A simple guide to relocating a dental practice in Pompano Beach

If you have a dental practice located in Pompano Beach you might want to move to another location. Whether you need more space or the new location seems better for business, relocating a dental practice in Pompano Beach can be an overwhelming task. You will need white glove packing to move sensitive equipment to a new location and good planning. These tips for moving your dental practice in Pompano Beach will help you plan your relocation.

Planning the relocation

There are lots of good reasons to relocate a dental practice to a new location. During the years, the real estate values or demographics in the current location might’ve changed in a way that is not in your favor anymore. Relocation a dental practice in Pompano Beach can be a good idea if you are a pediatric dentist but your patients are now mostly retirees. Other reasons include reduced traffic. New equipment becomes due to technological advancements which means it will need larger space to accommodate it. After you’ve found a location that fits your needs, you will have to create a detailed plan for the move. 

planning a dental practice relocation in Pompano Beach
It’s important to have a good plan before relocating your dental office in Pompano Beach.

Prepare a detailed plan for relocating your dental office to Pompano Beach

Before relocating a dental practice in Pompano Beach, create a diagram of the new space. This will decide where important equipment will be positioned. The new practice space might need renovations to be well-suited to your dental practice. For this reason, it’s a good idea to schedule the relocation with Pro Movers Miami well in advance, about 6 months ahead of time. This will give you enough time to prepare everything before the moving day. Before moving and packing, take a full inventory of your equipment, furniture, and any other items you may have in your dental practice. Also, if you need to buy any new equipment or items for the new dental practice, it’s a good idea to do it before the moving day.

Preparing the new space

Before commercial movers Miami relocates everything into your new office, check to see if everything is in working order, especially your equipment. Working security systems, outlets, lighting, cooling, and central heating is very important. Additionally, you will also need to arrange a new phone number. Around 2 months before the moving day, let your postal service about the address change. Don’t forget to change your address on the Google My Business page, website, business cards, and stationary.

Dental clinic
Prepare the new office by making sure everything is working in order.

Let your patients know about the relocation

When you are getting closer to the relocation date and looking for movers Pompano Beach FL, you will have to let your patients about your dental practice moving to a new location. Do this by sending them postcards or emails.