Reasons why people decide to leave Florida

There is no denying that Florida is a good place for living. Florida has many known benefits such as no state income tax and great weather that makes this state very popular for living and retiring. However, Florida is not without its flaws. People are moving out of Florida for many reasons. Some people are only moving with Miami moving and storage because they got a new job and not because of some disadvantages. Some are moving because of love or college. However, there are also a number of people who are moving out of Florida because it doesn’t suit their needs. Not everything is perfect in Florida and some things that looked great at first became the main reason why people decide to leave Florida. Therefore, here are a few examples of why Florida might not be the right place for you.

What are the reasons why people decide to leave Florida?

Florida is the third most populous state in the US and it has a population of over 21 million. Florida is ranking somewhere in the middle by its size in 22nd place. The most famous city would be Miami and the capital city is Tallahassee. People are constantly moving in and out of Florida with movers South Beach FL. Florida is not by any means a bad state for living. In fact, there are many benefits that make this state very attractive for visiting and living. However, you are not here to learn about the advantages of living in Florida. You are probably more interested in the reasons why someone decides to move out from Florida. Therefore, here are a few things that some people do not find pleasing about Florida:

  • Weather
  • Living costs
  • Tourists
  • Nature
  • Crime rates
picture of a beach on sunny day
People decide to leave Florida for various reasons such as weather, crime, large crowd, etc.

Weather is not always great in Florida

Well, Florida has a famous nickname that is closely related to its weather which is the “Sunshine State”. This sounds amazing and the weather is often listed as one of many benefits of moving to Florida with moving companies Miami Dade. However, most of Florida has a tropical climate which means long and very hot summers. Temperatures during summer are not that high as they range between 88 °F and 91 °F. But, its high humidity makes the Florida weather almost unbearable during summer. Additionally, there are periods when temperatures can be very high at 99 or 100 °F. Winters are mild but unfortunately very short. If you are not accumulated to hot weather, you will be in danger of heatstroke, dizziness, unconsciousness, and dehydration. You will need some time to adjust to this weather and you should avoid spending time outside.

Nature disasters are common in Florida

Hot temperatures and high humidity are not the only disadvantages of Florida weather. Luckily, you can easily find relief from high temperatures and humidity in pools, beaches, and air-conditioned. However, you won’t be able to find an easy solution for tornadoes and hurricanes. The hurricane season starts in June and lasts until November. Additionally, hurricanes are common in the period between August and October. So, if you are planning your move with interstate moving companies Miami, you should definitely avoid this period. Areas close to shores are more affected by hurricanes than other parts of Florida such as Southeast Florida, Key West, and the Florida Keys. Tornadoes are the most common during summer and spring. The most affected city is Tampa as it has about 5 tornadoes per year. Additionally, thunderstorms are sometimes a daily occurrence in Florida.

a picture of hurricane
Nature disasters are common in Florida

There are many bugs and insects in Florida

Hot temperatures and high humidity create perfect conditions for bugs to live and reproduce. No one likes bugs in any shape or form. The worst thing is that there is no bug season in Florida as bugs are active the whole year. For this reason, home pests are very common in Florida. While most of these pests can be very bothersome, many of them are not dangerous. However, some mosquitoes are carriers of serious diseases such as West Nile virus disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. For this reason, if you start experiencing nausea, headache, vomiting, muscle pain, joint pain, or rash after a mosquito bite, you should see a doctor. Snakes are also very common in Florida and you shouldn’t be surprised if they show up in your house. Luckily, only 6 types of snakes are venomous out of 44 snake species.

There are just too many tourists in Florida

Florida is the third most populous state in the US. If you add millions of tourists that visit Florida every year to the already existing population, you get too many people in a too-small place. Florida is a popular place for holidays as it has great weather almost the whole year and many beaches. If your work is not related to tourism, you will see tourists more as a nuisance than an advantage. Also, public transport in Florida is not good nor reliable. If you don’t own a car, you are in big problem. Also, crime rates are not ideal as Florida has problems with gangs, drugs, and crime in general. Miami has the highest crime rate in Florida. But, this fact doesn’t come as surprise as Miami metropolitan area has over 6 million residents.

tourists are the reason why people decide to leave Florida
Florida can be too crowded with high crime rates

Should you or should you not move to Florida?

The ideal place doesn’t exist. Every state has its pros and cons including Florida. As you can see there are good reasons why people decide to leave Florida. However, there are also good reasons why people are moving to Florida. So, the decision mostly depends on the person. Florida weather is great for someone while it can be unbearable for others. Additionally, some reasons for leaving Florida are not even connected with Florida’s lifestyle and weather. The most common reasons for moving are usually work-related, college, family, love, etc. So, don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t mention humidity or bugs as the reason for moving to some other place.