South Florida places to move to with teenagers

Moving with teenagers is quite a venture. However, considering a move to South Florida with teenagers may be the best option due to the wonderful variety of locations that cater to the energetic and diverse interests of young people. There are a lot of great South Florida places to move to with teens. Areas like Boca Raton, with its excellent schools and family-friendly neighborhoods, and Fort Lauderdale, known for its lively arts scene and beautiful beaches, are top picks. Teenagers can also enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of Miami. Coral Springs is another excellent option. To ease your move, check out moving companies Florida offers specializing in family relocations, ensuring a smooth transition to this sun-soaked paradise.

a teenager with a luggage
Teenagers mostly find relocation difficult to accept.

How to help your teenagers adapt to the relocation

Adapting teenagers to the idea of moving can be a challenge, but open communication is the way. Talk to them about the move as soon as possible, giving them time to process the change. Listen to their concerns and involve them in the moving process, allowing them to make some decisions, like decorating their new room. Highlight the positives of the new location, such as exciting places to explore or opportunities to make new friends. Besides, keeping a routine can also help ease the transition. Encourage them to stay in touch with old friends while being open to new relationships.

Remember, local movers Florida from Pro Movers Miami will deal with the relocation tasks so you can focus on youreslf and your teenagers. This will give you more time to support them emotionally during this important change. Remember, adapting takes time and patience, but your support allows your teenagers to adjust to the new environment.

How to choose where to move

Since relocation is a huge change in your and your children’s lives, location plays a main role in how children, especially teenagers, will adapt. If you don’t have to move to a specific location due to your job, for example, then take your time to consider various options. Wonder where to start? Well. Do your research by areas. First, consider Miami-Dade County. Next, explore Broward or Volusia County. After that, check location by location. However, besides the location and environment, you should also consider your lifestyle, living expenses, and the job market. All these factors will determine which South Florida area to choose.

Luckily, you won’t have to explore your options alone. We’ve made a guide to give you the main insight into the best South Florida places to move to with teenagers. And after making the choice, don’t hesitate to use our moving services Miami residents rely on for any type of move, whether local or long distance.

teenagers using a laptop
Many factors will affect your decision to move with teenagers.

Best  Miami-Dade places to move to with teenagers

  1. Miami
  2. Miami Beach
  3. Coral Gables
  4. Doral

Reasons to move to Miami with teenagers

Yes, Miami is always a good option. And many factors speak in favor of moving to Miami with teenagers. After considering the following, you’ll probably immediately decide to move here and hire some of the best local movers Miami offers.

  • Educational opportunities: Miami has many top-rated schools, such as Coral Reef Senior High School, which offers a unique learning environment.
  • Rich cultural scene: Miami’s diverse culture, heavily influenced by Cuban and Haitian communities, enriches daily life. This diversity is reflected in the city’s food, music, art, and local businesses, offering a unique opportunity for teenagers to experience a blend of cultures.
  • Year-round warm climate: Miami’s warm and sunny climate throughout the year is a significant draw. This weather allows for continuous enjoyment of outdoor activities, which is a considerable advantage for those moving from colder regions.

Miami Beach

For several compelling reasons, Miami Beach is one of the best places in South Florida to move to with teenagers. First of all, Miami Beach offers the safety that goes with gated communities. The neighborhoods are family-friendly – areas such as La Gorce, Sunset Islands, and Nautilus are highly sought after. They offer a combination of quiet streets, safety, and proximity to parks, beaches, and schools. These neighborhoods provide a supportive environment for family life and children’s growth. When it comes to education, check out the following schools: North Beach Elementary School, Mater Academy at Mount Sinai, North Beach Elementary School, Biscayne Elementary School, and many others. Overall, the city’s location provides easy access to beaches and a variety of outdoor activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for teenagers. ​Thus, hire movers Miami Beach has, and move to this amazing place with no stress.

teenagers riding a bike in Miami beach, one of the best South Florida places to move to with teenagers.
Miami Beach offers a healthy environment for your family.

