Moving day etiquette 101

Moving is always challenging, there can be a lot of unexpected situations which make things even harder. It would be a smart move to hire some of the moving companies Miami residents gladly recommend. But you should be prepared for the moving day when and all that preparation process. There are numerous unspoken rules of moving day etiquette that may or may not be aware of. Here, we will point out some important things for your moving day.

Be prepared for the move – Moving day etiquette

There are certain things you should do before your moving day and before your movers arrive:

  • pack your belongings in case you didn’t hire movers to do that
  • label the boxes
  • pack some important things with you
  • have some cash with you
  • make sure your movers have full access – important moving day etiquette
  • keep your pets and children away
  • be available to your movers
moving day
Make sure all your items are packed and boxes labeled before your movers arrive.

These are important things you should be aware of on your moving day. If you decide to let your relocation to some of the local movers Miami residents recommend make sure you are there to help them, give them a tip, and make everything you can to help them have hustle-free access to your home. Be sure they have a parking lot for their moving truck.

Help your movers do their job with ease

If you have hired professionals to help you with the move, let them do it without obstacles. One of the important things is to pack everything you want to transport before the moving day. Make sure you pack some of the personal things, toiletries, or something else that you will be needing as soon as arrive, in a separate box. You should let your movers know what you will be taking with you and what goes to the moving truck. Also, do not forget to label the boxes with fragile content.

Make sure to be around so you can give instructions to your movers, or be available so they can call you at any time. It is in your best interest to be there and to do what you can to help them complete your move efficiently. Move everything from the hallways, doorsteps, or your yard so that your movers have full access. Also, it would be good to find a parking lot in advance for your moving day so that your movers can park their vehicle as close as possible to your home.

Besides this, make sure your pets or children are not around your movers, that will make their work more difficult. You can ask some friends or family to watch out for the kids while movers are loading a moving truck. Or, you can hire a babysitter. These are some small details that will help your relocation goes smoothly.

On the other hand, if you have hired reliable movers and took packing services, you will not have to worry about packing your items. A trustworthy moving company will already have all the packing supplies and skilled movers to pack and prepare everything before the moving day. You’ll feel less stressed with them.

Have some cash with you

What does this mean? Well, when all the hard work is done it would be nice to tip your movers. You are under no obligation to do that but it is a nice gesture, especially if you are satisfied with their service. If not, that is something you should resolve by failing a complaint letter, giving them a bad review so that their potential customers do not make the same mistake as you did. In general, tipping is best to give at $25 to $50 per mover or 10 percent to fifteen percent of the overall move cost. This is based on the duration of work, the number of difficult staircases they maneuver through, and how satisfied you are with their service.

help your movers
Stick around so you can help your movers do their job with ease.

The benefits of hiring professional movers are many. You will not have to worry about packing supplies, moving trucks, storage units, and moving insurance as well. We at Pro Movers Miami understand how the relocation can be exhausting and that is why we are giving our best to listen to our customers and make sure their moving needs are covered. Wherever you want to go, we will be able to help you.

Keep all the valuable and important items with you such as documents, jewelry, medications

Most people have specific items, such as medications and various toiletries, that they will require throughout their moving day. Make sure you don’t pack these things in a box where they won’t be accessible! You will avoid asking your movers to start opening boxes before they even get on the road. So, before you start packing make a list of items that you will be needing when you arrive at your new home. You can pack some clothes, undergarments, toiletries, maybe some dishes, a toaster, medicins, etc. Label a box with these items and let your movers know that it doesn’t go to the moving truck with the rest of your items.

tip movers
It would be a nice gesture to tip your movers.

Besides these essentials, do not forget to pack your moving contract with you, medications, jewelry, personal documents, keys to your new home, or any other significant item. Planning is everything. So, when you learn that you are moving, take some time to make a good moving plan. Firstly, you need to decide what to move and then do detailed research so you can find a cost-effective and trustworthy moving agency.

Moving day etiquette

If you are paying your movers at an hourly rate, it will be more costly to have your moving crew wait around while you conclude the packing process. So make sure to pack every single thing before your moving day and before your movers arrive. This is one important moving day etiquette. You want your move to be done efficiently and without a lot of stress, so do what is possible to make things go smoothly.