Making a moving inventory in 3 steps

Most moving and storage companies will perform their own inventory of the items. However, it is best for you that you let Miami moving and storage help you with your process. They are very professional and they will take care of every little detail.  Making a moving inventory can be a challenge, however, if you organize well, everything can be just fine. It should include pieces of furniture and summing up all of the boxes, but not the items within them.  So, it will be particularly useful if you use your own inventory list. That way you can keep track of all the things that you are moving or putting into storage units. In addition, one more reason why having your inventory is important is in the case of damage. You won’t receive any reimbursement for your damaged goods unless you have proof of their condition beforehand.

For the process of making a moving inventory, creating the list is the most important step

Make sure to use your notebook, planner, or simply sheets of paper. Start with the basement or with the attic first. Do not jump all around with the rooms. Just start from the beginning and go room by room. Major items usually come first, then we go to the middle ones and in the end, take note of all the stuff inside the drawers or shelves. You don’t have to keep track of every single item, but make sure that you do keep a record of every valuable item. Take special care of artworks or antiques. Especially if you prefer that the moving company guys do not touch the valuable stuff, make sure you take care of it, before they come. Still, if you let movers North Miami Beach, you will definitely have first-class service. They will take special care of your valuable belongings.

A couple taking care of the boxes
Making a moving inventory can be a bit challenging, but with proper organization, you can do it too!

Let’s check out the 3 crucial steps in making a moving inventory after making  a list

The loss of household goods and important documents can turn into a nightmare and that is why you need to be careful. Unfortunately, there is always a risk, and keeping your home inventory updated can be a lifesaver. It can help you with speeding up your moving process, but also in case of burglaries or similar. That is why you need to have proof and documentation of the household and personal belongings both digitally and otherwise. That leads us to one of the crucial steps. Let’s check out all 3 of them:

  • create a video and/or photos of all the belongings in every room
  • organize and label your moving boxes
  • double-check everything and move everything to the first floor, before the moving company guys arrive

Create a video and/or photos of all the belongings in every room

Slowly enter each room and make a video of everything that is in your room. Pay special attention to furniture,  home appliances, and artwork. Get the footage of clothes, appliances, and all the other stuff that you see and consider important. In case you consider something is not so important, make sure to check out Miami storage facilities to take care of the things you don’t want to throw away, but also not to keep them in your new home. Having a visual record of the inventory can really help the moving company. That way, if certain things aren’t delivered, the proof will resolve the situation. Make sure that the photos are captured with good lighting and a clear background.

Mother and daughter having fun while moving
Taking photos will help create an inventory, but it can also be fun

Organize and label your moving boxes

Some people still think that detailed labeling is a waste of time. However, if you label each moving box using color-coded labels it will help you manage your rooms later. In addition, it will help your movers efficiently deliver everything to the appropriate room. It will help your unpacking process also. Make sure to have all the necessary packing supplies also. The proper company will supply you with that. As you pack each box, keep a note of everything that is inside. Once the box is full, you label it and that’s it. Depending on your personality or the design of your future home, your categories could be – the LIVING ROOM, BASEMENT, or simply UNPACK FIRST. No matter which method you use you’ll find it very helpful to quickly find your stuff at your new home later.

Double-check everything and move everything to the first floor, before the moving company guys arrive

After you finish go back and check everything. It is useful to check everything, in case you forgot to list something. Check all the appliances and furniture first. Once you double-check, ask someone for help also since two hands think more wisely. It is better to have another pair of eyes to check the document’s clarity, and then you are ready to go. Once all is checked, bring everything to your first floor. Group the items by room, and leave them close to the door. 

Stuff in the basement
Start with the basement and then go room by room.

It is a serious task to make an inventory depending on your available time. Especially today when we work all the time and leave really fast. You could use help from your friends and family. Each and every one of them can have their own room to take care of. Also, when you hire a great team of professionals, it will be easier. In times like these, it is crucial to have someone to rely on. Creating a moving inventory list will make your moving in day easier a lot. In your new home, there will be no space for chaos. Just embrace the experience and enjoy it!