Places to consider if thinking about buying a big family house in Miami

Are you planning to move to Miami but you’re unsure of where to buy a house? It’s important to analyze the perks and drawbacks. Miami is a gorgeous scenic city, with beautiful beaches, and lots of residential areas such as houses, apartment complexes, and townhouses, as well as bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and coffee shops. By a lot of standards, that all make for an excellent living location. However, there are some places better suited for certain people to live in than others. Especially if you have a family. Read on to find the best places to consider if thinking about buying a big family house in Miami

What are the best places to consider when buying a big family house in Miami?

Miami offers lots of things such as beautiful beaches, many businesses, attractions, and a wide selection of appealing neighborhoods. Given that many options, choosing a place when buying a big family house in Miami can be challenging. Especially if you’re moving from somewhere beyond Florida’s borders. Before you start looking for the best moving companies in Miami abode, here are some of the best places to live in Miami you might want to check out first.

House in Miami
If you’re considering buying a big family house in Miami, there are lots of good you can choose from.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables has a nice blend of residential and business areas. You can find detached homes, apartments, and townhouses. Coral Gables is a good choice if you’re a boat enthusiast. Wide canals and 40 miles of waterfront property make the area easy to find a place to keep your boat. Also, there are many indoor boat storage options available to choose from.

This is a good place if you have kids. There are amazing public and private schools, and the traffic circles in the neighborhoods add additional safety. Around 30 percent of the area is dedicated green space, so there’s a chance that unending rows of buildings might overwhelm your senses. Students also love Coral Gables. If you don’t have a personal vehicle, there’s a free trolley in downtown and it makes navigating the retail and business areas easy.


Aventure offers lively clubs, waterfront views, and a major mall, making it one of the best places to consider when buying a big family house in Miami. It’s famous for its luxurious high rises, great beaches in close proximity, and exciting entertainment as well as commercial establishments. Even though lots of properties on the water will cost you quite a bit in Aventure, there’s a wide variety of budget-friendly homes and condos as well as a mix of luxurious real estate. Families will love Aventure thanks to its quick access to the beach and great schools such as the Aventura City of Excellence School! If you considering moving to Aventura, make sure you find reliable movers Aventura.

Key Biscayne

This island is located south of Miami Beach and it has a well-deserved reputation for beauty. The natural scenery and the abundance of luxurious houses, make it a great option for families. The island provides a lot of bike paths, a luxurious resort, and a feeling of quietude that other parts of Miami don’t have. The island also offers highly ranked schools, so if your budget allows you to purchase one of the beautiful houses there, rest assured that it is a neighborhood well-suited for families.

Houses near the beach
Key Biscayne offers amazing natural scenery as well as lots of luxurious houses.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is an island and it’s only 1 mile wide and 7 miles long. It’s a great area for those who like a walkable Miami neighborhood. However, it is usually crowded and serves as a tourist attraction, so get ready to deal with crowds if you divide to move there. Of course, crowds aren’t what make this place great.  With its amazing scenery, thriving businesses, various cultures, and interesting art galleries, museums, and architecture – you will never run out of things to do. Also, Mt. Sinai Hospital is one of the best medical facilities in the country as well as in Miami Beach. Similar to lots of Florida’s areas, Miami Beach sees numerous seasonal residents. If you own a boat and are joining Miami Beach residents, know that boat storage on the island is not easy to find.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is perfect for families as well as retirees, singles, and young professionals. It’s known as Miami’s original neighborhood, Coconut Grove is one of the best places in Miami to buy a family home. Among the stable real estate market and numerous spacious Mediterranean-style houses, Coconut Grove also provides superb schools, waterfront views, and close proximity to Virginia Key and Key Biscayne. Also, it’s one of the safest areas in Miami. All things considered, Coconut Grove is a great place for home buyers of all lifestyles! The median home price in Coconut Grove is $592,000. Also, it is safer than 58% of Florida cities making it a good option when buying a big family house when you move to Miami.

Palm Trees and Buildings Under Blue Sky during Daytime
Coconut Grove is one of the safest Miami neighborhoods.

South Miami

South Miami is one of the oldest Florida municipalities. It was officially settled in 1927 when the town swore in its first mayor. Since then, it’s been growing decade after decade and now it’s one of the best places if you’re considering buying a big family house in Miami. There are lots of schools as well as businesses, making it a great spot for well-educated workers with families to settle down. If your job takes you to the city of Miami, you won’t have to go far. South Miami is just 3 miles away from Miami’s southern border, however, plan your commute so that morning traffic doesn’t defeat you.

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