Tips for organizing your garage after the move

Once you arrive at your new home, and the movers drop off all of your belongings, you may think that your relocation process is over. However, it is only halfway. Now it’s time to settle in and unpack it all. You will undoubtedly seek out all the unpacking tips you can find, but it can still feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve prepared this little garage organizing guide for you, so you can at least get one room out of the way. A typical family garage is a place where a bunch of items ends up, and it can look very chaotic. Read on to learn how you can organize it once you move to a new place.

old car parked on the driveway
If you have an organized garage, you don’t have to keep parking your car on the driveway.

Organizing your garage is easy when you don’t have many items

It’s a very common situation that a garage becomes a store-it-all room in the house. If you’re short on storage space in the house, you simply place the rest in the garage and often forget about it. Here’s one tip to keeping your garage organized – don’t use it as the main storage space! There are many Miami storage facilities where you can put away items you won’t need for a longer period of time. When you have fewer belongings in the garage, it is way easier to keep in in order. Also, then there won’t be a need to keep your car outside – you can actually park it in the garage.

Don’t forget to utilize the wall space

A great way to go about sorting your garage after the move is to get some shelves. It’s the only room in the house that doesn’t need to be decorated, so you can use all the wall space you need. It’s much easier to move around the garage when everything is sorted up on the shelves. Also, if you are storing any hazardous materials, it’s a good way to keep them out of reach of children.

gray car in a garage
Don’t let your garage get cluttered. Put as many items as you can on your walls to have more room to park your car.

Bins and boxes are your best friends in this case

There is usually a lot of clutter in every garage. To make it all seem organized and neat, get some plastic bins and containers. Not only will it be easier to store everything, but they can also be closed and sealed. This is important for storage because it protects your items from sun and moisture. It is best if you get a couple of different sizes, depending on the items you want to put inside. For instance, if you want to pack artwork for storage, you have to pay attention to how you’re going to pack it if you want it to stay in the same condition.

Make sure you label everything when organizing your garage

You didn’t get the clear bins for storage? Then put labels on each bin before you put it on the shelf. That way, you won’t have to open each one to find the beach toys that you were looking for so long! Many moving companies in Florida advise their clients to label in more detail than just writing a single word on the side. It’s a more efficient way of organizing your new garage!