Tips for moving into your first house in Fort Lauderdale

Moving into your first house is a very exciting adventure! Whether you’ve lived in an apartment before, or you’re simply changing scenery, it’s still so much fun. Whilst the end result is all you’ve been waiting for, the process leading up to it can be very exhausting. But you’re almost there, and let’s push on a little bit more so you can finally enjoy your new place! Moving your family to an entirely new location takes a lot of team effort and work, but it’s not over once the moving truck arrives. Here’s what’s waiting for you when you begin moving into your first house in Fort Lauderdale!

What you need to know when moving into your new house in Fort Lauderdale

Organizing a move is quite similar to organizing an event of sorts. There are multiple parties involved, and once the main event (or relocation) is finished, there are still things to do. In the first scenario, you get night event service Florida to assist you, because you simply cannot organize a big event on your own! In the latter case, you hire a professional moving company, for the same reasons. It is way easier to have experts help you than to stress out and not enjoy the moving process. Even then, you have to be careful who you’re going to work with. Hiring a reliable moving company takes a little bit of research and a few phone calls. Avoid falling for a moving scam by being thorough in your search for the perfect moving company.

Work as a team with your movers

This is the key to a successful moving process into your first house in Fort Lauderdale. Even though too much involvement may not be appreciated, there are parts where the movers will actually want your help and assistance. Our moving company Fort Lauderdale makes sure that we have a detailed inventory checklist. To obtain one, we need your help. This checklist is crucial for a few reasons:

  • It will help us get a more detailed moving estimate. When we know exactly how many moving boxes you’ll need, and how much furniture you’re planning to transport, it will contribute to a clearer estimate. That way, you won’t be as surprised when you see your final moving bill!
  • We can more easily track the inventory when it’s brought into your new Fort Lauderdale house. While we’re doing the heavy work of unloading, you can track if everything is there. With a detailed inventory checklist, your relocation can be a breeze!
person writing in a notebook
Devising a detailed inventory list doesn’t only help you, but your movers as well.

After you finish moving to your new house in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to being unpacking!

We know, packing everything into moving boxes must have taken you a long time. The bad news is that you’ll have to do it again – but in reverse. Unpacking is perhaps the second-most dreaded moving task. Thankfully, you can always get your moving team to assist you even when unpacking! And if you don’t want to do that, there are a few ways you can approach the unpacking task. You can go room by room, and bring boxes in each as you go. Or, you can unpack the essential items first (maybe you even packed an essential moving box!). Whichever method for unpacking you choose, take your time and don’t stress out too much. It will all be over soon.

cardboard boxes in the living room
We understand that huge piles of boxes in your new home might give you headaches. Take a deep breath and unpack one by one!

Don’t forget to inspect your Fort Lauderdale house in detail

Before you even begin to unpack after the move, you should do an inspection of your new home. Look for any possible signs of damage, leaks or mold. Make sure you scout the front and the back yard as well, to check if there are any issues on the outside that require your attention. If you are renting a house, then take pictures of all of the possible issues before you move in and let your landlord know. This will prevent them from holding your security deposit when you move out or asking you to pay for the damages!

Make sure your house is secure

Once you do the house tour and make sure there are no damages, and the movers bring your belongings, it’s time to settle in. To ensure your safety in your new home, you should install a few security measures. If you’re the new owner, you should definitely consider changing the outdoor locks. You never know who previously had the keys to the house! See if the smoke detectors in rooms all have batteries and that they actually work. Make sure all the doors and windows can fully close and that they can’t be opened from the outside. If you have some more extra cash, then definitely invest in a good security system and a burglar alarm. There are cameras out there that you can connect to your smartphone and be aware at all times who is around your house!

metal keyhole and a door handle on wooden door
Changing your locks is the first thing you should do after becoming a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale. You never know who had the keys to the house before you got here!

Last, but not least, once you finish moving into your new house – get to know Fort Lauderdale!

This probably goes without saying, but once you’re all settled in, start exploring the area. Find a new park that you can take your kids and pets to, a new gym to join, and a new favorite place for Saturday brunches. Start mingling and get to know your neighbors! Not only will they have a bunch of tips for you, but some of them may become your lifelong friends. Fort Lauderdale has got a lot to offer to newcomers, and you better believe it will welcome you with open arms. You just have to give it a chance!