Moving from Florida to California

So, you decided to move? It is a lifechanging decision and it is hard, to say the least. Leaving your home, all the people you know, your family, etc. However, on the other end, there is a new life full of fresh opportunities and locations for you to explore. New people to meet, new things to see. California is exactly the place you want to go if you want to have more opportunities in every aspect of your life. The weather will be always warm just like you are used to in Florida. In addition, there will be less rainfall and more sunny days for beachside pleasures. But this is your first move right? Even if it is not, it is a good idea to read about moving from Florida to California. You never know what you may learn!

moving from Florida to California can be a life changing experience - like this skyline
Moving from Florida to California is a great idea!

Moving from Florida to California: Weather

The weather is the first thing people usually think about when deciding to move somewhere. Norway and other Scandinavian countries may have the best social and state system, but they are way up north and really cold. Especially for Florida dwellers! That is why moving from Florida to California is a great idea. You will still stay in the land of constant sun. However, the scorching sun in California is making the whole place really dry. Also, the lack of precipitation contributes to that notion. But you still have the ocean to remind you of one of your favorite and best Miami beaches. The average temperature in Los Angeles is 29/18 in August and 20/8 in January with the annual precipitation level of 377/15 mm/in. Warm weather and a very rare occurrence of rain. What more could you want?

Making proper organization

The most vital thing about your move is proper organization. Proper organization is vital to everything in life and that applies to move as well. The best way to be properly organized is to create a moving checklist. A moving checklist should contain every single thing you plan to do during your move, from beginning to unpacking your belongings at your new house. This way you will always know what should you do and when. This way you will also be able to anticipate problems and create possible solutions for them. So, before you call your long distance movers Florida, make sure to put everything on your checklist. You should also put every question you want to ask your movers on your checklist as well. It is best to ask everything before hiring them, then getting surprised about some additional prices they may charge you.

san diego skyline
San Diego is a great place to move in you are in the tech industry

Another thing you can do to help your organization is creating an inventory. An inventory will help you know which box contains what, and you will also be able to notify your Pro Movers Miami if a box contains fragile items. This is important because you do not want anything to break during transit. By having an inventory you will also be able to keep track if something gets lost. If you lose something you will be able to take legal action against the movers so they give you monetary compensation for your loss.

Costs of living

Living in one of the biggest cities in the United States of America is certainly not cheap. The average house price is $687.000 and that is almost double the average house price in Miami, Florida. So, before moving from Florida to California, make sure you have a budget to sustain yourself and your family in the City of Angels. If you are planning on renting, the average rent price is $2,384 which is about $600 higher than Miami. Another thing to think about is the distance of your home to your workplace. You will have to pay for gas and then for parking if you can find a space. People living in California often say that you need to go anywhere about 20 minutes earlier so you can find a parking space that is relatively close to your destination.

Job opportunities

California is one of the best places to move to if you want to start a new business or get hired by a company. With Los Angeles being one of the biggest cities in the USA and San Diego is one of the biggest places for the tech industry, you are guaranteed to get a good job and the ability to sustain yourself and your family in this bustling economy. If you are an aspiring actor, this is the absolute best place to start your rise to fame. It will be hard in the beginning, but do not give up! The road to success has never been easy!

hollywood sign
If you want to be an actor this is the place for you!

Packing for your move

When you hire your movers and decide upon a date of the move, it is time to start packing! This is one of the hardest parts of moving but worry not, you can survive everything with the right information and plan. When packing your things, it is vital to create an inventory as we have already said. This will make the packing process easier for the professionals if you hired packing and wrapping services. If not, you should get enough packing and wrapping materials, and a lot of boxes.

When getting boxes, make sure to get different sized boxes. Different sized boxes allow you and your movers to stack them inside the moving truck with a lot more efficiency than they would have if you only used same-sized boxes. This allows them to play “Tetris” when stacking boxes and fill the gaps by putting smaller boxes inside. You should also put heavier and bulkier items in bigger boxes so they could go on the bottom with the lighter boxes on top. In addition, it is a good idea to use colored stickers to label your boxes and the contents inside them. With all that said, good luck moving from Florida to California!