Last-minute decluttering before the move

There comes a time in everybody’s life when you just have too much stuff in your house. If you happen to trip on something in your house that should not be there, or can’t walk through your basement because it is filled to the brink, it is time to think about decluttering. This is especially relevant if you are about to move! That is why we have created this article. We will talk about some last-minute decluttering before the move. So, if your movers Pompano Beach FL are just around the corner, this is what you need to do to make the whole move weigh and cost less. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

decluttering tips before the move garage sale
Have a garage sale or donate items!

Let’s define last-minute

Last-minute may mean a couple of things depending on the people you are talking to. To some, two weeks before the move may seem like last-minute. However, other people like to live on the edge and take the phrase last-minute quite literally. In this article, we will talk about decluttering in both of these meanings.

The benefits of decluttering your home

When you think about it, decluttering your home can be very beneficial to you. You will not have to watch your every step when walking through your home and will be able to get anywhere in your home without much of a hassle. Just tell me how many times did you find yourself squeezing into tight spots in your home just because you dropped something that should not even be there. That’s right, the answer is “countless times”.

So, getting rid of some of that stuff will make getting around your home a lot easier. In addition, decluttering your home may also be beneficial to your wallet. There are several ways of disposing of unwanted items and most of them offer monetary compensation. Furthermore, most moving companies give out their estimates based on the weight of your items. So, by decluttering your home before your move to Miami you can even reduce the cost of the whole move! Just think about it!

If you have a week or two before the move – what to do?

So, you have a week or two before your long-distance move. How should you handle the decluttering process? If you have this much time, you will not have to worry about much but only if you are properly organized. Proper organization is vital for everything in life, so why would it not apply to the decluttering process as well? Some people may not deem this last-minute, but the moving process is long and arduous and this is the perfect amount of time you need to successfully declutter your home. Let’s see the options: you can have a garage sale, you can sell the items online, you can rent a storage unit, and you can donate the items. We will now go in-depth about all of these.

Having a garage sale

Having a garage sale is one of the best ways of decluttering your home before the move. This is because you get to sell all of those items that you do not need anymore. Getting rid of extra items AND earning some money in return! It is a win-win situation! A great way to deduct your moving expenses! However, there are a lot of things when it comes to organizing a successful garage sale. For example, advertising is crucial if you want to have a good turnout. It is no use having a garage sale if nobody knows about it.

Advertising your sale

So, when it comes to advertising your sale there are several things you can do to maximize the reach. The first thing you should do is print out flyers and posters. You can then “hire” your kids to go hand them out throughout the neighborhood. You can also do this yourself, and also put up posters on notice boards around your neighborhood. This will let the people living around here know about the sale and they may even share it with their friends. Another thing you can do, which is much more effective, is to create an event on Facebook This will increase the reach by a huge margin! Then you can invite all of your friends, and ask your close friends to share it on their feed. If this works out, you will be amazed by the sheer number of people flocking to your sale!

Selling the items online

This may not be the best option you have when last-minute decluttering your home before the move, but it is worth a shot. Put up your items on a website such as eBay and wait for someone to call you. This will increase the chance that you sell the item because you will have a much larger audience online, but it will also take somewhat longer if you are unlucky. If you are lucky, you may even sell it the day you list it! Think about this option.

Putting things in a storage facility

This is a great thing to do if you do not have a lot of time before your move. Pack everything up and start looking for Miami storage facilities. Rent a storage unit and put everything inside. You can think about what to do with all of these items after your move while everything is in a safe place.

storage unit
Put items in a storage unit

Donating the items

If all else fails, you can always donate the items. Try to “bribe” your friends into helping you with the move by offering free items as payment. You can also give it to your family members. Another option is a donation to charity. There are many charity organizations that know who needs these items the most and are willing to give it to them. So, getting rid of extra stuff, and helping out other people. An amazing trade.

You can always donate to charity

That should be about it when it comes to decluttering your home before the move. With all that said, good luck with your move!