Should you hire cheap interstate movers?

When moving long distance, one is faced with an important decision: whether to venture into a DIY relocation or hire professional movers. What’s more, that’s not the only choice that awaits in this endeavor. If a moving company is your pick, should you hire cheap interstate movers or the ones on the pricier side? The following text will address both of these questions in an adequate fashion. Such an effort ought to assist you in making your final decision and initiate this journey in a way that ultimately suits you the best.

DIY relocation versus hiring a moving company

You will find an answer to this question in your wallet. Namely, the main motif behind your choice lays in the extent of your budget. Of course, it’s always easier to let someone else take care of all the work. Especially when it’s rather safe to say that people who are doing the work (professional movers in this case), will almost unequivocally do a better job. All that aside, say that you have enough money, but simply do not want to spend a certain amount if it’s, bluntly put, not worth it. How would you recognize the necessity of the service a moving company provides? We think it’s best to compare the main pros and cons of both the DIY and a moving company move, to see what corresponds with your needs best.

A wallet on a wooden surface.
The one that has all the answers. Well, maybe not all, but most of them… Especially when you are thinking if you should hire cheap interstate movers.

Pros of a DIY move

  • The utter control of your move. When opting for a diy move, you are choosing to be in control of the whole process. You are on your time. If you have a couple of days of bad weather at hand, you can postpone the move. Any change, be it small or big, is up to you. What’s more, you get to choose the truck and all of the moving supplies. In addition, you also responsible for handling all the boxes and ensuring that nothing breaks in the process.
  • Saving money. A tight budget means you are probably not in the situation to splurge. Even if you are conducting a simple next-door move, expenses of hiring a moving company can quickly add up and cause quite the headache. On the other hand, a diy move will cost you only the expenses of packing material and a moving truck. However, even that sum can be brought down if you have friends who are ready to help with their vehicles.

Cons of a DIY move

  • Heavy lifting. All interstate moving companies Miami that are worth looking into have the adequate gear necessary for a safe relocation. Should you hire cheap interstate movers, you won’t have to worry about inflicting damage to your back, nor your furniture. It’s also important noting that not all people are capable of lifting heavy loads, and cannot carry out a move without a pair of helping hands.
  • Handling of unexpected problems. When moving your whole household, may problems can arise. If your couch gets stuck in the door, you are in for a world of troubles. While professional movers using their adequate tools could solve that situation in a matter of moments, you will end up wasting hours trying to fix the situation.
A man doing a squat with a heavy load.
If you are not ready for heavy lifting, you should probably opt out of a DIY move.

Pros of hiring a moving company

  • Pure efficiency. While moving to another state can take too much of your time, especially if you are inexperienced in the matter, long distance Miami movers will be able to have it done in record time. And it’s not just the experience that makes the difference. They are under contract to assist with all agreed upon aspects of the move. So, unlike your friend who was supposed to arrive two hours ago to help with the loading, the moving company has to show up on time.
  • Less stressful. Simply put, hiring movers will save you from many of the common moving day tension, anxiety and nervousness. You will spare yourself many worries, such as properly packing special items, maneuvering a giant moving truck, and so on.

Cons of hiring a moving company

  • Less flexibility. By hiring a moving company, you limit your own control over the move. You have to agree upon many aspects of your move upon in advance, without the possibility of altercations in the future. For those who like to be in complete control, this can present itself as an issue.
  • It costs money. American Moving and Storage Association has calculated the average cost of an interstate household move. It turned out to be $2,300 for 4 movers at $200 per hour. Should you hire cheap interstate movers, the price can be lessened, but it will still have a toll on your finances.
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Hiring movers means you can no longer work only on your time.

 Should you hire cheap interstate movers as opposed to more expensive ones?

The answer to this question highly depends on the service they offer. Say that you are comparing a reputable moving company with some movers who are fairly new in the business. For an undertaking as serious as an interstate move, we suggest that you hire someone you can trust. Moving a whole household to a different state comes with many responsibilities. In addition, it’s safe to say that you want to avoid any unpleasantries and surprises during the process. Hiring a trustworthy company takes precedence over insignificant price differences. However, that is not to say that quality companies are unavoidably expensive. It’s just that you cannot allow to be seduced by extremely low prices. So, instead of cutting down the price by choosing a shady company, rather opt for movers who have a good reputation. You don’t have to hire them for all the services that they offer. You can acquire packing material yourself, and do the packing on your own. Let them do the transfer and unloading of your belongings. This will ensure that the most important part of the move is done correctly. To sum up, should you hire cheap interstate movers, make sure that they are trustworthy individuals who have experience in the matter. Other than that, safe travels!