Coral Gables is a perfect match

Coral Gables is an excellent choice for families with teenagers, offering a blend of safety, education, and lifestyle benefits:

  • Peaceful Community: Coral Gables provides a serene environment, ideal for families seeking a calm atmosphere. It offers family-friendly activities throughout the city without the bustling nightlife of areas like South Beach​.
  • Safety: It is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Miami area, with crime rates 44% lower than many U.S. cities. The community has seen a significant decrease in crime, making it a secure place for families​​.
  • Outdoor and recreational activities: The city is close to golf courses and parks and offers various activities like biking, tennis, and boating. Attractions like the Venetian Pool and Matheson Hammock Park provide ample opportunities for family enjoyment​.
  • Educational excellence: Coral Gables is home to top-rated educational institutions, both private and public. These schools perform above the national average, offering a strong academic foundation along with diverse extracurricular and athletic programs​​​​.

These features make Coral Gables an attractive location for families with teenagers, offering a balanced environment that supports education, safety, and a high quality of life. ​​Therefore, contact one of the best moving companies Coral Gables offers and move here like a pro.

Consider moving to Doral with teenagers

Considering a move to Doral with teenagers is a fantastic choice due to its excellent schools and vibrant community activities. Doral Academy Charter High School is highly regarded, offering a robust academic program and a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports and arts programs. Another top school, Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Senior High School, provides strong academic and extracurricular programs, ensuring a well-rounded education​.

For after-school activities, Doral offers many options. The Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy allows students to explore their creative interests through music, theater, and dance programs. Additionally, local parks and recreational facilities offer sports leagues, fitness programs, and community events, ensuring that teenagers have ample opportunities to stay active and engaged. If your teenagers find Doral appealing, don’t wait long. Hire moving companies Doral offers and move without any stress.

Broward County places to move to with teenagers

  1. Hallandale Beach
  2. Plantation, FL
  3. Pompano Beach
  4. Hollywood
a couple searching the internet for the best places in SOuth Florida to move to with teenagers.
take your time to research all the places.

Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach is an ideal place for families with teenagers, offering excellent educational opportunities with top-rated schools like Somerset Arts Conservatory, Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory School, Coral Springs Charter School, and Atlantic Technical High School. These institutions provide a strong academic foundation and a variety of extracurricular activities. The area’s rich cultural diversity creates a welcoming and dynamic environment enhanced by a variety of cuisines. Teenagers will enjoy the beautiful beaches, numerous water sports, and biking opportunities. Entertainment options include Gulfstream Park and Aventura Mall, providing shopping, dining, and recreational activities. For families planning to move, local moving companies in Hallandale Beach offer convenient relocation services, supporting a seamless transition to this vibrant and engaging community.

Plantation, FL, is one of the best South Florida places to move to with teenagers

The plantation is one of the top choices for families with teenagers. It offers an urban-suburban mix feel, which is ideal for families looking for a diverse living experience. Besides, the city’s public schools allocate $9,109 per student, with a teacher-to-student ratio of about 17.3, providing a conducive learning environment. Specifically, Plantation is home to American Heritage Schools, Broward Campus, ranked as the #3 Best Private High School in Florida, offering a wide range of pre-professional tracks and extracurricular activities, which include debate, robotics, model UN, and more, fostering a comprehensive educational experience.

The cost of living in Plantation is 17% higher than the national average, with a median home value of $343,000, which is 49% higher than the national average. Despite the higher cost of living, the median household income in Plantation is $75,780, 12% higher than the national average, somewhat offsetting the higher living expenses. Additionally, the poverty rate in Plantation is only 8.5%, significantly lower than the national average, indicating a relatively stable economic environment for families. So, book moving companies Plantation Florida offers and ensure a safe relocation.

Pompano Beach

Before hiring moving companies Pompano Beach FL, let us introduce it. Pompano Beach offers a unique and engaging lifestyle for teenagers, although its educational outcomes appear to be somewhat mixed. The city’s outdoor-centric lifestyle is a major draw, with over 50 parks and miles of pristine beaches. It’s a place where residents, including teenagers, can enjoy various activities, from tennis, basketball, and walking trails at Pompano Community Park to more serene experiences at Harbour’s Edge Park. All in all, such settings are ideal for fostering an active and healthy lifestyle.

Teenagers browsing on a laptop
Your teenagers will love Pompano Beach.

