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Pros and cons of living in Kendall, FL

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a good reason. Florida counts about 356 sunny days a year. And everyone knows that Florida is one of the favorite states to live in. If you searching for a perfect place to live, think about Kendall. Kendall is in Miami-Dade County and living in Kendall feels like living in an urban and at the same time suburban area. Most residents own their homes. If you find your perfect home and decide to move, Pro Movers Miami  can help you with that. But you need to know that Kendal like other places in Florida has its pros and cons. So, for that reason, you need to research all opportunities that this place offers you. And now, we will make it easy for you. In this story, you will see all pros and cons of living in Kendall, FL.

Welcome to Kendall, FL

Kendall is one of the most beautiful suburbs of Miami, where about 77,800 people live. So, at the very beginning, we told you that Florida is one of the favorite places, but also a very frequent choice for all those who decide to move. Also, it’s common knowledge that during the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of moves took place. Of the 8.9 million people who decided to move, 28% of them decided on Florida. In a conversation with moving companies Miami Dade, we came to the information that annually, Miami settles over 44,000 new residents. Also, based on the studies we researched, we came to the conclusion that Florida will gain 845 new residents per day in the next three years.

Girl thinking about living in Kendall, FL
If you are searching for a quieter place, think about living in Kendall, FL.

Since the beginning of 2020, the population in Kendal has grown from 75,312 to 77,228 inhabitants, which represents an increase of 2.54%. When we talk about the population of this suburb near Miami, it’s important to note that the largest percentage of residents are people 65+ (19%), and the younger generation between the ages of 24-35 (14%). Also, Kendall is one of the ideal places for all those who want to live a quieter life, a little further from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are thinking about living in this small town, think about all the pros and cons that we will introduce you to in the rest of this story.

Pros of living in Kendall, FL

There are many things that make this small town so special. And also, these benefits are one of the reasons why Kendall is one of the frequent choices of all those who plan to look for a new place to live. In a conversation with residential movers Miami, we get to know that the favorable housing market is one of the reasons why people settle in this place. That is why we will classify the favorable housing market as one of the pros of this place. The housing market in Kendall is very affordable. And the fact that 68% of people live in their own homes undermines this fact. House prices in Kendall are around $340,000, while rental prices are around $1,540.

Couple buying new home
The affordable housing market is one of the pros of Kendall and at the same time one of the reasons why people move here.

Affordable living is also one of the pros of living in Kendall, FL. The annual cost of living in this town will be around $34,870 including food costs, bills, rent, health insurance, and other needs. Also, another very important piece of information for you is that the annual salary in this city is about $72,330, which is more than the national average of $64,500.

Job opportunities in this city are average. In all of Miami, the unemployment rate is very low, around 4%, which means that Miami Dade county offers you good business opportunities. Here you have opportunities to work in small and large companies, catering, technology, etc. catering is one of the best small businesses. And if you open a restaurant or cafe, storage Miami is at your disposal. People use storage as their warehouses.

Climate, location, and fun are also some of the pros of living in Kendall

The climate is very diverse in Kendall. Temperatures during the summer, from June to August, can be very high. August is the warmest month. Compared to the rest of Florida, Kendall is slightly cooler at night during the winter and slightly warmer during the day during the summer. But at the same time, air conditioning can be one of the cons, because the air humidity can reach up to 90%. Also, there are 7 comfortable months with high temperatures, and the most pleasant months of the year for Kendal are March, February, and December. Miami is close to Kendall and you can enjoy as well in everything that Miami has to offer. And Miami is one of the places known for having a good time, isn’t it?

Beach in Miami
Since Miami is very close to Kendall, you won’t miss the beaches.

Kendall is located close to Miami as well as close to the beaches. Which is one of the pros of living in this town. And for that reason, you won’t miss the beaches, because they are only a few minutes’ drive away. Also, you won’t miss the nightlife because Kendall is located about 10 miles southwest of downtown Miami, which is the center of nightlife in Miami Dade County.

Where can you have a good time in Kendall?

What Kendall movers will tell you when you move, there are many activities waiting for you in this small town. Everyone loves fun, as well as quality time spent, right? And what this place is known for being one of the best malls in Miami. Therefore, the Dadeland shopping center is one of the biggest attractions in this town. This shopping center covers 1.4 million square meters and has as many as 180 stores. We believe that shopping lovers were delighted with this information. Also, in addition to the shops in this shopping center, there are also some of the best restaurants such as Texas de Brazil, Earls Kitchen + Bar, and CVI.CHE 105.

Also, in addition to this shopping center, Kendall has many other attractions for the whole family. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, visit Kendall Indian Hammocks Park with your family. Also, there is one of the must-visit places, the Zoo in Miami, which covers over 750 hectares and has over 500 different species of animals from different parts of the world such as the Florida Everglades, Amazon, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

monkey in the ZOO
The zoo is one of the must-visit places. And at the same time a great place for fun for the whole family.

In addition to this, there are also some other interesting places that you can visit in Kendall. Visit the Gold Coast Railway Museum, and learn many interesting things about the history of the locomotive. Also, Kendall Ice Arena is an ideal place where you can have fun together with your children. Visit one of the two ice rinks and enjoy.

Cons of living in Kendall, FL

Kendal doesn’t have many cons when it comes to living conditions, life and business opportunities, etc. That’s why we’ll go straight to the topic, and reveal to you the negative sides of this place, although they aren’t so terrible. In this story, you could see that air conditioning is one of the advantages of this town, but at the same time, it can be one of the cons. High temperatures and humidity are one of the negative sides, for those who do not like these climatic conditions.

So, the next thing that is also one of the cons of this place, and which local movers Miami will surely warn you about, are hurricanes. Summers in Kendal, in addition to the scorching heat, bring this less desirable weather condition. What about the hurricanes you keep hearing about from Florida? Well, you can’t “prepare” them, they are there every year and they are not to be underestimated! They mostly appear in September and October and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. But you can live with them.

Destroyed houses - a consequence of the hurricane and one of cons f living in Kendall
The consequences of a hurricane can be catastrophic, causing extensive damage to your home.

Given that hurricanes destroy everything in front of them if this undesirable situation occurs, hurricane trash removal Miami services are at your disposal. And now, here’s another one of the cons of Kendall, that’s traffic. Be prepared to deal with traffic jams if you plan to live in Kendall. Kendall is served by Metrobus so it has a great connection to downtown Miami. Traffic is the number one thing Kendal residents are unhappy with. As in many cities in the US, traffic jams are a part of everyday life.

Are you thinking about moving to Kendall?

If you tkingin about moving to Kendall, FL, from more distant cities long distance movers Miami is at your disposal. But at this moment, you need to consider all pros and cons of this story. Also, there is less crime in Kendall, which is ultimately one of the pros of living in Kendall, FL. Therefore, the city is more suitable for a family to live in. And at the end of this story, we can conclude that living in Kendall, FL will offer you affordable housing, nice and safe neighborhoods, and quality air, as well as a lot of fun.