Lab relocation in Miami – tips and tricks

Relocating home is a hard endeavor but relocating a laboratory is an entirely different story. One must create flawless moving logistics, organize everything, pack like a pro, and create a contingency plan. Also, you must find a professional high end moving company to assist you. Yes, we agree it can be a lot but with such a serious task, it must be done this way. Therefore, let us help you with your lab relocation in Miami and assemble your relocation plan together.

Create a plan for lab relocation in Miami

It does not matter how big or small your lab is, you must approach it the same way. Relocating the laboratory is a serious and dangerous business and requires delicate handling. So, right from the start, you must know that we will speak to all those who have a personal small lab at home and big laboratories with hundreds of items and assets on hand. So, for a successful lab relocation in Miami, you’ll need flawless moving logistics. Preferably to work with a family member or with a couple of team members in case of bigger relocations. Hence, the first step is the timing and the schedule of the relocation.

a man creating a plan
Lab relocation requires flawless moving logistics. Make sure you cover each step thoroughly.

Set up a meeting and assess the situation. You must list down all the lab-related assets you possess and create an inventory and moving checklist. Here you will list down all moving-related responsibilities along with everything that must be relocated. Also, all the packing materials you must obtain to pack everything safely. Once you create such a plan, you will call your moving company and consult about the best moving services Miami related to the lab relocation. Once you put all the pieces together, you will have a relocation plan on track. Now you can move on to the next stage.

Find moving professionals to take care of lab relocation in Miami

Meanwhile, once you decide to move your lab, you should search for a moving company that is up to the task. Search online for Miami movers and compare them by checking prices and services they offer. Probably the best way is to check the social media groups and read a few moving reviews. This way you can figure out if they can relocate your lab safely or not. And of course, follow your search criteria to narrow the search down. Once you find the company you were looking for, ensure they possess the following:

  • Tools, equipment, and appropriate vehicles.
  • Knowledge, expertise, and experience.
  • Required moving services and insurance.
  • Safety standards and protocols.
  • Licenses and permits.

It is important who will relocate your lab. The equipment you are moving is expensive, dangerous, and if something goes wrong, you can endanger the environment and someone involved. Therefore, invest some time in your research before you hire a professional moving company.

mover carrying cardboard boxes
Hire only the best moving company for the job. Ensure they have the right moving services and all the tools required.

It is time to safely pack your laboratory

All the packing materials required to pack a laboratory can be found at the nearest hardware store. Although, because items in your lab are oddly shaped, you must purchase a few customized packing materials. Therefore, start by obtaining the basic ones such as cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels, and plastic wrap. Then, for your oddly shaped items, you will need customized boxes, dividers, corner pads, and bubble wrap. And for chemicals and dangerous materials, you must either order them online or purchase them at designated shops.

The next step on your lab relocation in Miami and the packing plan is to obtain higher-quality packing materials. Those will protect your package in the best way possible but they are a bit more expensive. So just be ready for a bit higher price on those. Those are packing peanuts, Styrofoam, plastic bins, metal containers, wooden crates, customized boxes, paddings, and more. And if you do not want to handle packing at all, you can simply ask your movers about white glove packing service they offer. You can skip everything and let your movers bring the materials, pack your lab, transport, and unpack it. We suggest you go with this option.

Do you have a contingency plan?

You should have a backup plan in case something goes wrong at any point in your relocation. But again, depending on the size of your lab relocation, some things might be different. If you are relocating a personal laboratory you can communicate with movers and find the best way how to isolate any potential risk during transport. Although, keep in mind that most regular moving companies won’t relocate any chemicals at all. Therefore, if you want to move chemicals, you must hire a specialized moving crew. This brings us to the next topic which is a bigger lab relocation and climate-controlled vehicles. There are specialized vehicles designed only for this purpose. To relocate chemicals, laboratories, explosive materials, volatile liquids, you name it.

you must have a back up plan for you lab relocation in Miami
The laboratory is full of dangerous materials and liquids. You must have a contingency plan in place.

So, your company should work closely with your movers and create a contingency plan to relocate the whole batch from point A to point B safely. And because such moving companies are experts in this kind of relocation, you shouldn’t be worried about it. Just work together and let them execute this task. Once the job is done, write a moving review and reward them with it. They moved your precious lab safely after all.

We are glad this is happening in Miami!

It is an honor to hear you have chosen to relocate your lab to Miami. Just because Miami is not only a Downtown area full of shops, bars, nightclubs, and palm trees. But it is a place rich with culture, nature, diversity, art, a growing job market, and great educational potential. Not to mention all the sunny beaches for the family and kids. Although, the housing market is a bit more expensive than usual it comes with the territory. All in all, Miami is a place for career seekers as well as families with children. You will never get bored here and surely have a promising and bright future.

Now you are ready for your lab relocation in Miami. As long as you find a professional moving company that can handle this task and establishes a good line of communication, there is nothing to be worried about. Good luck and stay safe.