Moving to Miami as an artist

Art comes in all shapes and forms. If you are an aspiring artist searching for a new place to live, Miami is the perfect choice for you. Miami is more than long beautiful beaches and neverending nightlife. Art Basel Miami Beach is what placed this city on the world art map. If you are interested in reasons why you need to relocate to Miami you have come to the right place. We have prepared the moving to Miami as an artist guide.

Moving to Miami as an artist – basics

No matter if you are an artist or you are not one moving process is difficult for everyone. You need to plan and prepare everything before you can move to Miami and proudly say “I live in Miami“.  The best decision you can make is renting an apartment in this city. Moreover, Miami is the place that can inspire you in every step. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods that are perfect for young aspiring artists.

  • Wynwood – Many will describe this neighborhood as an outdoor art museum. Especially when Art Basel Miami Beach art fair start. Therefore this is the center of this city’s growing art scene.
  • Design District – Filled with hundreds of art galleries, antique shops, and quite expensive apartments we can say it is something like SoHo only in Miami. If you have a desire to live there you should contact the moving company and start packing.
  • Coconut Grove – The home of the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. This neighborhood gives a bohemian vibe and attracts artists to rent an apartment there. Even if you don’t choose this part of Miami this festival needs to be on your post-moving to-do list.
Whynwood Walls sign
Wynwood Walls is something you can’t miss if you are moving to Miami as an artist

Renting a storage unit can ease your life in Miami

Renting a storage unit might be the best solution for artists living in small apartments. You can use it as storage space for your arts or as your creative space. For that reason, you should research and find perfect storage units Miami can offer. Therefore you should ask if you can use it as your studio, and if that is something you can do it will make your life in Miami easier. Thus, you can rent a smaller apartment and form that extra money you can pay for storage.  Moreover, this is a creative way of using a storage unit.

An artist at work
There will always be work for artists in Miami

However, you can use storage for what it really needs to be used. And that is in your case for storing artworks you have created.  Here are some tricks you need to know about packing artworks for storage. Pack everything into moving boxes and make sure your artworks are protected. You should protect them with bubble wrap or styrofoam. Also, you can hire professional packers to help you with preparing your artworks.

Moving to Miami as an artist – conclusion

Miami is the perfect place for a young artist to live in. If you have second thoughts feel free to contact your moving company for more information on moving to this amazing city. Good luck with your move!