Moving to Coral Springs before starting a family

Great news you’re moving to Coral Springs, according to Money Magazine, it’s 3rd best place to live in Florida. Now we as one of the best moving companies in Miami would like to tell you more about this place. We’ll especially focus on moving to Coral Springs before starting a family. So let’s dive in!

Is Coral Springs a good city for starting a family

Long story short, yes; but first let us introduce you to Coral Springs. This magnificent city with its humble population of 134,394 is a perfect city for summer lovers and naturalists. It’s located in the northwest Miami metropolitan area. The most of population owns their own house and people are mostly liberal. It’s a perfect place to raise a family because there are a lot of good schools in the area. The best-rated elementary schools are Park Springs Elementary School and Coral Springs Charter School 6-12. When it comes to the middle you have Summit Academy Charter School and Coral Springs Montessori School. There are also numerous universities in its vicinity such as:

  • The University of Miami
  • Florida International University
  • Keiser University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Florida National University
  • Florida Atlantic University
Palm trees;
You’ll be just a couple of minutes away from the beach.

There are a lot of options when it comes to schools, so research them yourself; these are just our recommendations based on rankings online. Residential movers Miami will help you take all of that load cross country, so don’t stress about that too. Depending on where you’re coming to Florida and Coral Springs are quite a hot place. Humidity can be the worse nightmare for some newcomers but you’ll get used to it. You’re just a couple of minutes away from some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world; so let that compensate for your worry about humidity. Also, some of the most beautiful parks are here, parks such as Betti Stradling Park, Cypress Park, and Tall Cypress Natural Area… There are plenty of options, so look them up on Google or Yelp.

The cost of living after moving to Coral Springs before starting a family

As a leading Coral Springs moving company, we can see more people moving in than moving out. People mostly come from the state of New York and California. It makes sense for California since the weather is alike. Now the cost of living is 11% to 17%  higher compared to the national average, depending on which website you’re looking at. Currently, the total rent for a family of four is $2482 per month, and for one person $1677 per month. An average person spends $583 on food per month while a family of four spends $1519/per month. Transportation costs are $50.3 for one person and $136 for a family. The median salary in Coral Springs is estimated to be $3,935/month (after tax).  Also if you’re planning on buying the current mortgage interest rate for the next 20 years is 5.4%.

If you’re moving to Coral Springs before starting a family, you should think about buying a house. The median price home price is $585K and the median listing home price/Sq Ft is $279. Now if you’re a couple the median income is $77,360 so that’s not that high. But if you do some extra work while white glove moving and storage movers do everything else, you’ll move in no time. This means that you can put effort into learning new skills or doing more work to pay for that mortgage and move as well. Working from home and freelancing are more popular and accessible than ever before; so if you want to work a bit more, you should be able to do it from the comfort of your home.

A woman talking to man about moving to Coral Springs before starting a family;
Calculating the cost of living before starting a family and moving to Coral Springs is crucial.

Should you move before or after having a baby

Well, the simple answer is before, while you’re still a couple, single or pregnant.  We as professional movers know that moving with your kids can be complex; both for us and for you, but it’s accomplishable.  It’s fine for us more than for the parents, since parents will have more trouble calming the kids and the babies can get upset during the moving process.  What we know is that babies are usually adjusted to their surroundings quite fast, and you should probably follow this advice and move after the baby is born. As you can see babies are fragile beautiful little beings who don’t like to move a lot (outside their comfort zone – the bed and the room) before they grow a bit.

Now if you have kids as we’ve mentioned it’s okay, but then people usually tend to move during the summer. It makes a lot of sense why is this because parents can take their annual summer vacation and kids are on summer holiday. This means that during this summer instead of going to the beach, you’ll most likely be moving and packing, wrapping, loading, carrying, dragging, and decluttering. If you want to move you should do it now, at the end of the fall and during the winter since that’s the time when prices are lower than during Spring or Summer. Also, you won’t have as many things as you’ll have with your family and you’ll get to know the city better in case of an emergency or something.

A man holding a baby;
Moving before the baby arrives is a better, safer, and cheaper option.

The conclusion

So what should you do is totally up to you. We’ve just discussed the possibility of your move. Most people and experts would agree that yes you should move before the baby comes. It’s much easier for you and the whole move will be simpler as well as cheaper. You should also hurry since the overall prices are rising because of post-pandemic inflation and the fossil fuel crisis.

Thank you for reading our article and we hope that it helped you.  We’ve written about moving to Coral Springs before starting a family and we hope that you’ll move as soon as possible. Have a great and stress-free move.