Things to leave behind when moving to Fort Lauderdale

Going through a relocation means that you are going to have to leave some stuff behind. Not only will the additional items ramp up the cost of your move, but they will also become unnecessary clutter in your new home. Moving companies, like Pro Movers Miami, base their charges around the weight of the shipment. So, the more boxes you have with you, the higher the cost. And that is without accounting for all the packing materials and moving boxes that you will need, as well as the time required to pack all of that. What this article is going to be all about is pointing out the things to leave behind when moving so you can have an easier (and cheaper) relocation.

What are the things to leave behind when moving?

Here is the list of the “usual suspects”, as well as some recommendations:

  • Start with the decluttering process early!
  • Old clothes and shoes
  • Books and magazines
  • Some of the things to leave behind when moving – Old furniture
  • Old appliances and warranties
  • Rent a storage unit to keep some of the items
  • Hire professional assistance for the relocation


female typing on the laptop with cardboard boxes around
Having more stuff is fun but it can quickly overwhelm your new home.

Start with the decluttering process early!

The first thing that needs to be on your mind is the time it takes to declutter. The more stuff you have, the longer it will take. Therefore, try to start with the decluttering process as soon as you can. You may need to involve all of your family members in the process, which may require further organization. The more time you have to iron the kinks, the better. Do check with your moving company Fort Lauderdale about their pricing before you finish, though. It will make it easier to know if transporting some of the items that you are unsure about is worth your while. The best way to go about the process is to organize your belongings into three “piles”. You don’t actually have to pile them one on top of another, of course.

After some cataloging, you are going to end up having a “Yes”, “No”, and a “Maybe” pile. Slowly work your way through the latter until it disappears. In the end, all of the items need to be in one of the other two piles. If you are really unsure about an item, it is always better to take it with you than to regret it later.

Old clothes and shoes

Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the items that are normally left behind. Over time, we tend to accumulate a lot of clothes and footwear that we don’t actually use. These take up our closet space and never see the light of day. Go through your wardrobe and if you spot a piece of clothing that you haven’t worn in a couple of years chances are that you are not going to wear it again. However, do make exceptions for clothing that has great memories. You always want to keep those. Also, moving to Florida means that you are not going to see much use from your winter clothing. You do want to have some, just in case, but having several sets is going to be redundant. These items can get quite heavy and leaving them behind will create considerable savings.

Books and magazines

If you are an avid reader, you might have a lot of magazines and books in your collection. The truth is that you can do without most of them. Of course, keep the “decorative” ones but try to limit what you are bringing with you to those books that you actually plan on reading again. Books can be quite valuable, though, and if you really want to take them with you and not worry about them taking valuable living space, you can always hire storage services to accommodate them. However, it will be worth your while to go through your collection and identify the ones that are not going to see any use anymore.

books on a shelf
Books are great but are quite heavy and they take a lot of space.

Some of the things to leave behind when moving – Old furniture

You are most likely going to want to adapt your furniture to your new home. This means that your old pieces might not have a place in the new surrounding. Furniture is heavy and bulky and will account for most of the additional cost if you choose to take everything with you, especially if you have a lot of it. Therefore, identifying the furniture that is not going to make the trip needs to be one of your primary concerns.

Things to leave behind when moving – Old appliances and warranties

Every home has a plethora of appliances, most of which are quite dated and out of warranty. They are great candidates for leaving behind, due to the fact that you might be replacing them soon anyway. For example, if you are moving into a smaller apartment, you will most likely need to purchase a smaller fridge. Carrying your old fridge with you just because it is working is an unnecessary cost. It might be better to sell it and use that money towards buying a new one.

Old appliances will take a lot of space. Consider replacing them with newer versions.

Rent a storage unit to keep some of the items

But if you don’t really care that much about the moving cost and you simply don’t have enough space in your new home, there is another solution. Your moving company can provide you with a storage solution for your belongings. That way, you can have the best of both worlds. You get to keep all of your stuff and use it when you need it, all the while having your new home relatively clear. Just make sure to choose a unit according to how you think you may want to use the items within. If you are storing something that you need on a regular basis, a storage unit near your home is better than a remote one.

Hire professional assistance for the relocation

And if you want to make the whole relocation process a lot easier, the best thing for it is to hire professional movers. They will do most of the work instead of you, all the while making sure that your belongings are secure. They can even pack your entire home if you want them to. Or organize the whole process for you. Professional movers have a service for every occasion and are able to make your relocation a lot smoother and significantly reduce the moving stress.