Living in Coral Gables, FL: Uncovering the Charm and Beauty of Miami’s Best-Kept Secret

Miami is one of the most popular cities in Florida, and in the USA. Everybody has heard about it, but this is a big city with many suburbs. When deciding to move, you need to consider all your options. One is considering which moving companies Miami to trust, second is choosing a place that will suit your needs. Coral Gables is one of the bigger suburbs in Miami-Dade County, that almost 50,000 people call home. It is a conveniently located coastal suburb, with easy access to beaches like Ingraham Park and downtown Miami alike. Its unique charm is fueled by its Mediterranean Revival style architecture homes, which is a real sight for newcomers. If you feel like living in Coral Gables might be for you, stay tuned.

Living in Coral Gables offers many benefits

Miami has always been a Floridian hotspot for tourists and people on the move. You cannot blame them, since the city offers many benefits! But living in Coral Gables might take Miami to another level since it is ranked high in every aspect. Our residential movers Miami residents trust are ready to help you enjoy the benefits of living in this city.

  • Family-friendly, safe neighborhoods – many factors make a suburb family-friendly. Schools like the School for Advances Studies, family-loved amenities like beaches, and almost nonexistent violent crimes are some of the major factors.
  • Diverse dining and shopping options – Coral Gables is famous in Miami for its luxurious restaurants and high-end shopping. Visit Graziano’s Restaurant and Miracle Mile and you will see what we are talking about.
  • Beautiful outdoors – the beaches of Miami are accompanied by beautiful lush greenery and wildlife that is unmatched. This makes the perfect environment for outdoor recreation like surfing, running, swimming or simply walking.
Picture of people who enjoy living in Coral Gables
Living in Coral Gables offers many benefits to its residents

No place is perfect

Like every other place, Coral Gables is not perfect. The good sides outweigh the bad ones, but we have to mention them. You need to know about both sides before hiring some movers Coral Gables Florida offers. Because only an informed choice can be the right one!

  • High costs – Miami is famous for its high costs, and Coral Gables has a median home value of $868,000. Rent is also well above the average, at $1,800 a month. Other expenses are also over the national average, with utilities at 6%, transportation at 8%, and groceries at 20% higher!
  • Traffic congestion this city’s economy thrives thanks to tourism, but it also causes horrible traffic jams. But by avoiding the rush hours, you will be able to have a somewhat pleasant driving experience in Coral Gables.
  • Limited nightlife optionsCoral Gables is a family-oriented suburb, with very few nightlife options. If you want to party, South Beach is a better choice, especially Ocean Drive.

Do you like to pay attention to details?

Moving is no easy endeavor, and you should entrust your move only to the best white glove movers near me. The white gloves represent cleanliness, attention to detail, and perfection – everything that your move to Coral Gables is worth!

Picture of a perso who is putting on white gloves
Choose white glove moving services for your upcoming move

Final thoughts on living in Coral Gables

As you can see, living in Coral Gables is an excellent decision, but only for those who can take it the way it is. A highly popular, beautiful touristic place like Miami is bound to have a few side effects from its popularity, but that’s the beauty of imperfection. Coral Gables is waiting for you, good luck!


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