Pros and cons of moving from Miami to Plantation

Thinking of moving from Miami to Plantation? There are going to be both pros and cons, and you’re in for a tough decision. Both communities are quite popular in the moving industry, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding good and reliable movers for your relocation. But what’s with the local living costs? Or salaries? There are some differences, but as you will see – it can be quite difficult to decide. Just as many of the moving companies Miami know, Plantation beats Miami in quite a few areas. Depending on what kind of a city you want, that may, or may not, appeal to you personally. That’s why researching on your own is the best way to see whether you’d want to live in Plantation or not. In any case, it’s crucial to know all the facts.

What are the living costs and median home sale prices in both cities?

Beginning with Miami, you’ll find that the living costs here can get quite expensive. For example, a family of four estimated monthly costs sit at around $4300 without rent.  On the other hand, a single person estimated monthly costs are close to $1,200 monthly. Compared to the national average, Plantation’s overall cost of living is around 19% higher. This is mainly because Plantation homes are more expensive than the state average for Florida homes by roughly 42%. Although the cost of homes in surrounding areas like the Miami neighborhood is slightly greater, Plantation residents also tend to have higher incomes.

A woman doing gorcery shopping after moving from Miami to Plantation.
Check the local living costs to decide what’s the better city between the two.

In Plantation, the average cost of a home is a little under $575,000. Prospective residents have a variety of possibilities, both below and above this median, though. In contrast, the average sale price of a home in Miami last month was $509K, an increase of 14.3% from the previous year. Miami’s average sale price per square foot is $376, an increase of 11.6% from the previous year. Depending on what you’re looking foreither of the two cities can be a good option. Even though the prices are fluctuating, residential movers Miami has do offer great moving quotes that can make it up for the difference in prices. Think twice when deciding between Miami and Plantation.

Median salaries and general wealth to consider when moving from Miami to Plantation

Around $75,000 is the median household income in Plantation. This results in an annual growth rate of 1.17%. The median property value is about $343,000, and wages are rising steadily. Additionally, there is a rise in the labor force’s employed population. On the other side, Miami’s median household income, which is lower than Plantation’s, is about $44,000. However, there has been a growth of 13.4% over the previous year, indicating that it is swiftly catching up. In Miami, the average household owns a total of $344,000 in real estate.

A person holding several dollar bills.
Due to higher salaries, moving from Miami to Plantation seems like a great idea.

As you can see, people moving from Miami to Plantation tend to earn more there. That’s because of the higher paying jobs that you can find in the city, and due to its stronger economy. DHL (Express Head Office: United States), the University of Phoenix (South Florida Campus), and TradeStation are a few specific businesses with operations in Plantation. Along with two malls, the city also has golf and sports clubs. The city has many positive aspects, which is why it’s quite popular with people who want to leave Miami with the help of commercial movers Miami. This is one of the biggest pros of moving to Plantation, and you should definitely value it. Having more job opportunities is always a great thing to have.

Miami has much better education options than Plantation

The public schools of Broward County serve Plantation. One of Florida’s biggest concentrations of highly regarded public schools is found in Broward County. Somerset Academy Miramar South, Mcfatter Technical College Elementary School, and Atlantic Technical College Elementary School are the top-ranked public schools in Broward County. Unfortunately, no school from Plantation makes the list. Even though the county is known for excellent education opportunities in the state, Plantation schools can’t seem to compete with the other ones in the county. That’s why you should be extra careful when deciding where to move to in Plantation due to the school district.

A group of teenagers siting in front of a school in Miami.
Miami has much better education options, which is a big advantage of staying there instead of moving to Plantation.

Miami is home to some of the country’s best high schools, including Design and Architecture High School, which was named the best magnet school in the country, MAST Academy, Coral Reef High School, which was named the 20th best public high school in the country, Miami Palmetto High School, and the New World School of the Arts. It’s also one of the few public school districts in the country to provide optional bilingual education in Spanish, French, German, Haitian Creole, and Mandarin Chinese. There are several well-known Roman Catholic, Jewish, and non-denominational private schools in Miami. Actually, this is a very big pro for staying in Miami.

Deciding on whether or not you should be moving from Miami to Plantation

As you can see, we cannot say for certain which city is better. For example, if you’re looking to retire in Plantation, it might seem like a good option. If you don’t have kids, then Plantation’s education system won’t trouble you much. On the other hand, if you do have children and want a good education for them – stay in Miami. Thinking about such things is very important when deciding between the two. Moreover, the amount of money you may need to put into your relocation may vary. For example, due to the world popularity of Miami, it can be more expensive. However, that will also depend on what type of moving services do you hire. For example, white glove moving service can be notoriously expensive, albeit super useful if you actually need it. That’s why checking the costs of moving from Miami to Plantation is important.