Tips and tricks for moving abroad with a toddler

Moving abroad offers a lot of new possibilities, but the anxiety that comes with it can certainly lower the excitement. Moving abroad with a toddler can be even more stressful. Luckily, younger children are able to adapt to new surroundings a bit easier. Your task as a parent is to try to make that transition as smooth as possible. Keep reading what you can do to make the moving easier for your family and yourself as well.

Before we start

Moving abroad is definitely a life-changing event and you should give yourself time to process that. If you get to the right mindset quickly, the chances are your relocation will be better planned and executed. When you are naturally gifted with amazing organization skills, everything is easier. But if you are not that lucky, you have to work on that. Moving abroad with a toddler without a plan or proper organization is nearly impossible. Take your time to get your affairs in order so you can devote yourself to relocation plans. The top priority on your to-do list should be finding and booking long distance movers Miami. The relocation should be scheduled sometimes months ahead depending on the distance, so keep that in mind. 

welcome sign
Moving to a new home always offers a lot of new possibilities

Moving abroad with a toddler – how you should begin with

The best way to approach moving abroad with a toddler is to gather your family and have a ‘meeting’. Say you have already informed your extended family and friends about the relocation. You and the members of your household that are moving with you should talk about tasks and duties. Try to include the kids too, and make it sound fun and exciting. It’s good to have support and not to do everything by yourself. If that’s the case, though, ask your friends to help as much as their obligations allow it. Booking residential movers Miami will be of great help when the time comes. You can decide what kind of service you require and make an arrangement according to that.

How to choose a location

When moving abroad with a toddler, there are a few things you should consider about the location of your new home. You should consider moving to a quiet and friendly neighborhood with parks and plenty of fun places to visit with your kids. It’s also important to think about future schooling options. Look for kindergartens and schools you think would be a good option. The best thing that can happen is to find something close to school, a pediatrist, and your workplace. 

moving abroad with a toddler can also be fun
Moving abroad with a toddler doesn’t have to be all about stress. Include your kid in the relocation and have some fun.

Introduce your kid to the new environment

To shorten the adaptation period you should start introducing the new place to your kid as soon as possible. The right time to start is the moment your relocation is final and definite. If your kid is very young, chances are they won’t understand much. Don’t let that stop you though, play them a song from the country you are moving to. If it’s not one of the English-speaking countries, introduce the new language step by step. Start with basic phrases suitable for a toddler. You can also use cartoons, kid movies, or read them a simple bedtime story in that language. Listening is a great way for a kid to learn quickly. 

Declutter before packing

Moving abroad with a toddler doesn’t have to mean you will have a mountain of boxes ready for movers marathon FL. The best way to ensure that is to declutter before packing. Include your child in decluttering their stuff. Explain that you are willing to give their baby clothes to your friends’ kid or a cousin, or simply donate them. Kids can get possessive of their stuff so if they are crying over an old t-shirt that doesn’t fit anymore, just leave it be. They will forget about it quickly. Keep items that hold sentimental value like your kid’s first plush toy or a blanket. The kids can get emotional even if they are too young to understand what’s going on. Try to be as calm as possible so they don’t feel your distress and get upset too.  

kids playing outdoors
Try to find a neighborhood that has a lot of options for fun outdoor activities for your kids

Choose the right home 

Write a list of characteristics of your dream home. Stay realistic about it, but make it exciting. Gather all the information and contact professionals that can give you some more advice as the conditions may differ abroad. Check which utility services are available in the place and how that works. If you are going to rent, schedule a meeting with your potential landlord to see if their terms work for you and vice versa. If you are interested in buying a property, we advise you to check the specific terms and conditions in the destination country.

More to keep in mind

There are some things you need to keep in mind when moving abroad with a toddler. First, don’t forget to search for moving companies in Florida on time. Then, make sure you have prepared all the necessary documents for you and your family members and stash them in a separate bag. Moving abroad with a toddler can stretch to a longer period so make sure you have essential things with you. Prepare snacks and drinks for the road and bring a blanket and small pillows for comfortable naps. It would be a great idea if you travel to the destination country with your kids before the move. If you can so they can get familiar with new surroundings. Make sure you have enough time to visit your extended family members before you leave and keep in touch with video calls afterward. Remember to stay positive and open-minded, a new life is ahead of you. Things may get difficult, but it’s temporary and everything will be fine when you are settled down