Interesting facts about Marathon to know before moving

Moving to a new city is always exciting. If there wasn’t all the moving day stress included, moving would be a nice experience. Learning about the place that you will move to will both give you peace of mind, and make you more excited to be there. If you just want to focus on the part after the move, we recommend that you hire some of the best moving companies in Miami. They will do everything for you, while you learn interesting facts about Marathon to know before moving.

Interesting facts about Marathon to know before moving – the origin of the name

The unusual name of the place came from the railroad workers that worked tirelessly day and night to finish their work. Nowadays, the majority of the mover’s Marathon FL work tirelessly to help you move your belongings. There were many problems and struggles along the way, but they never lowered their pace. Because of that, people started saying the famous line “This is getting to be a real Marathon“. As the project went on, the workers kept up their pace, leading to this popular phrase becoming the actual name of the place.

Picture of palm leaves
The origin of the cities name is quite interesting

Great fishing

When thinking about any place in Florida, you might think about the Sun, sand, and sea first. Fishing might not come to mind when you hear the name Marathon. But the residents that live here, know that this place has some of the best fishing out there. If you are a fan of this relaxing sport, you might consider moving here with the help of some residential movers Miami. The nice weather and beautiful beaches make for the perfect fishing trip almost any day.

It is a relatively new city

You might think that Marathon started as an old settlement, but it is a relatively new city. It was settled in the time before 1999, but only then has it gotten the status of a city. The boundaries of the city are bridges on both sides, the Seven Mile Bridge on the East and Tom’s Harbour Bridge on the western side.


The climate in Marathon would be considered perfect for many people. If you don’t like frost, you should come to live in this place with the help of some long-distance movers FL. Marathon has never seen frost and snow. It is a tropical paradise, where the majority of days are bathed in sunlight. There are just two seasons, the hot and wet season from May to October and the warm and dry season that starts in November and ends in April.

Picture of the sun
The weather in Marathon is mostly amazing

Conclusion on the facts about Marathon to know before moving

Even though only a small place with less than 10,000 residents, Marathon is a wonderful place to live in. We hope that our facts about Marathon to know before moving have helped you to some extent to make up your mind whether this place is the right one for you. We assure you, whether you are moving for a job or other reasons, you will not regret it.