Tips for handling mold in your home in Davie

We know that it is not the most glamourous of topics. Handling mold in your home in Davie is definitely not the best way to spend your weekend. However, getting ahead of the mold is very important. Understanding just how prevalent it is, for example. Knowing how dangerous it is to your health. Understanding where it is coming from and how to eradicate it. Those are all pretty important topics to any homeowner, be it that they are residents of Davie or not. Because, mold will attack anywhere and everywhere, from the swamps of Florida to the cold waste of Alaska, and you are not safe in any one climate. You need to know how to destroy any trade of mold in your home and how to protect yourself from the health effects of fungi growing in your home.

Mold – frequent and resilient

What is mold even? Well, it is something that has survived on this earth for many millions of years, being part of the fungi kingdom of life. Fungi don’t need much to survive, that is their main strength. They don’t need photosynthesis, and yet are not plants. They can grow pretty much anywhere, and they just kinda show up out of nowhere, or so it would seem. Fungi spread using spores that latch onto surfaces and wait for the opportune moment to rise. This is why storage Miami needs to be on the constant lookout for mold activity, and the exact reason why you should always be vigilant of mold appearing in your Davie, FL home.

Moisture is a source of the mold

As moving companies Davie FL can testify, many homes in Davie, Florida suffer from mold infestations. That is because the Florida climate is especially susceptible to mold infestations, with temperatures being high moisture readily available in the air. A perfect feeding ground for fungi. However, that is not to say that all surfaces are the same. On the contrary! There are those locations that require extra attention when you are inspecting them.

Droplets on the glass
Moisture is the source of the infestation!

So what would those be? If you are moving to Davie Florida, you should do a comprehensive check before you move into your home. While you are doing the said check, focus on these areas:

  • Pipes – Pipes carry water and water vapor and are obviously good sources of both moisture and heat for the fungus.
  • Roof – If you are handling mold in your home you should focus on the cellar area. There is a lot of moisture there and it is very easy for spores to grow in rapid numbers near the roof, or just under it. Make it a habit of frequently inspecting this area.
  • Foundation – Foundation is the other weak point, with moisture coming in from the bellow.
  • Windows and doors – These offer a way for moisture to go in and mold to develop under the Florida sun!

How to confirm you have mold

There are three ways you can find mold when moving boxes Miami to Davie. First off, your new home will probably smell weird. The heavy earthly aroma is a red flag. Furthermore, you can see it as wet, dark spots on the wall, small protrusion on the wall, and such.

Mold sliping from the walls
Do you know how to recognize mold?

The worst possible way is to feel ill effects the spores will produce for your health. When that stage is reached, call professionals and seek medical help.

Handling mold in your home

Now that you know what mold is and where to look for it before professional movers Miami relocate you to your Florida, Davie home, we need to talk about the most crucial part – how to get rid of it! Now the first and most obvious thing you need to do is cut its source. As we explained, moisture buildup and temperature are two things that affect mold, so make sure you close off any moisture (Florida heat is something really out of your control). If you are clearing mold from a storage unit, you can try and get new, climate-controlled units. Those can measure the levels of moisture and temperature in the air, affecting both.


handling mold in your home - women reading to clean
You will need some serious equipment!

With the first step done you can proceed to handle mold that is already present in your home. You might have heard that bleach is effective against mold. Unfortunately, that is not true. It fails to kill the spores on wood and carpets. It is also pretty bad for your health, possibly doing more damage than good.

You should, rather, use baking soda dissolved in water. Its high pH value will kill mold. Bakin sodas are also harmless, unless digested, and can more safely and freely be used.

Professional help if needed

Florida is a pretty moist place all around, Davie included. While it is true that mold will strike anywhere, you are still more likely to get it in warm, moist places. Florida is, therefore, a perfect ground for fungi growth and you need to stay vigilant when trying to eradicate mold from your home. The important thing to note here is that there are a lot of different types of mold you can find around your Davie home. Not all are to be handled on your own accord.

Be sure to ask about the type of mold from professionals before you choose to exterminate it yourself. Some mold, like black mold, can cause serious harm! Never try to deal with mold you are not absolutely sure you know it’s harmless. Spores that these fungi release can be highly toxic, and you will do good to avoid dealing with them.

In summary

This concludes our guide on how to handling mold in your home in your Davie home. We hope that this will be of use to anyone that has found this article, be it that you are actually from Davie or from anywhere else. All the rules we have laid down in this guide, and all the guidelines, work pretty much anywhere. You will always want to check for the early signs and to know the sources. You always want to be prepared and know how to handle mold in your home. However, most importantly, you need to know when it is time to call for help.