Safety measures when relocating a grand piano to Hibiscus Island

Moving a piano takes lots of planning due to its fragility, size, and expense. Most people hire professional movers to transport their pianos because it seems like a hard task. If you have a piano and you need help relocating to Hibiscus Island, we highly recommend that you hire piano movers Miami to do the job. However, if you decide to do a DIY, it’s a doable job with the right tools and patience depending on your manpower and moving budget. Read on this article and find out about safety measures when relocating a grand piano to Hibiscus Island.

Ensure safety

When it comes to moving any heavy item, it’s important you put the safety of yourself and the people helping you with relocating a grand piano to Hibiscus Island. Always wear closed-toe shoes when moving heavy items. Tennis shoes or work boots are best— both will protect your feet and also give you better traction when moving heavy items.

Man holding a safety helmet
It’s very important to ensure safety while relocating a grand piano to Hibiscus Island.

Communicate with your team! You need help from a couple of people to move a piano. One person needs to be the leader, telling everyone where to move and when to lift. Make sure everyone communicates their needs. It’s better to stop and put down the piano together than to have someone drop it because of muscle fatigue. This is where people will get hurt and the piano will get damaged.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Purchase or rent some heavy-duty straps that can provide a better hold on the piano itself. Pro Movers Miami recommends using a furniture dolly, one that can support the weight of the piano. You can also use straps to secure the piano to the dolly. If in doubt, you can talk to a moving supply center; they’ll direct you to the right tools and make suggestions depending on the type of piano you’ll be moving. You’ll also need to purchase some padding or blankets to protect the piano from bumps. This is also going to help protect walls from scrapes and cracks.

Getting the right clothing

It might doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you’re moving a heavy and awkward item like a piano, a pair of wrong shoes or baggy pants can make a huge difference. Don’t wear clothes that can get caught on the instrument while you’re moving it. Also, make sure you’re wearing the most slip-proof pair of shoes you own. A wrong step can cause a dangerous accident—you don’t want to take any risks.

Measure all staircases, doorways, and hallways

When taking the DIY route, movers Hibiscus Island suggest planning the details of the move in advance so you make the overall process easier. The last thing you wanna do is enlist help, buy the needed supplies, and lift the piano…only to find out it’s not gonna fit through the doorway. Set out the moving route and consider which rooms the piano needs to pass through. Measure the piano’s dimensions and write them down. After that, measure doorways, hallways, and staircases to make sure there is enough clearance. It might be necessary to take doors off their hinges. Using these measurements, you can determine how you need to orientate the piano to fit through your home.

Measuring a hallway for relocating a grand piano
Make sure you measure your doors and hallways before you start moving the piano.

Protect the keyboard lid

First, close and lock the keyboard lid to prevent it from opening while you’re moving the piano. The keys are fragile which means they need to be protected. If the keyboard lid doesn’t lock, you need to make sure that when you wrap the piano the keyboard lid is closed. Don’t use tape to keep the lid closed because this is going to damage the wood surface.

Securing the piano in the truck

You should put the piano at the back of the moving truck, next to the back wall – the wall that separates the truck’s interior cab from the space in the back. High end moving company suggests using wood planks to ensure a level flooring for the piano since most truck spaces are not level. This helps with relieving pressure on the casters and piano legs which are going to strain to stabilize during the move. If you’re using planks, lay them along the back wall.

Moving the piano into its new space, and reassembling any pieces if needed

You are basically going to have to reverse the moving-out process to move the piano into its new home. Determine where the piano is going to be and, like before, measure the doorways, hallways, and staircases that the piano is gonna have to pass through.

Slide the piano onto the dolly and wheel it as far as you can; then, your moving team can carry the piano into the home. Reassemble any legs you might have removed, take off the moving blankets, and assess for any damage. You don’t want to play the piano right away because pianos typically need tuning after they’re moved, and an untuned piano isn’t going to sound all that good.

Covered piano with blankets
After you’ve moved the piano to your home, reassemble it the way you disassembled it.


Relocating a grand piano to Hibiscus Island: The Conclusion

Moving companies Miami are the best option for relocating a grand piano to Hibiscus Island. They have the experience to properly wrap pianos in a way that is gonna prevent damage if something falls. Also, they have the teamwork that’s needed to move heavy items from your old home to the truck, and to your new home. They have experience in placing the piano securely in the truck and packing items cautiously around it to make sure it doesn’t shift during transport.