Is Miami safe – what to know when moving with a family

Moving to Miami is always a great decision because it is one of the best cities in Florida. If you are lucky and find one of the best moving companies in Miami right away, your relocation will be even more pleasant. But, before you move, you need to know some facts about this great city in Florida. Of course, you will need information based on the reason for your relocation also. There are many facts you have to learn about Miami. But, when you are moving with your family, that is, even more, the case. The main thing you will probably want to know is the answer to the question: is Miami safe? Keep reading because we have the answer for you.

Why is Miami a family-friendly city?

There are many things that make Miami a family-friendly city. Florida is overall one of the most diverse and one of the most welcoming states in the USA. For that reason, there are many places in neighborhoods that are great for raising a family. In addition to that, it has an above-average educational system. There are also endless activities for families in Miami. Don’t hesitate to seize all these opportunities.

A woman and a child at sunset
Is Miami safe for your children?

Education in Miami

Before you find out is Miami safe, you should find out something about other reasons why this city is one of the most family-friendly areas in Florida. If you want to move to Miami with your kids, you are probably most interested in schools in this area. You can be relieved because Miami has some of the best districts and best private and public schools in Florida. Some of the top educational districts in Miami are:

  • Palm Beach County School District,
  • Broward County Public Schools,
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

All these districts and areas have great teachers and students whose success is above average. For example, Miami-Dade County Public Schools have 334,261 students. Based on the state tests that kids need to undertake, 61% of them are proficient in Math, and 59% are proficient in reading. So, if the schooling system was one of your worries before moving to Miami, it shouldn’t be.

Is Miami safe-that is the main question

Generally speaking, Miami is one of the safest cities in Florida. Of course, as in many other cities, there are areas that are completely safe, but there are also some areas that are extremely dangerous. The best thing you can do is to avoid dangerous neighborhoods, especially if you want to raise a family there. Miami’s crime rate is much higher than the national average throughout all municipalities in America, from the largest to the smallest, however, it is not among the communities with the highest crime rate, with 36 crimes per thousand population. In Miami, the chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime are 1 in 28. Nevertheless, Miami is safer than 10% of other cities in Florida.

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Miami has great schools

When it comes to chances of becoming victims of different types of crimes, once again, it depends on the area where you live. But, generally speaking, the violent crime rate is one per 167 residents. It is higher than the national average, but it still isn’t the most dangerous rate. When it comes to property rates, the chances of you becoming a victim are much higher. To be more precise, there is one property crime per every 34 residents in Miami. There is another high crime rate in Miami, and that is motor vehicle theft. If you have a car, the chances someone will steal it from you are 1 in 267. 

What are the least safe areas in Miami?

As we have already said, how safe is Miami depends on the neighborhood. Even though the children don’t fit in in the above-mentioned statistics and Miami is generally safer for them, there are some areas you should be avoiding when you decide to call movers North Miami FL and relocate there. One of the areas you should avoid is Model City. The entire region is known for violent crimes and drug-related offenses. Several cases of violent shooting sprees, burglaries, robberies, and drive-bys have occurred. Homicide rates are also at a high level.

Another area you should avoid is Overtown. It is one of Miami’s most significant historic districts. Northwest of downtown Miami, a population of 9,640 people dwells. Despite a strong police presence, crime, particularly gun violence, is prevalent in this town. Drug activities, mass homicides, and gunshots are on the rise. The rate of violent crime is 124% greater than the national average, while total crime is 145% higher.

What are the safest Miami neighborhoods?

As there are not-so-safe Miami areas, there are some that are extremely safe and perfect for raising your children. One of those neighborhoods is Coral Gables. It is safer than 54 % of Florida’s cities. It is home to the University of Miami. Even though it is a peaceful suburban area, it is just 20 minutes away from the city center. You won’t regret it if you choose this area because it is really safe.

Another great and safe place in Miami is Kendall. It is safer than 75% of other Florida cities! If that is the most important criterion for you, then this is the right place. However, there is an even safer place. Key Biscayne is safer than 85 % of Florida’s cities. Despite being a major tourist destination and one of the more costly regions of Miami, Key Biscayne is an excellent place for families to reside, particularly because of its proximity to local beaches.

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There are many outdoor activities for children in Miami

How to keep your possession safe?

If you need to leave the city for a while or just don’t want to have some of the most important possessions at home, you can always count on storage Miami solutions to keep your belongings safe. No matter how long you won’t be checking up on them, know that your items are completely secure in storage.

As you can see, Miami is for many reasons one of the greatest places for raising a family. You’ve got the answer to the question is Miami safe? So, choose one of the safest neighborhoods and relocate there.