Tips and tricks for moving to a studio apartment in Miami

It’s not uncommon that people downsize when they are moving to a new property. Of course, each family has their own reasons behind it. Moving to a smaller home has plenty of benefits. Even though you might only see the downsides of moving to a studio apartment, we are sure you will grow to love it. Small apartments have their own charm and once you’ve mastered living in such small quarters, everything else will be a piece of cake. In most cases, you’ll have to look into storage units Miami as you won’t have enough space for all your stuff, but let us show you how you can move into a studio apartment really easily.

colorful exterior of an apartment building
Living in an apartment has its pros and cons, but living in a studio apartment requires some extra thought and creativity.

Moving into a studio apartment in Miami is really common

Miami is a very big city, as we all know. Living in a suburban area in a family home is not something everyone can afford. Imagine you are a college student who is planning on moving to Florida for school. You don’t want to live in a dorm, so you have to rent an apartment, but sharing one with roommates isn’t your cup of tea. Moving into a studio apartment is something that you simply have to do.

Do a lot of research before you make a final decision on a place. Not all studio apartments have the same layout and some will be more practical than others. Keep in mind that you might have to rearrange furniture and will probably have people over at some point. Therefore, having a really tiny apartment with unusable space is not something Florida movers recommend getting. 

Be smart about your storage solutions

Living in a small apartment will make you realize how much stuff you actually own. After all, maybe it’s finally time to declutter as you planned? Getting rid of a lot of unnecessary belongings will mean you’ll fit everything comfortably in a studio apartment, as well as pay less money to your moving company Fort Lauderdale for the transportation costs. Once you move in, you will have to get creative about your storage and think of solutions you might not have had to use before. 

tiny living room with lots of plants
Be smart about how much stuff you want to bring to your studio apartment – you don’t want to it to be too cluttered!

Decorate with light colors and make sure you have plenty of natural light

The last thing you want when moving into a studio apartment is to live in a dark space. So try to pick the apartment that has large windows and plenty of light during the day. If you can, paint the walls in a light color so you get the feeling of a larger space. Use white LED bulbs and place your mirrors strategically. With a few simple tricks, you can make this apartment feel less claustrophobic than you originally thought. Maximizing the space in your new home is really easy to do, no matter if you live in a studio apartment or a family house!