Things to do for Halloween in Fort Lauderdale

Halloween probably represents the most hyped holiday of the year. We all become excited as this day approaches. There are several reasons for that. First, we like to dress up and become someone else for a day. But on the other hand, excitement can go into a panic because you still do not know what to do for Halloween in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is the perfect city for Halloween because there are so many things that you could do. If you are considering coming here, do not hesitate anymore. Hire movers in Fort Lauderdale and relocate with professionals. After that, celebrate this holiday in the best way possible!

What to do for Halloween in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale is a city that offers a lot of opportunities. This big city of about 200.000 residents certainly has many activities for you to enjoy for Halloween.

  • Haunted nights
  • Ghoulish Guardians Pumpkin Carving
  • Spirits of Stranahan House Halloween Tours
  • Candy Village Trick or Treat
  • Halloween Sunday Brunch Cruise
  • Oakland Park Halloween Bash
  • Host a move-in party

Haunted nights

We are absolutely sure that you thought that this will be the first thing on the list. Horror movies have made us more resistant to horror stories. What we mean by this is that we need more time to get scared because all of them are made in the same way. The haunted night is a little different and this is a place you should definitely visit. This is an outdoor event where you have two houses to explore. Of course, they are haunted. The key here is that there are live actors that have a job to make all of this more convincing for you. We do not recommend this event for children under the age of 10 and for a good reason.

Do not brings kids here younger than 10
Haunted nights are the perfect place to get spooked…

Ghoulish Guardians Pumking Carving

This Halloween activity in Fort Lauderdale definitely deserves a place on this list because it offers great content for families. You will be provided with two pumpkins and carving tools in order to get into the pumpkin carving contest. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy with your family and to meet new friends.

Halloween in Fort Lauderdale is a perfect chance to unleash your creativity
Win in a carved pumpkin contest!

Spirits of Stranahan House Halloween Tours

This is a perfect place for Halloween in Fort Lauderdale. There are twice a night tours to the Historic Stranahan Museum in Fort Lauderdale. They are led by Victorian Mourners and they have fantastic spooky stories to tell. You can be sure that those stories are not like stories that you know. These stories are specific to Fort Lauderdale so you will most definitely be spooked since you are living there... It costs 25 dollars and we assure you that it is cheap when we have in mind what kind of stories you get.

Candy Village Trick or Treat

The classic October 31 activity in Fort Lauderdale. We understand that you may be bored while doing this but there is something for everyone. This is mostly a family event where parents can get their kids to make their day more fun. When we talk about your fun, well, there is a trick and treat activities for adults as well. If you feel too old for that, you can just chat with other parents and have fun that way.

The classic of every Halloween
Trick or treat?

Halloween Sunday Brunch Cruise

This may be the most interesting event for Halloween in Fort Lauderdale. It will certainly cost you some money but it will be worth it. This November 1 you will be spending on a yacht. You will have brunch there will other people. You can be sure that there is enough food for everyone to eat. On the other hand, you will have a chance to try many spooky cocktails. It would not be a good experience without some dancing, right? You will have a chance to enjoy a party with an onboard DJ. Of course, there is something for children. They will get Halloween bags with lots of goodies which they will most probably eat in one sitting.

Oakland Park Halloween Bash

There is a mixture of everything there: music, fun activities, and good people. The music is mostly for adults because kids just want to have some fun and get spooked. They certainly will get that because everything is decorated in the spirit of Halloween. There are even special kids interactive fun areas where they all can have fun and make some new friends. The good thing about this even is that it is free and everybody that wants to come is welcome. The only thing you have to do is to get a costume, put some makeup on and bring some good spirit with you.

 Host a move-in party

As we said before, this great city offers a lot of things and it is a good thing if you choose it for your family to settle there. Halloween in Fort Lauderdale is a perfect opportunity for you to host a move-in party! You will not have to think about the theme of the party. Everybody knows it and the only thing for you is to make your house as spooky as you can.

Since you are new to the community, this can be a perfect way for you to meet your new neighbors. The good thing about the party is that everybody is relaxed and you can make your move and meet your neighbors. You can even get some very good friends.


Is this enough to move to Fort Lauderdale? This list could be much longer but there is no room for every activity. Of course, there are some more boring than others but what is more important is that there is plenty of events for you to decide on. There are some classics, like trick or treat event or some more thematic and fun. You can imagine what else this city offers so you should hire Coconut Grove movers and get here as soon as you can! You can be sure that you can find some activity that you will find fun for Halloween in Fort Lauderdale.