Relocate your business during global pandemic with ease

Although this is not the very first pandemic situation to hit the globe, it is certainly the one with the greatest impact. And the fact that it is currently undergoing is something that we need to take rather seriously. This does not mean that our lives must stop and that our dreams and obligations will cease to exist. On the contrary, this is the time where we need to show how competent we are to deal with the conditions that we are facing. You can still relocate your business during global pandemic with minimum impact, do not worry. Our office movers Miami will do everything in their power to assist you as effectively and safely as possible.

disinfection is important when you want to relocate your business during global pandemic. Bottles of disinfectant in person`s hands and a yellow surface
If you want to relocate your business during global pandemic, disinfect the items that you frequently touch.

Consult with your movers first about your business relocation

Perhaps you have scheduled your business move prior to the pandemic, or you need to move due to other reasons. No matter when you scheduled it if you need to move call your moving company to see what are their protocols having the virus in mind. You will be able to relocate your business during global pandemic with ease. But this is only if your movers and you are taking the precautionary measures.

We know that Coconut Grove movers are absolutely prepared for your move. Ask the movers whether it is possible to do an online assessment of the moving costs and services. Furthermore, ask them what precautionary measures have they taken to stop spreading the virus.

When you relocate your business during global pandemic, keep your employees up to date

Your business can have anywhere between two and a hundred employees, or much more. Each of them has family and bills to pay. In order to relocate your business during global pandemic with ease, we suggest that you keep your employees up to date with the decisions that you are making. No matter whether you are postponing the move or everything is going according to a plan. Many people have lost jobs in the past few weeks, but such panic can be avoided by straight communication between you and your employees.

Stay calm during the global pandemic

The most important thing that you can do when you want to relocate your business during global pandemic is to remain calm. Remember that you will successfully relocate your business, but being anxious all the time is by far the worst that you can do. If you are doing everything that you can to preserve your health and the health of your employees and movers, relax. Rest, and try to think about other things as well, listen to some music, or watch a comedy movie. This too shall pass and soon you will enjoy the view from your new office. When you choose the right movers in the state of emergency, your business relocation will go smoothly.

a man in a black and yellow hoodie wearing a face mask
Postpone the move if you are in a high-risk group and if you have any of the symptoms.

Postpone the relocation of your business during COVID-19 necessary

Sometimes, this is the only solution is to postpone the move. Assess the situation, and if you need to postpone the move, do it without any hesitation. Every problem is solved in the end, and so will this one be. If your moving company is not able to perform the move, or if the new offices are not available until further notice, postpone the move.

On the other hand, if you believe that the health of people involved with the move will be affected and that it is not possible to maintain all the precautionary measures, you should also postpone the move. Know that this is a pandemic situation. This means that the entire world is working on a solution, and soon you will be able to finish what you started.  

Finally, if you belong to a high-risk group of people, relocate your business some other time. A high-risk group involves people with respiratory issues, chronic diseases. It also includes people older than 60. Either you or your employees who belong to this group should not be involved in the movie itself.

If you are feeling symptoms, report it before relocating your business

This is the single most responsible thing that you can do while you are moving your business during COVID-19 pandemic situation. If you or any of your employees start experiencing cough, respiratory issues, or high fever, report it. The move can still be carried out, do not worry. But only without the person who is experiencing the symptoms. Also, ask your moving company whether people from the crew are experiencing symptoms.

What are precautionary measures that you can take when you relocate your business during global pandemic

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to protect the health of everyone involved with the move. The perks of hiring movers and packers in Florida are now greater than ever. And here is the list of precautionary measures that you can also find on the WHO site.

  • Wash your hands with soap and hot water as often as you can – If you are not able to do this, disinfect your hands with hand sanitizers and alcohol-based rubs.
  • Social distancing – At least 3 meters should be the distance between you and other people.
  • Don`t touch your eyes, mouth, and your nose – This is the easiest way to spread the infection if you touched the infected area somewhere in the office or on the way.

We recommend visiting the WHO site to obtain the newest information about the developments of the virus.

a view of the office with desks, laptops and one employee
You will be able to move your business successfully, just remember to remain calm in any situation.

During and after the relocation of your business

While you are moving your business to new facilities, make sure that you disinfect everything that you touch. All the surfaces must be disinfected with an alcohol-based cleaning supply. After you arrive to your destination, disinfect the whole place before you place the business equipment. Relocate your business during global pandemic with ease with our tips and tricks.