Should you trust moving reviews when moving your valuables?

Valuable items are not just valuable in money. How much time have you spent searching for the right items to buy? You spend hours and hours researching, and then there is the price that you have worked hard to pay for. A large plasma TV is not just a TV, it is something you enjoy watching with your entire family. You use your laptop for business-related things, and you do not want to see it get damaged. So, the real question before the relocation is whether you should trust moving reviews when it comes to moving your valuable items. That is why we will show you where and how to read moving reviews and avoid any possible scam and move to Miami without any damaged item.

Where can you find moving reviews?

Of course, you can find some moving reviews on the website of the moving company you want to hire. However, there are specialized websites with large databases of not only moving reviews but also complaints and much more. We can recommend a couple of sites where you can find out all that you want to know about your moving company:

  • – This site offers 5-star review ratings for both local and long-distance companies. You can simply select the state you are from and the city where you live, and you will be able to find out more information about your moving company.
  • Better Business Bureau – Here you can find moving reviews for thousands of moving companies. They are rated from A to F, F being the lowest rating they can get. The company is rated based on the number of complaints, as well as their outcomes, and other factors. On BBB`s site, you can create a clear image of how trustworthy your moving company is.
the word Fake written in red letters on a white surface
Learn how to recognize fake moving reviews and you will be able to take advantage of it.

Trust moving reviews, only if they are not fake ones

When you ask yourself whether or not you should trust moving reviews, the real trick is to learn how to recognize the fake ones. Luckily, it is really simple to recognize them as they show up in patterns. Pro Movers Miami have excellent reviews for example, and they are in no case fake ones. Let us see how to distinguish between fake and real online moving reviews easily.

  • Everything is perfect – When you sit down to write a moving review after a successful relocation, you would normally write a couple of sentences in a normal way. Fake moving reviews can be spotted easily when everything is so perfect, and unbelievably great, that you actually do not believe it.
  • Frequent name usage – A moving company crew will normally not introduce themselves, instead they will begin with their work as soon as they arrive. If you see that a moving review contains sentences such as Mike did a wonderful job with the closets, or John carried the boxes in a great way, you are looking at a fake review.
  • Everything was really bad – A fake moving review can go in the opposite direction and undermine the moving company`s reputation, as virtually anyone can write a moving review. Check if there are a lot of positive reviews on-site. The ones that are focused on detailing the negative things, you can dismiss that review as a fake one.
two female friends talking top each other with a cup of cofee in their hands discussing whether to trust moving reviews
You should always trust moving reviews if they come from a reputable site. Listen to your close friends and relatives who have recently moved as well.

Another great way to distinguish between fake and real moving reviews is to simply listen to your gut. After reading a review, if something does not feel right, you are dealing with a scam writer. So, in that case, you should just dismiss the moving reviews that seem off.

Recommendations from friends – great moving reviews

Moving reviews do not have to be written online in order to exist. The best reviews are those you can get from people who used the services of the moving companies. Speak to a relative or close friend who has recently moved. You should definitely trust moving reviews of that sort. Ask them how did the moving crew handle the mishaps, and accidents during the relocation. Furthermore, ask them what was their experience with storage units Miami, and other aspects of their relocation process. Their words will be the most valuable ones, as you know they are truthful.

Other features of a reliable moving company

You should trust moving reviews if they are not fake and if they come from a reliable source such as reputable sites. However, moving reviews should never be the only thing you check before hiring a moving company. Here is what you should pay your attention when searching for a reputable moving company:

  • US DOT number – Ask your moving company to provide you with their US DOT number, so that you can check the company on the FMCSA site. Here you will be able to see if your company is licensed for the job they are performing and much more.
  • Free moving quote – You should get a free in-house estimate of moving costs before you hire a moving company. If they offer only an over-the-phone estimate, you may be dealing with rogue movers, and it is better to move on.
  • Compare moving companies – It is very important not to pick the first moving company that seems okay. A moving company should provide the services that fit the needs of your relocation. And all of that should be at an affordable price. So, compare at least three moving quotes before finally hiring the right one.
a person writing on a laptop
Search the Internet for the company`s USDOT number, and compare several moving companies before choosing one.

A question of whether or not to trust moving reviews have been answered. Beware of the fake moving reviews, and search the reviews on reputable sites. And always compare at least three moving companies before you decide which one will handle your valuables. Good luck!