Tips for finding reliable art handlers in Florida

Moving a couch is not the same as moving that pricey replica of Pieta you got from your Vatican City visit. Besides differing by the sheer number of corners each possesses, the value also plays a role. Even if we disregard the size and fragility, you are still left with all the problems the transport can carry. So, if you want to be smart about this, it would be best to hire some professionals to handle your precious belongings. But, how does one go about finding reliable art handlers in Florida? Why by following the simple guidelines that are in the text in front of you.

Statues of the three wise monkeys
We have no doubt that sculptures like these would pose no issue for you to transport. However, with bigger pieces, it’s best that you hire reliable art handlers in Florida.

What does a reliable art handler make?

In order to recognize trustworthy art handlers in Florida, you must first know the makings of them. Now, finding them will be not as easy as finding long distance movers in Miami, but there are certain signs you can rely on.

Packaging can tell a lot

The reason you are hiring help regarding your art transportation is the safety measures the professionals utilize. The huge part of this undertaking is packaging the items in question into proper boxes. Every reliable, professional and experienced art handler will show up with special boxes designed for protecting and transporting art. As for the artwork, special traveling frames, collars and non-abrasive materials meant for packing come into play. Knowing that packing services are one of the main reasons for the hiring of professionals, it is of utmost importance that you find someone you can trust.

A proper storage unit is a must

Special conditions for transporting and storing are the main differentiators between your normal item and an artwork. All reliable and reputable art handlers in Florida ought to have a storage unit designated and designed especially for art. Safely keeping fragile paintings and sculptures should be their main purpose. One of the most important features of a quality storage unit is a good ventilation system that prevents any moisture from lingering. A reliable fire preventing system is also a necessity. However, elements such as water and fire are not the only concern. When you have a room filled with pricey goods, theft is likely to happen. That is why the storage unit needs to be equipped with the latest anti-theft system. Special kind of locks, doors and CCTV cameras should all keeping your belongings safe.

The way of preparation

All art handlers in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, ought to ask for the detailed description of the items you want to be moved. It’s important that both sides are aware of the condition of the artwork prior to the move. That way, both of you are safe from additional responsibilities and faults. The report should contain the precise condition and every special treatment any item might need. This is a way of ensuring your belongings will be handled and packed with the proper care.

A sculpture of a man holding his head
Avoid headaches by being honest and straightforward with your art handler.

An adequate way of packing is what separates reliable art handlers in Florida from disastrous ones

The way experienced art handlers will pack your belongings will be a definite shower of their expertise. When done properly, packing artwork takes time and a great amount of care. So, it is very important that the people doing the packing know how delicate the piece is. Certain items can require special wrapping materials and supporting structures. Paintings and other 2D art, for example, is best transported by being strapped firmly in the truck, while being covered with cardboard.

Get familiarized with their methods

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the company you want to hire, do not restrain from inquiring about any intricacy that concerns you. Placement of the item you plan on transporting, for one, can be a rather tricky trait. Whether the piece is hung on a wall, installed in an exhibit, or mounted in the middle of a foyer can greatly affect the manpower and equipment needed to move it. Some artwork might need rigging and/or a crane. Other can be located on the 12th floor of an old building with tight corridors and no elevator whatsoever. This means that the movers will need to operate through a window. The point is, things can get quite difficult without you even realizing beforehand. Have a thorough chat with the movers who will handle your art and see that every point is well articulated.

Where to get recommendations?

Lastly, a spoken word and a first-hand experience are of great value. If you want an honest and reliable recommendation, head straight to a museum or an art gallery. Ask what movers are the best choice. We are sure that most of them will be more than happy to share their opinion and provide valuable advice. All reliable art handlers in Florida will be rich with experience. However, this doesn’t mean that a regular moving company cannot do the job just as well. If you deem your art not to hard to handle, opt for movers that are already reliable as it is. Just make sure to go into detail and double check that they can indeed handle your belongings. They should have the latest technology and methods of art handling.

A girl sitting in front of three renaissance pictures in a gallery.
We are pretty sure that this is not the place where these pictures originated from. Someone had to move them. Find out who and how much they charge.

If, on the other hand, you plan on moving a gallery, see that you hire movers that are experts in art handling. This is by far the best way of ensuring your items will arrive on time and in meticulous condition. Following these signs of reliable art handlers will help you find the experts you need.