Should I hire movers when moving out of state for college?

The big news finally came, you got into the college of your dream. There isn’t a happier person in the world right now than you. However, before you start enjoying your college life, you first need to move there. Now, there is one big dilemma when it comes to moving to college. You are also wondering if you should move alone or with a moving company. Well, it is always a better option to have Pro Movers Miami help you. However, most people think that moving to college is not actually a relocation and that it will be much cheaper to do a DIY move. There is a little bit of truth in this statement as it’s not the same moving just one kid to college and the whole family. But a move is still a move, so you should hire movers when moving out of state for college.

Do you need to hire movers when moving out of state for college?

The challenge of moving to college is usually the distance. Most young people decide to attend college far away from their homes, usually in different states or even cross-country. Additionally, this is the first time most kids are moving from their parents, so they want to have their whole room with them. For this reason, it won’t be easy to relocate a whole room to another state with just your car. Even if you rent a moving truck, you still need to know how to pack your belongings properly and load them in the correct way. Therefore, you should simply hire one of the interstate moving companies Miami to avoid unnecessary complications and doubt. Additionally, there are many other advantages of working with a moving company such as the following:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficiency
  • Stress-free relocation
  • Less chance of moving mistakes and injuries
  • Experience and knowledge
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Going to college is a dream come true for many young people

A DIY isn’t always a cheaper version

It’s true that moving services are not exactly cheap. However, not everything is in money. For example, if you decide to do a DIY move, you will need to get packing supplies, pack your belongings yourself, and other hundred-and-one tasks. You will still spend money, and your free time, and be stressed all the time. Sure, you will save some money, but only if everything goes as planned and without problems. Another option is to pay a moving company and don’t worry about anything. Also, you don’t have to hire the most expensive moving company in your city. There is an unwritten rule that you should always contact at least three moving companies and ask for moving quotes Miami. One of these three moving companies will offer you the cheapest moving quote and you can then hire that one if you want to save money.

Working with a moving company equals a stress-free relocation

Moving to college is the happiest experience in everyone’s life. For this reason, it shouldn’t start with stressful relocation where everyone in your family already argued numerous times. Instead, you should hire residential movers Miami not just for their professionalism, but also for peace in your home. Generally speaking, hiring movers relieves you of a lot of the typical moving-day stresses. Packing is the first stressful task to complete during moving preparation. Luckily, you can’t move a lot of items to a college dorm. Also, even if you rent an apartment, these apartments are usually small or you share an apartment with roommates. But, even if you are moving a couple of your items, they should be properly packed. The next stressful thing is driving a moving truck. Driving a moving truck is notoriously difficult and demanding, so you should let professional movers drive it.

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You shouldn’t start your college years with a stressful relocation

Moving mistakes and injuries are not harmless

It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes when you are doing something that you are not familiar with. It’s not a huge problem if you rip one of your t-shirts or damage some book. However, not all mistakes can be fixed with a simple thread and needle. Moving mistakes can cost you a lot of money when you damage a computer or a TV during relocation. Additionally, if you don’t load a moving truck properly, all your items can end up damaged during transport. So, your DIY move might end up being even more expensive than the moving services after you replace and repair everything. Another problem is injuries. Moving injuries are not harmless and they can be very serious that require medical help. The most common injury is back pain because of not using the proper lifting technique.

You don’t have to choose the most expensive moving service

If you don’t want to do a DIY move completely or pay for a full-moving service, you can always combine these two. For example, get your own packing supplies, but let professional movers pack your items. Another option is that you rent a moving truck, but movers load and unload your items. It’s actually a win-win situation. Local relocation typically costs $1,200, whereas long-distance moves cost up to $5,000 on average depending on the size of your items. For this reason, you can do a portion of your relocation as a DIY rather than hiring a full-service moving company. Leave more challenging parts of relocation to professional movers. Also, choose carefully your moving date as the first weekends in the month are usually the busiest. For this reason, plan your relocation and book your professional movers in advance.

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Hire movers when moving out of state for college to pack your belongings

How to make a decision?

It’s always a better option to hire movers when moving out of state for college. If you can’t get a full-moving service, you can combine a DIY move and move with professional movers. Decide what is the most problematic task to complete for you and leave it to a professional mover while you do the rest. Also, there is always an option to ask your friends and family to help you with some parts of relocation. No matter which option you choose, you will make it to your college this year.