The logistics of moving valuable art to another state

Moving to another state is a demanding and challenging venture, especially if you are moving artwork, antiques, and other valuables. There’s the fear of damaging your belongings. However, moving valuable art to another state doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right moving company and the right logistics behind the relocation process, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your valuables. If you wonder how to move your belongings safely, you are at the right place. Pro Movers Miami will guide you through the whole process. Use our tips and tricks for a smooth, safe, and successful relocation. Enjoy preparing for the move.

The importance of strong logistics when moving valuable art to another state

Moving valuable art is a very complex process that requires detailed planning. Nobody wants their valuables to get damaged or broken during the move, so it’s essential to make a packing and transportation plan supported by strong logistics. However, to successfully move valuable art, you’ll need the help of professional moving companies Miami since there are many details to pay attention to. Art objects need to be packed in a specific way, ensuring that they won’t crack, scratch, or break during transportation. Of course, you can do it yourself. But if you hire professional movers and packers, the whole process will be easier, faster, and safer. They also use durable packing materials that you cannot easily find for DIY packing.

A bust in the cardboard
Moving valuable art to another state is very challenging

Steps for moving valuable art to another state

There’s no successful relocation without planning and preparation. In fact, planning is the key to a successful move, especially when moving valuable art to another state. You need to make sure that your valuables will remain intact. The only way to achieve this is to prepare it carefully. Here are some basic steps:

  1. Make a list of all valuable art: after you enlist your valuables, you’ll be able to determine how and in which order to pack them up. Also, you can declutter in case you won’t need some piece of art in your new home. You can sell those pieces.
  2. Clean it: after making a list, start preparing the artwork by cleaning it first. It will save you a lot of time after you move. If cleaned, you can place them immediately after moving in.
  3. Get packing supplies: this is the most important step. Scan your items and decide what packing materials you’ll need. If you are not sure what packing products to use, hire a high end moving company to handle the packing for you. Your luxurious art deserves luxurious treatment too, so the best you can do is to hire luxurious movers.

How to pack different types of valuable art

Different artworks require different packing methods. However, whatever you do, don’t pack them using DIY techniques. You’ll agree that they cannot be packed without getting professional packing supplies. So, let’s see how to pack paintings, mirrors, antiques, and other valuables art.

  • Paintings and canvas artwork: Every artwork requires special handling. For example, you cannot pack oil, acrylic, and canvas paintings the same. When packing oil paintings, mind the temperature. Both extreme cold and heat can damage the paintings. So, to secure them, use foam or sheets that allow air. However, do not use bubble wrap. When it comes to acrylic paintings, you should use a material that won’t stick to the surface. You can use wax paper or glassine. And when packing canvas paintings, use bubble wrap, wrapping them face down. Then, pack them in a box. Mark the boxes with fragile.
  • Mirrors: the best way to protect your mirrors is to pack them using glassine, which is air, water, and grease resistant. Also, corners should be secured with triangular cardboard. Then, you can wrap it in bubble wrap. For extra protection, wrap it several times and then tape it. Use original boxes if you saved them. If not, purchase telescope boxes designed for packing mirrors and other rectangular items.
A couple packing and moving valuable art to another state
Use different packing materials for different artworks

How to pack antiques

For owners, antiques are not only valuable but also irreplaceable. Besides being worth the money, their value is more sentimental. They present the owner’s family heritage and memories. For these reasons, it’s essential to handle the items with special attention and care. Whether it is antique furniture or other antique items, they require strong protection. When it comes to packing antique furniture, the first thing you should determine is whether you are going to disassemble it or not. If you decide to disassemble it, there’s the chance of not being able to reassemble. The best materials to use are definitely foam bags, moving blankets, and bubble wraps. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use sturdy materials such as cardboard to secure the furniture even more. The same goes for packing antique objects. Use bubble wrap and pack them in a box, but use cushioning in between to avoid cracking.

How to load valuable art on the moving truck

Another important part of moving valuable art logistics is the loading. If you don’t place the boxes properly, there’s a huge chance of cracking and breakage. Don’t lay the items down. Instead, place them upright. Also, don’t put anything on top of the boxes. Pay attention to put the boxes in a place where they can’t be smashed. Most importantly, load valuable art last to avoid being squashed. When loading antiques, especially furniture, make sure there are enough people to carry them.

A professional mover with boxes
There’s no successful relocation without assistance


Moving valuable arts to another state is easier when hiring professional movers. There’s no relocation without proper preparation. That’s why it’s important to find a reliable moving company that will provide you with efficient logistics. If you are not sure whom to hire, don’t worry. Check art movers near me and hire the best art movers to take care of your most valuable possessions. By hiring them, your relocation will be successful and stress-free. Enjoy the move.