano Beach. First of all real estate prices are much lower in Pompano Beach compared to Miami Beach, but you’ll get all the action like in Miami Beach. Now you won’t get all the LVs and Guccis, but you’ll be fine with something that doesn’t cost $2,000 per pair of slippers.

If you need any help with getting there, because it can sometimes be busy, contact moving companies Pompano Beach FL to help you out. By the way, if you’re looking for any tips and tricks about moving or about Florida and Miami, check out our blog section; we’ve got everything covered there for you.

The third place goes to Edgewater

This is located in Volusia County, and it has a population of over 20,000 residents.  This place is more in the northern part of South Florida, which makes it easier to stand out. You know Miami Beach and other places are mostly all alike. But this place has some differences; for example, instead of going to the beach every day, go to the Indian River and take a look at some of its beautiful scenery. There are also a lot of hiking trails along the river and it’s great for exploration.

If you just want the occasional beach then you should go to New Smyrna Beach. This place’s got some of the richest biodiversity and history so you’ll have a great time here and it’s worth visiting.

A green river;
Just imagine having a boat trip here, and enjoying your time under the shade of trees.

Now if you would like to move DIY that’s okay but if you have something complex or if you don’t have anyone to help you; rethink hiring some of the best movers Edgewater FL so they can help you out.

North Bay Village is the fourth pick on our list

Another lucrative place that young people like to move to is North Bay Village. It’s surrounded by tall apartment buildings, water, and by luxurious yachts; so that’s a no-brainer. Young people move here especially if they’re well-paid freelancers, senior executives, project managers, SEOs, etc. The place is crawling with things to do; for example, people spend their leisure by renting speed boats, yachts, personal watercraft (PWC), etc.  If you don’t own anything from this equipment please visit Captain Joe’s Rentals, this guy’s got everything.

Normandy Shores Golf Course is a great place if you want like golfing. If you get hungry from all swimming, dancing, partying, and riding, go to Shuckers Waterfront Bar & Grill and grab a bite. This place’s got everything from steaks and burgers, to fresh seafood.

Last but not least is Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale the art capital of the south. This place’s got everything when it comes to arts and culture. Other than the aforementioned beaches and pristine nature preserves, you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, it’s quite popular here, and most people will tell you that it’s a unique experience. If you’re feeling hungry there are plenty of fine-dining options plus lots of different shops along the promenade.

A woman watching a sunset at the boardwalk while thinking about top 5 cities in South Florida for young adults;
Imagine sitting at the docks, writing your thought, and enjoying the sunset, it can all be real here in Fort Lauderdale.

Final thoughts on top 5 cities in South Florida for young adults

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that it’ll help you out. There are plenty of more places because this state is huge. But people especially young people tend to stick around Miami areas. It makes sense because they have most things to do here because of lucrative and luxurious destinations with some of the best beaches in the world. So let’s have a recap of the places that you should visit. The first is Miami Beach with all of its glory; it’s like the Hollywood of Florida. In second place is Pompano Beach which is more tranquil than Miami Beach, but they’re quite similar; also prices are lower. The third place is the Edgewater with its pristine beauty of the Indian River. Forth is North Bay village with luxurious water sports and dining options. The fifth place is Fort Lauderdale an art capital of the south.

So which one should you pick is entirely up to you. Search all of these places, check the price of apartments or rents; also check the cost of living and enjoy. The most beautiful state in the US is awaiting you. Have a great move and if you need any help, give us a ring.