However, the education statistics indicate some challenges. Public high schools in Pompano Beach have an average math proficiency score of 32% and a reading proficiency score of 54%, which is lower than the Florida average. The schools rank in the bottom 50% of Florida public high schools, with a graduation rate of 87%, slightly below the state average. The top-ranked public high schools in the city are Broward Virtual Franchise, Pompano Beach High School, and Atlantic Technical College​. Minority enrollment in these schools is 75% of the student body, higher than the state average.

South Florida places to move to with teenagers: Hollywood

Hollywood, FL, is an excellent place to move to with teenagers. Namely, the city offers a variety of benefits that cater specifically to families. One of the main advantages is the quality of education, with several top-rated schools available. Neighborhoods like North Beach and Hollywood Hills are known for their safety and high quality of life, making them popular choices for families. Hollywood also provides a wealth of recreational activities that teenagers will enjoy. The Hollywood Broadwalk is a scenic waterfront area perfect for walking, jogging, and cycling. It’s a hub of activity with local eateries and entertainment options. Additionally, the city offers beautiful beaches, parks, and facilities for water sports, which are ideal for keeping teenagers active and engaged.

Hollywood, FL, is an excellent place for families with teenagers due to its variety of quality schools. Sheridan Technical High School and McFatter Technical High School are renowned for their strong technical programs and academic rigor. Hollywood Hills High School, a magnet school, offers specialized programs and diverse extracurricular activities. For private education, Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory and Sheridan Hills Christian School provide robust college preparatory curriculums and comprehensive education. So, hire moving companies Hollywood FL and move in no time.

a family about to relocate
Engage your teenagers in the moving process.

Which place to choose?

Now that you’ve become familiar with the best South Florida places to move to with teenagers, it may be time to make a decision. Get to compare these places with other places on your list. By the way, take into consideration the factors such as the cost of living, safety, education options, and real estate costs. Then, if possible, visit each of these places to experience the feel.

A recap of South Florida places to move to with teenagers

Relocating to South Florida with teenagers can be a rewarding experience, offering a blend of educational opportunities, outdoor activities, and cultural richness. So, here’s a mini guide to help you navigate the best places in South Florida for families with teens:

  1. Boca Raton: Known for its top-rated schools and safe, family-friendly neighborhoods. It’s an excellent choice for families prioritizing education and community.
  2. Fort Lauderdale: Offers a vibrant arts scene and beautiful beaches, perfect for culturally inclined families and beach enthusiasts.
  3. Miami: Known for its diverse culture and dynamic atmosphere, Miami is ideal for families looking for a lively urban experience.
  4. Coral Springs: Offers a suburban feel with good schools and ample recreational activities, suitable for families seeking a quieter environment.
  5. Hallandale Beach: Provides excellent educational opportunities with top-rated schools and a rich cultural diversity, coupled with beautiful beaches and entertainment options.
  6. Plantation, FL: An urban-suburban mix with strong public schools and a relatively higher cost of living, but offset by a higher median household income.
  7. Pompano Beach: Offers an active outdoor lifestyle with numerous parks and beaches, though educational outcomes are mixed.

A quick relocation guide for moving with teenagers

Involve your teens in the decision-making process; this helps them feel more in control and reduces anxiety. Research the new area together, focusing on schools, recreational activities, and social opportunities. Ensure their school records are transferred and they are enrolled in extracurricular activities to maintain a sense of normalcy and continuity. Pack a separate essentials bag for each teen, including their favorite items and necessities for the first few days. Then, on a moving day, assign them specific tasks to keep them engaged. Finally, once settled, explore the new neighborhood together, visiting local parks, shopping areas, and community centers to help them acclimate quickly.

movers making cardboard boxes
Schedule our movers South Florida residents love and move like a pro

Move with Pro Movers Miami to some of the best South FL places for teenagers

Looking for the perfect South Florida place to move to with your teenagers? Choose Pro Movers Miami for a seamless relocation experience. Our expert team understands the unique needs of families, ensuring a smooth transition to South Florida communities ideal for teenagers. From the educational excellence of Boca Raton to the cultural richness of Miami, and the serene suburbs of Coral Springs, we’ve got you covered. Let Pro Movers Miami handle your moving needs so you can focus on settling into your new home in one of South Florida’s best places for families with teens. Contact us today and take the first step towards your exciting new life in South Florida!


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