The most beautiful quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to

Florida is one of the most famous states in the USA. And from its 267 cities, Miami is the most well-known one. Even though it is not the biggest city, it is certainly the most attractive one. Few can resist its allure after spending their vacations here, so most Miami movers are always busy. On average, 24 million tourists visit Miami each year, which makes it one lively, loud place. But since it spreads over 6,137 sq. miles, not all of its suburbs and neighborhoods are as popular as Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. Future residents usually require quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to, so we will give you a list of the best ones.

What are some quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to?

Thanks to its fantastic weather all year round, Miami is rarely quiet. Many people from other, colder states, come here during the winter months to get some well-deserved vitamin D. You cannot escape outsiders and tourists, but quiet neighborhoods in Miami move to exist. Some of the best ones, that some local movers in Miami can take you to are:

  • Bal Harbour
  • Surfside
  • Coconut Grove

    Picture of a person enjoying one of the quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to
    The quiet neighborhoods are usually the smallest ones

We will give you a more detailed description of essential things like the cost of living, crime rate, and the best restaurants in the area.

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour is a small, quiet suburb on the far north of the islands off the coast of Miami. Many people think that it is one of the best places to live in Florida. You might also think so, but you need to hire one of the moving companies North Miami and give it a try. The population of this suburb is a little below 3,000 people who enjoy a dense urban feel. 79% of the population own their homes, even though the median home value is a stunning $1,316,400. Compared to the national average of $300,000, housing here is something that only a few can afford. Violent crimes are almost nonexistent, while property crime is a little more frequent. And as for entertainment, Artisan Beach house is one of the best restaurants.

Surfside is one of the quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to

A little bit south, and a bit bigger than the previous, Surfside is another jewel in Miami. 5,600 people call it home and they love that it is more spacious than other parts of the city. The fact that many families and retirees live here, shows that it is a calm, quiet place. 59% of the population decided that they wanted to stay, so they bought homes here. It is way more affordable than the previous place, with a median home value of $619,000. When talking about crime, only theft is a problem. The Surf Club restaurant is the best and most exclusive in the area. You should visit the first chance you get after moving with some residential movers Miami. It has a Michelin Star after all!

Coconut Grove

The biggest neighborhood on the list, Coconut Grove is home to 21,000 residents. It gives residents a more suburban feel, perfect for people who like very spacious backyards. Also here 60% of people decided to buy a home for the average price of $840,000. This area enjoys 24/7 police control, so crime is no worry here. Sapore di Mare is the highest-rated restaurant in the area, that you should visit.

Picture of a hand pouring coconut water
Coconut Grove is one of the least quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to

Keep in mind that no matter where you move, Miami is full of tourists

The city of Miami has about 460 hotels on its territory, which are scattered all around the city. Some really good ones like The Ritz-Carlton are located in Bal Harbour, so will get to see tourists and occasional crowds. But the quiet neighborhoods in Miami to move to are no comparison to the most popular parts of the Magic City. You will be close to the best attractions in Florida, but still far enough to enjoy some peace during the hottest days!