Tips to remodel your child’s room

Children love to have fun colorful rooms that reflect their interests. Parents, on the other hand, love having a practical room for their child, preferably one that is easy to keep safe, clean and neat. So how do you remodel your child’s room in a way that meets everyone’s needs? Is there an easy way to renovate the kids’ room and keep the whole family happy? Let’s look at some advice from expert movers and packers Miami who’ve seen plenty of children’s rooms in their line of business and maybe even used an idea or two for their own family home!

The three things to keep in mind while you remodel your child’s room

So the time has come to remodel your child’s room. Maybe the wallpaper is looking worse for wear or maybe movers Hollywood FL have just helped you into a new home or maybe your kid has decided they’re not into the ducklings painted on the walls. Either way, you now have a chance to create a space that is going to stimulate your child while also being useful and practical. In order to achieve that, you should always keep three important things in mind:

  • how the room is going to be used
  • where the things in the room are going to be stored
  • how you want the room to look

So when picking a design, make sure that suits your vision for the use, storage and aesthetics of the room.

Remodel your child's room into something they like.
Remodel your child’s room in terms of both practicality and aesthetics.

The practical use

The most important thing you need to ask yourself is: how will my child use this room? The answer will inform your choice of furniture, decoration and maybe even the wall color. It will also depend on a variety of factors, including your child’s age, gender, education, and hobbies. For example, if your child is going to be studying in their room, you may want to create a studying nook in one corner with a desk, shelves and lots of light. Or, if you expect them to have friends over a lot, you may want to buy a pull-out armchair or sofa, or even some kind of an extra bed.

The storage space

It’s no secret that children quickly accumulate a lot of stuff. Figuring out where to keep that stuff is going to be important when deciding on how to remodel your child’s bedroom. Sure, you can look into storage options in Miami for some of the old things your child no longer needs. But you’re still going to need plenty of storage space in the room itself too. The obvious solutions are closets for clothes, shelves for books or crates for toys. But if you want to get creative, furniture can become storage too. Desks and tables, ottomans and even beds are sometimes made so they can open and double as storage space.

The aesthetic

Finally, you must consider the appearance of the room overall. While that may not be the highest on your list of priorities, it certainly will be the top one for your child. Which means, it should be important to you too. Sticking with the classics of color-coordination in your child’s favorite (complimentary) shades is a tested and true method. But if you’re feeling ambitious, going with decorations that tie into your child’s interests (like painting in their football team’s colors or decorating the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark constellations true to science) is sure to impress them.

How to remodel your child’s room

Renovation is not the time for improvisation. Long before packing up your child’s furniture and stuff to clear the room for remodeling, you should have a solid picture of what you want the space to look like when you’re done. So how should you remodel your child’s room? Follow these simple steps to success!

Pick a theme

Simultaneously the easiest and the hardest part of remodeling your child’s room is picking the theme. Sticking to a color palette is the simple solution. But if your child has any special interests, you should try including them in the design for the room. Paint cobwebs on the walls for your son who’s really into comics or add some sparkly crown posters to the walls for your daughter who wants to be a princess or set up a shelf with dinosaur figurines for your child who thinks prehistoric animals are just awesome. Little details like that can really make your child’s day!

Nautical themed boy's room.
Stick to a theme when designing your child’s room.

Use bright colors when you remodel your child’s room

There’s a long-running theory that colors affect our mood, so picking the right ones for your child’s bedroom walls is important. Solid color walls tend to appeal to adults. Children, however, find them boring even when they are in a color they like. Instead, consider lighter walls with bright details or an accent wall. The most important thing is sticking to the shades your child likes.

Add easy but interesting details your child will like

Believe it or not, most children are relatively easy to please when it comes to interior design. They’ll go gaga over Bob the Builder sheets or Disney princesses curtain or even just a place for all their stuffed toys. You just need to know what your child likes. Adding little details the tie into their interests will then be an easy, yet incredibly effective way to please them with their new room.

Lamp with elephants.
Think about the little things that will make your child happy.

Most importantly, remodel your child’s room with their needs and wants in mind

You may need to draw the line somewhere (“no, we can’t get a bed covered in glitter” and “no, a basketball hoop on the wall is a terrible idea” are both perfectly valid without further explanation, to be honest), but it’s important to remember that this is still very much your child’s room. They’re the ones spending most of their time there. The room should appeal to them. It should suit their needs. And ultimately, it should be as close to what they want as reasonably possible. So when you remodel your child’s room try to let go of what you want (as well-intentioned as your thinking may be). Give your child a space that’s their own – they’ll appreciate it!